Creationist Tactics

We’ve all encountered creationist tactics — hell, many of us once used them. But it’s nice to have a list of them in one place, and that’s what “Creationist Tactics” aims to do. Here are the main points:

  1. Interpret any uncertainty anywhere in science as implying total uncertainty everywhere in science.
  2. Trumpet any mistakes made by any scientist, and ignore the fact that these mistakes are corrected.
  3. Shift the burden of proof to your critics any way you can.
  4. Any facts or explanations not immediately at hand may be regarded as nonexistent.
  5. Bury your opponent in quotes.
  6. Use “cafeteria science.”
  7. Find an instance of a scientist behaving badly, and use it to make the claim that all scientists will do the same.
  8. Scientific facts and theories need have no effects except where convenient.
  9. When cornered, change the subject.
  10. When really cornered, call names.
  11. When an explanation shows you to be absolutely wrong, ignore the explanation and reassert the original claim.