Touching a Nerve

(from Jesus and Mo)

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  • bubbaj30

    That pretty much sums up the way they think.

  • Roger

    Direct, to the point and without a bunch of spiritbabble that Muslims and Christians just loooove to throw in that winds up obfuscating the original arguments.

  • Steve Jeffers

    My answer to this one, which comes up all the time, just keeps it simple:

    ‘Do you believe God can hear your prayers?’

    That’s a scientific claim, one that ought to suggest there’s evidence for that,
    or the theory of a mechanism by which he might hear them. Yes, the god
    side is unknowable, but it has to go through a material, real, literal world
    stage before it gets to god. For god to hear prayers, he has to have some
    sort of interface with and effect on the material universe. As soon as he
    does that, he’s science not magic.

    Theists like to obscure the debate by invoking details and claiming it’s just
    too complex to grasp. My argument isn’t with the details, it’s with the really
    big, basic stuff. Another question I like to ask of non-literalists is ‘how many
    pages into the Bible do you have to go before we’ll find something that’s
    literally true?’

    • Janet Greene

      I just asked my parents what evidence they have that god answers prayers. They used an example about an alcoholic who stopped drinking and started paying child support. That’s their miracle, proof of god. I also asked about why god never fixes amputees, got nuthin’.

      • Francesc

        Typical double-standards here…

        Everytime a “good” parent begins to drink, it’s proof of God’s humor sense?
        What when a son gets involved in other drugs?

  • Michael Gray

    Jesus and Mo’ is one cartoon that I REALLY LIKE!

  • Steven Carr

    If you can’t tell me what kind of God I believe in, other than it being a First Cause, then you are an ignorant atheist.

    If I can’t tell you what kind of God I believe in, other than it being a First Cause, then I am a very sophisticated theologian.

    • Janet Greene

      Steven Carr – I must be an ignorant atheist because I didn’t understand your comment. ‘Splain please?