Pillars of Faith: Peter LaBarbera, Anti-Gay Creep

by Lorette C. Luzajic

You might call this man a sex addict — he sneaks into men’s saunas, S&M dungeons, and orgies. He’s got more gay skin mags and DVDs than a supply warehouse.

His name is Peter LaBarbera, head of Americans for Truth, a Bible believing Christian organization whose only intent is to expose the gay agenda. And for this reason, he must stay on top — pardon the pun — of the action, to make sure no kink goes uncovered.

A Man With Issues

Pullquote: He’s a creep with a traveling peep show.

Theoretically, Peter could work to expose the truth about the triple ex parties, man-girl rape, or the proliferation of butt-buster pornography for straight men. But it seems he’s more interested in exposing what rippling hunks do to each other in the privacy of their own closets.

Human rights activist with ex-ex-gay group Truth Wins Out recently said online that LaBarbera is a man with “‘issues’ who under the pretense of activism shows hardcore gay porn to church folk. He’s a creep with a traveling peep show.”

Though LaBarbera must know firsthand you can’t “catch gay” or he’d have caught it by now, he’s convinced the gay agenda is out to convert your children. The ex-Washington Times reporter was involved in ex-gay conversion ministries, but found he could better get the message across as president of Americans for Truth. He frequents every gay S&M event in the U.S., and takes pin-up photos for his site.

“Porno Pete”

Pullquote: With clear and detailed prose, he gives full attention to the “satanic, depraved sodomitic orgies involving feces and urine” we otherwise may have missed.

He also reports on the scene, missing no minutiae of possibilities in queer couplings. With clear and detailed prose, he gives full attention to the “satanic, depraved sodomitic orgies involving feces and urine” we otherwise may have missed. The site is a wonderful channel for repressed homosexuals or curious old ladies to read porn and stay holy.

“Porno Pete,” introduced the public to films featuring heinous homosexual sodomy and bestiality with goats and dogs, films he had to hunt long and hard for, as further “proof” of gay deviance. But according to a few brave men who decided to see for themselves, there was nothing gay in this particular batch of debauchery.

Fear Mongering for Money

Pullquote: Expressing his anti-gay obsession is how he makes his living.

Expressing his anti-gay obsession is how he makes his living. He’s given hundreds of interviews proclaiming the hidden threat that lurks behind a “civil rights” face. As policy analyst at Concerned Women for America he commented “on the homosexual issue from a Christian and conservative perspective.” He’s also worked as a “homosexuality critic” for the Illinois Family Institute. He still has time in his critical critic schedule to speak out against the “born gay” or “orientation” theory, “leftist” Latino Christians, communism, and support the contra terrorist attacks against liberal civilians in Nicaragua.

Queer Political Agenda

LaBarbera also supports the Constitution Party, comprised of members active in white supremacy organizations — like David Duke’s European American Unity and Rights Organization. Peter has promoted and supported the apparently pro-family, pro-faith group and downplayed their blatant racism and anti-Semitism.

The Constitution Party has a very queer agenda indeed: to rescind women’s vote, stop all immigration, and establish Old Testament law, which includes the stoning of homosexuals. They are adamant about gun ownership and seek to outlaw gambling.

A Family Man

As a Christian family man, as ordained by God, perhaps Pete would really like to spend more time at home with his wife and kids. But he’s got all those movies and magazines to slog through.

And though he’s surely seen all there is to see by now, he can’t miss a parade or orgy. While his helpmate sits at home alone, he just can’t tear himself away from his work.

Lorette C. Luzajic is a full-time freelance writer in Toronto. She blogs at Facinating People.

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