Give Me Easter Bunny Movie!!!

I got this in my inbox this morning:

dear unreasonable faith hi, how are you and iam fine and i was asking you about the holy gospel of the easter bunny vedio clip the movie and how i can get this vedio sent my e-mail for free and i don’t know how to that and or if i can get a copie of the vedio on dvd by mail and iam a full time member of the united methists church of vernon,mi.47476 and i would love to have a copie of the gospel of the easter bunny movie sent my e-mail can you help me with this and or if you know how ican get a copie of the vedio and truely greatful to you and iappericate your kindnees and help to my the lord bless you and iam sincererly jamesm.****** ***. vernon,mi.48476

I think he’s referring to this video, which if he is, he seems to have missed the entire fucking point.

Though it really would be amusing to have him play it to his entire church…

Where the Fire Comes From
Bob Cargill on the Holy Grail
Meet The Wife
You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down
  • Geoff

    Poe, anyone?

  • MahouSniper

    Can you PLEASE send her School House Rock instead?

    • Mitch McDad

      Agreed. Not a lot of “book learnin” going on in Vernon, MI. Hopefully, English is a second language for this young man–or at least he’s no older than seven.

  • claidheamh mor

    I wish everyone refused even to reply to illiterates. Maybe they’d get despondent, stop breeding, and clean up the gene pool.

  • McBloggenstein

    Wow. I can’t help but wonder if this person is ever taken seriously in any aspect of their life with writing like that. There’s not even a period at the end of that “sentence”.
    Do you get a lot of crazy emails, Daniel?
    You should have a ‘craziest email of the week’ every Friday or something.

    • Daniel Florien

      Yes, I get a lot of crazy emails. But I get a lot less since I put this on my contact page:

      Emails containing personal insults, offensive comments, or demands for me to repent will be deleted or posted to the site for public mockery. If you’re about to write something like that, take a deep breath and go do something positive instead. Thanks.

  • MahouSniper

    Seriously, I wonder how old this person is. If grammar like this exists beyond 3rd grade, I might punch something.

    • Daniel Florien

      I’m guessing they’re on the older end of the spectrum.

  • LKL

    I’m reminded of the recent study showing that conservatives don’t realize that Steven Colbert is mocking them:

    As hard as it is for freethinkers to recognize a poe sometimes, apparently it’s even harder for the believers.

  • Yoav

    You should ask for “a donation” before giving him the link to the video on youtube.

  • faithnomore

    Oh my good heavens. I sincerely, sincerely, hope this individual is very young, like under the age of 8 or has medically classified mental development delay issues.

    I would feel sorry for this person if he/she did show it at church. He/she would be made into a mockery I think. Or am I being too naive in thinking that the rest of the church is a little more intelligent?

  • Elliott

    The key to the strangeness of this e-mail is hidden in plain sight. The author is a member of the “united methists church.”

    It’s hard to type when one of your hands is always dedicated to picking bleeding sores on your neck.

  • Stuart

    Please don’t poke the mentally or physically deficient, We do not know their circumstances, this could be a person with mental or physical difficulties that make it harder to type. Maybe their young and do think the eater bunny will save their pets or they are just trying to fuck with their church, old age and bitterness go hand in hand. Maybe English is not their first language, who knows. Did you send them the link

  • Alan

    I think you should send them the video, on an easy to play format that every church would have.
    I can see the minister cringing in embarressment right now!

  • catsnjags

    I kan haz bunny movie ?!?