Give Me Easter Bunny Movie!!!

I got this in my inbox this morning:

dear unreasonable faith hi, how are you and iam fine and i was asking you about the holy gospel of the easter bunny vedio clip the movie and how i can get this vedio sent my e-mail for free and i don’t know how to that and or if i can get a copie of the vedio on dvd by mail and iam a full time member of the united methists church of vernon,mi.47476 and i would love to have a copie of the gospel of the easter bunny movie sent my e-mail can you help me with this and or if you know how ican get a copie of the vedio and truely greatful to you and iappericate your kindnees and help to my the lord bless you and iam sincererly jamesm.****** ***. vernon,mi.48476

I think he’s referring to this video, which if he is, he seems to have missed the entire fucking point.

Though it really would be amusing to have him play it to his entire church…