Pillars of Faith Series

Pillars of Faith is a series by Lorette C. Luzajic on the human side of “the greatest story ever told.”

Series Posts

  1. Peter LaBarbera, Anti-Gay Creep (April 3, 2009)
  2. John Wesley (April 13, 2009)
  3. Neal Horsley, Horse’s Ass in More Ways Than One (April 20, 2009)
  4. R. J. Rushdoony, Reconstructionist and Racist Bigot (May 1, 2009)
  5. Father Jeremy Davies, Demon Specialist (May 15, 2009)
  6. Pastor Melissa Scott, Porn Star (May 20, 2009)
  7. Oral Roberts, the Resurrection and the Life (June 3, 2009)
  8. Martin Luther‘s Unreasonable Faith (June 12, 2009)
  9. Pope Alexander VI, The Unholy Grail (July 1, 2009)
  10. Dr. D. James Kennedy, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (July 15, 2009)
  11. Randall Terry’s Theater of the Absurd (July 22, 2009)
  12. Beverly LaHaye’s Dirty Laundry (Jul 31, 2009)
  13. Dr. Patrick Johnston: The Right Stuff (Aug 12, 2009)
  14. Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvin (Aug 20, 2009)
  15. Mike Warnke’s Ministry of Lies (Sept 9, 2009)
  16. Bob Larson Does Reality TV (Sep 22, 2009)
  17. John Hagee Rides Again (Oct 12, 2009)
  18. Pat Robertson: A Diamond in the Rough (Nov 2, 2009)
  19. Tony Alamo Gets Locked Up Forever (Nov 24, 2009)
  20. Benny Hinn, The Anointed One (Dec 14, 2009)
  21. Rod Parsley Promises Deliverance From the Stench of Poverty (Dec 30, 2009)
  22. Jonathan Edwards’ Fire and Brimstone (Jan 18, 2010)
  23. Texe Marrs Hunts Jews and other Devils (Feb 19, 2010)
  24. Jerry Falwell’s Legacy of Hate (Mar 30, 2010)
  25. John Knox‘s Monstrous Regiment (Apr 16, 2010)
  26. Don’t Mess With Texas’s Doyle Davidson (Apr 29, 2010)
  27. The Lies of James Dobson (June 26, 2010)
  28. American History X: David Barton (Aug 18, 2010)
  29. In the Closet with Pastor Ted(October 19, 2010)

About the Author

Lorette C. Luzajic is a full-time freelance writer in Toronto. She blogs at Facinating People.

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  • http://www.fallenandflawed.com/ Demian Farnworth

    I think you should turn your Pillars of the Faith series into a calendar. I’d buy one. All kidding aside, I do think you use the term “Pillars of the Faith” a little loosely. Outside of Wesley [of who's tradition I'm a card carrying member ;-)], I’ve never heard of these people. Maybe you said it somewhere else, but how are you defining “Pillar?” Or “Faith?” Not sure who scares me more: Rushdoony or LaBarbera. Thanks Lorrette.

  • thegirlcanwrite

    Thanks Demian. It is not I who define “Pillars of Faith” rather loosely but those who perceive these people as just that… there was more than a little sarcasm going on, and a hope that I could bring some attention to the doctrines or other details that many – even followers- may not know of. At the very least, bringing some interesting material about a person together may invite someone to learn more, or to learn more about their own faith journey and see more of the things on which it was built. I hoped these shorts would eventually give a broad picture of what the forces of faith have been like, and how that has influenced our own beliefs through history and today. If I send a few people to the library to investigate further, I’m thrilled.

    • http://www.fallenandflawed.com/ Demian Farnworth

      I can totally relate to that Lorette. And I think it’s a great idea. By the way, you mentioned in one of your posts you were still on the fence with your faith and sitting out of church while you sort through. Did I hear that right? Are you going to share more about that…or was that just an aside. Thanks.

      • thegirlcanwrite

        Well, I did share it on my own blog, for better or for worse- not really a ‘blog’ but a small book.


        The whole thing was a bit of an unexpected watershed, honestly. I’ve spent 20 years outside the church and 1.5 back in. I left fundamentalism behind in childhood, had a more private faith, found a wide open progressive faith home not long back that was a healing gift after losing several loved ones. Never questioned whether or not God existed, just knew it wasn’t the way many faiths perceived him. But in Jan after a few kooks crawled out of the woodwork, I suddenly thought, ‘what messenger than has brought this ‘good news’ forth that I can trust?’ And looking back through all the church fathers and occasional mother had the sinking feeling ‘none.’ Pillars of Faith was conceived along the way. I’m a well read person who didn’t know much of this stuff about many- there are many coming, I’m just getting started! There was the odd ‘innocent’ or well-meaning person I might consider a great Messenger – JOhnny Cash, for example. But if these ‘pillars’ were the ones who taught me, dad, pastor, etc all down through the ages, and I could trust none of them because they were, after all, just human, I was suddenly freefalling after years of not really giving the matter any thought.

        So – the fence? Hmm. I’ve been reading voraciously for four months (for my whole life, but these months specifically on related topics- the Bible, apologetics, history, science, atheism, deprogramming, other scriptures, archeology) but I’m pretty new to this.

        I can’t say I know for sure there is no God, but I’m getting less and sure that there is one.

        How’s that? I always saw God in a way as both my childhood God, but also as ‘the sum of all things’ which Michael Shermer wonderfully acknowledges occasionally in his writings. Knowing I don’t have to lose my sense of wonder at the magic has helped me keep my intellect open as I study. Knowing evolution doesn’t mean we’re ‘just animals’ but that it means we are truly all one, made of the same stuff, everything in the world, is it’s own kind of spirituality.

        So that’s where I am. In the process of dismantling the fairy tales.

        • http://www.fallenandflawed.com/ Demian Farnworth

          Wow. Thanks for sharing. Good luck and let me know if I can help you with anything. I’m enjoying your blog, this series and I think the moniker “the girl can write” sticks. Take care.

        • John C

          But the fairy tales are true…we’re just living thru the villian stage, in between the once upon a time and the happily ever after.

  • Michael Nietzsche

    I’m a bad boy…. 64 to be exact, and whenever I come across Melisa Scott spreading her shit about Geebus, for the “CLUELESS” on late night TV when I can’t sleep, and I’m channel surfing, I’m inspired to call her, on my ever handy cell phone, I always ask her sexual questions, Like….. “when she gets done on TV that night, will she come to my house, and sit on my face, or come suck me off!” I always knew there was something “fishy” about her, a beautiful TV Evangelist, trying to use foreign languages to spread her lies about Geebus. Way too SEXUAL….. it never really fit together with her supposed message of redemption. If she wanted to redeem me, she could come to my house and spend several hours f–king me! That’s the only real redemption that there is on this old Planet. Good SEX and good FOOD, that’s all the redemption I need! Happy Atheist in South Florida ;-)

    • John C

      If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

  • Mark D

    You should write about “Doctor” Cyrus Schofield. His reference bible is used by millions of Christians. Check out this web-site

    Joseph Canfield, The Incredible Scofield And His Book

    • Lorette

      Thank you so much- I’ll definitely add him to my list!

      • John C

        Checked out your Melissa Scott story…completely unfounded and poorly written. If you are hoping to make a name for yourself, there are better ways to do it.

        • Origin

          Ok John, here’s a better story then and funny too. At least I think it’s funny anyway.

          Truth About

      • Mark D

        I can help out.

  • skepptic griggsy

    Lorette, next one could be Jean Calvin, who like Luther, had he the power would have murdered on a grand scale like Hitler, etc.! Yea, defame these two , Oral-sex Roberts, Billy Graham [ on Helll ], Pat Robertson and Bill O’Reilly. Thanks for this series!
    Morgan-LynnGriggs Lamberth

    • Lorette C. Luzajic

      Thank you Morgan-Lynn- I did write about Oral Roberts. I also wrote about John Calvin before I started this series, a very long piece in my Fascinating People series.


      Much to my shock, Calvin DID indeed sanction murder on a mass scale, which was carried out efficiently by his henchman. A lot of vandalism, too.

      The list is long, for ‘pillars of faith.’ That was the sad thing that began my journey away- I was looking for anyone I could trust to bring the message forward. There aren’t any, and so I am concluding that there is no way to know what the message was. So even though I find the teachings of Christ profound, most of the time, I can’t possibly know what they really were when from the writing of the Bible until its interpretations today, there are few teachers worthy to be called a teacher.

      Hope you enjoy the lengthy calvin piece.

  • skepptic griggsy

    Lorette, thnks !
    I find Yeshua another totalitarian cult-leader who lauds Hell and has silly or hateful advice as Miklos Jako, deist, notes in ‘ Confromting Believers ” [ Howver, he doesn't fathom atheism! ]….
    I note these terms : Christinsanity [ forgot who made it up, but I made up the rest], Moses’s Folly, Mohammed’s Fits, Smith’s Fraud, Mary’s Christian Nescience, the Church of Nescientology [ nescience= ignorance ], Ellen White’s Black Magic, Moon’s Lunacy Buddha’s Wrong Path, the Dao No Way, the Shinto Warrior, the Bihai Confusion, Zoroaster’s [?].- the Parsee Remnant, Yahweh’s Hallucinators, the Pope’s Revenge, the Protestant Retreat to Faith, the Hindu Illusion
    Faith begs the question of its subject. It is the we just say so of credulity. Science, as Sydney Hook notes, is acquired knowledge whilst faith begs the question of being knowledge.
    Reaon removes mountains of ignorance whilst faith rests on the argument from ignorance.
    Google skeptic griggsy to see my spreading our evangel world wide in several languages under different nickname [ rationalist griggsy, for one]

  • skepptic griggsy

    Lorette, I didn’t realize that Calvin was that evil. History books leave out this essential information! I didn’t know that Knox was evil.
    On some site, it states that Giordano Bruno had murdered some one ; probaly false and to gloss over his murder.
    I also when I note something nonsensical ,state, faith doth that to people!
    Life is its own validation and reward and ultimate purpose.
    Oh, I lust heartily, so I thus commit adultery over and over and rather than turn the other cheek to be hit there, I’d run away if possible. It is evil to laud Hell!

  • http://www.bad-religion.info/ David

    Your series is linked from my site: Bad Religion.

    Nice job!

    • Lorette C. Luzajic

      Thanks so much David!