Helen Ukpabio, Witch-Children Hater

Helen Ukpabio, a crazy fundie, makes videos about how African children are witches. She then has conferences about “delivering people from witchcraft,” while raking in the cash.

Meanwhile, people in Africa are maiming and killing children because they are “witches.” She is encouraging this practice through her superstition.

Here is an example of her psychotic videos:

If you want to tell her what you think of her videos and superstition, you can email her at helenukpai@yahoo.com.

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    Remember this when someone hauls out statistics showing that religious people give more to charity. If they are giving to the likes of Helen Ukpabio, then it is a bad thing.

  • Custador

    You’ve seen the BBC program (I think it was Despatches) about this, I take it?

  • JonJon

    I’m actually physically ill after watching this.

    • Reginald Selkirk

      He is infested with a demon! We must cast it out with the proper spell.

      • Daniel Florien

        Drown him and see which way he floats! That will tell us if he is a WITCHES!!!!!

  • Offred

    If you watched the whole thing you have a stronger constitution than I do….

  • Jeff


  • Heidi

    Those poor little kids. They probably just acted in her video because she fed them. Monstrous.

    • http://theophiliacs.com Anthony David Jacque

      And half of those kids will be dead next month because their parents will see this video.

      It’s a vicious cycle.

  • http://verywide.net/blog/ James

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Seth

    If I hadn’t just drank a RedBull I wouldn’t have even made it through half of that. Jeebus.

  • aPlatinumMtZion

    This is ridiculous. Everyone knows that the only way to identify a witch is to compare their weight to that of a duck.

    (In all seriousness- this brings to mind another dangerous belief which is becoming widespread in some areas of Africa- that having intercourse with a child will protect you against AIDs. Horrific outcomes arise from that as well. It’s incredibly sad.)

    • Tarkanos

      What the hell? That was incredibly cheesy. They really fall for this?

  • BurnSpeed

    I wonder if anyone ever thought of acting like they are having a siezure and accuse her of being a which, maybe the crowd will turn on her.

  • http://www.tonyukam.org ukam

    what a world that gets excited when God’s annointed is blackmailed,persecuted & nailed! What a world that launch itself headlong in condemning one to death before hearing from him! So,this was the hell our Master-Jesus passed through? What a wicked world indeed.As for Helen,if they did not love your master,they can never ever like you.Satan is at work..You can see how even fellow ministers,brethren,etc who knows the truth maintain sealed lips!

  • http://unreasonablefaith.com ESIKONGHO

    Have you heard of “419″? Incase you have not, ask a true Nigerian for the meaning. Internet is the fastest avenue of show-casing and marketing a products to the entire world. This is what this websit is seeking for.
    Through advancement in technology, these set of people are trying by all means possible to sell their false idea in order to extract your money in the name of sympathy.
    Why has the government of Nigeria not reacted over this issue?
    Why should you allow an unknown person to feed you with lies?
    Have you attempted to watch the movie before giving your own verdit?
    Why are they bent on showing only some clips? They should have shown the entire movie in order to allow viewers to watch it on net and make their judgement if actually, the movie is portraying what they are saying.
    I am speaking as one that have watched the questionable movie without finding all these things a young enterprising Nigerian is struggling with in order to make a living out of you people.
    It is very difficult to deceive a Nigerian but very easy to deceive others, most especially, the WHITE.

  • Edem

    What an empty world, these white guys are completely fucked, stupid, hopeless and completely ignorant. This whole shit is a single sponsorship of a funny and illiterate nigerian “leader” Akwa Ibom State Governor Godswill Akpabio through the instrumentality of CARAN led by one hopeless Sam Itauma. These guys, EFCC is seriously investigating, they consistently loot the state fund and send abroad.
    Helen Ukpabio has been pastoring for the past 16yrs, legitimatly doing a good thing. These guys should know that Nigeria is a lawful state with law abiding citizens. Enough of this bulshit.
    If these whole thing was were true she would have long been prosecuted by Nigeria authority.

  • Edem

    Leo Igwe, Sam Itauma and Goswill Akpabio should be investigated arrested and prosecuted for child kidnapping and torture, they are the real child haters, devils etc. They must not go unpurnished.

  • http://unreasonablefaith.com ESIKONGHO

    Be conscious to the fact that most Nigerians are not aware of these entire false allegation written against Helen Ukpabio.
    I wonder why some greedy folks will stop at nothing after pledging to their country that, they will be faithful, loyal and honest will comfortably use the internet without an atom of love to portray their country to the world as being a lawless society where there is no justice or the application of the rule of law.
    Nigerians are hard working people that will not waste their lucrative time on one jobless man seeking for recognition from international organizations and money to steal in the name of running an NGO for abandoned children in Eket.
    If Helen Ukpabio is what they said she is, WHY ARE THEY USING THE INTERNET ONLY AS A MEDDIUM WITHOUT USING OUR LOCAL AND NATIONAL TELEVISION STATIONS? They are interested in your money.
    Once again, Nigerians are law abiding citizens that will not fold their hands and watch perpetrators of evil prevailing in the land without prosecution.
    Tell your sponsors to remember that the God that made Nebuchadnezzar to eat grass is still in existence. That God is still the God of yesterday, today and forever more.

  • http://www.tonyukam.org ukam

    what is investigative Journalism? BBC channel 04 & others have never gone round the city of Calabar -Nigeria,at a random interview on the killing of children possessed of witchcraft,they will be astonished that not even one such event has ever occured.Why don’t they quietly trail Helen in her big church and her crusades for one month,then see how cheap they have fallen to the syndicates of the likes of CRARN,Steeping Stones,Itauma,Governor Akpabio and their cohorts,Sorry O’

  • http://www.tonyukam.org ukam

    The Bishops are already gathering in Calabar-Nigeria to honor helen ukpabio on sat.,29th Aug.,so that she can accelerate the more in killing of child witches..l think ! Please,lets go and see…Whaat? lts unbelievable!…t.ukam