Christopher Hitchens Plays the "What If" Game

Christopher Hitchens plays the “what if” game with a fundamentalist radio host:

The arrogance of the radio host reminds me of my own not too long ago. He’s talking to Hitchens like he’s a 7 year old kid who has never heard the basic Jesus pitch.

I thought Hitchens answered pretty well, except for the last question — Hitches does not disbelieve in God because he wants to live the way he wants to, he does it because of the lack of evidence. It just plays into their little self-righteous game to answer that kind of question positively.

I also wish Hitchens would have turned the tables a bit. You can ask someone if they’ve broken any of the rules of the Koran, and then get them to agree that according to the Koran, Allah should send you to hell for breaking his laws and not being a Muslim.

But that doesn’t further anyone’s argument, because it hasn’t been established that Allah exists, that the Koran was written by him, or that there is a hell. And it’s the same with the Bible.

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