Christian Miming FAIL

I feel bad for this poor woman. Not sure what she expected, though…

God does move in mysterious ways! It seems he doesn’t like Christian miming, either.

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  • Custador

    My coffee just squirted out my nose and soaked my keyboard!

  • DarkMatter
  • Japanther

    I scared all three of my pets with laughter. And I accidentally kicked the table, yelling “HaahAHAAAHAAA NOOOO ah ahah ahhhhh… whew… AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!AHAHA!” And they all ran away again.

  • rodneyAnonymous

    A mime is a terrible thing to waste.


    • Fentwin

      (that is my impression of a mime)

      • Fentwin

        oh well, there was supposed to be a big fat empty space above.

        • rodneyAnonymous

          Was that an impression of a mime not laughing? Hehe.

          • Fentwin

            Oh no, no “critique” intended. Just a formating failure during my attempt at humor.

            (I appreciate puns.:)

  • Roger

    Wow. That’s…I’m kind of embarrassed for her.

    • Kristen Ferrell

      “Kind of” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Every muscle in my body was cringing with embarrassment! On a good day, mimes are creepy and annoying- but this was downright gut-wrenching to watch.
      I’m not sure if she took it really well, or if she’s delusional.

  • Fentwin

    Crickey! I do feel sorry for her as a person.

    Still, have you ever observed a child that has discovered something and they think they’re the first, then they proceed to tell everyone about it in a most annoying way? Well, Its like this poor lady just recently discovered both mime and religion.

  • Jeremy

    If a tree falls in the forest, and it hits a Christian mime and nobody is around to hear it, does God make a sound?

    • Kristen Ferrell


    • Len

      Remember in Die Hard 3, when [Willis/McClane] is driving the taxi through the park and [Jackson/the samaritan] says “are you aiming at those people?”. Willis/McClane answers “No. Well, maybe that mime.”?

  • Patrick

    Oh dear,
    I was just about to register

    MIME-Type: idiot/christian

    with IANA.

  • Joe L.

    it actually reminds me of growing up in a Baptist church, that Christians do have some strange fascination with sign-language in general (which I consider what she was doing to be a weak form of sign-language). All the youths in the church learned official American Sign Language for several bible songs, and would relentlessly sign them for adults and parents.

    Not that there’s anything wrong, at all, with learning sign-language (actually learning it, as opposed to just learning the movements for certain songs), but it does seem to be big in Christian churches. I guess it makes the signers feel more connected with the lyrics, and therefore God, or something. who knows….

  • Kodie

    I couldn’t watch it after her music didn’t start. That would have been hilarious enough. Not having your music start and trying to continue any performance, if singing is not your actual talent, just makes it painful. If she’d been doing an atheist square dance, hilarious. If her music didn’t start before performing an atheist square dance – painful.

    (Square dance is the dance analog to mime).

    • rodneyAnonymous

      I couldn’t watch it after her music didn’t start.

      Me either.

  • jack

    Wow … just wow. I couldn’t believe she started singing when the music didn’t start. I kinda feel bad for her.

  • Phrankygee

    “I want to carry the word of God to the people”

    Well, I guess not really the WORD of God.. but, like, the silence of God. Oh, no that doesn’t sound right…. The Charade of God? oooh, that’s even worse. Oh forget it.

    Mimes often move in mysterious ways, too.

    • Len

      Two words, er…

  • flo

    “maybe it’s a sign” LOL

  • Clyde

    I suspect that, right up until the buzzers sounded, she had visions of God mimming before the Queen.

  • billybee

    I am speechless…….i have no speech

  • billybee

    I’d bet that her act KILLS at pastors retreats, bible camp, etc..etc…

  • Metro

    Waiting for the “being nailed to a glass cross” show.

  • José

    You guys really can’t see what a miracle a singing mime is? She’s gives hope to mimes everywhere. Soon they’ll be able to abandon the stupid gesturing altogether and just say what they mean like normal people.

  • Len

    I have to say that I kind of admire her. I can’t think of anything* that would persuade me to stand on a stage in front of the world(-ish) and do a biker-mime.

    *OK, maybe a couple more beers (just like last time)

  • Mark D

    Muslim mime goes (boom).