Penn & Teller: Vatican Bullshit


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  • DDM

    That staff the pope is carrying at 23:45 is going to give me nightmares tonight. Seriously.

  • Sunny Ng

    I think this has got to be one of my favourite episodes.

  • Olaf

    Great episode!
    The truth is most people Europe laugh about this pope every time they see him on TV.
    This morning I saw on Belgium French TV a discussion to stop giving religion in schools since it is a waste of resources and costs money. They prefer it to change it to some phylosophy lessons to give moral to anyone. Religion is clearly dying out in Belgium. Except for the islam that is spreading with muslim immigrants.

    So it is the Big Bush that made the pope imume to prosicution of child abuse by phedophelia priests. That same Bush that started a holy war in Afganistan and Iraq that no one in the world wanted. That Bush that tortured people while at the same time condemned torturing people by Samad.

    I don’t think that the Pope will be buring in hell when he gets there. I think he will get rewarded in hell because many religions follow a false god. More and more proof is mounting that this god is evil!

  • Olaf

    This morning I got up way too early because I could not sleep. I accidentially turned to CBNC and to my suprise I saw some guy called Josph Prince talking about hell.

    It was so wierd and alien to me that people actually would believe what he told to be true.

    In Denmark I also discovered som religion TV. I mean a TV channel that gives none-stop stuff about reliogion. I tried many times to watch it but it was soooo boring. So wierd that people actually become religious because of this.

  • Tom Coward

    Great Sunday morning sermon substitute!

  • J. Allen

    Great episode.

    Now if only those Catholic groups who disagree with the Pope could go one step further…

  • Jing-reed

    Pen and Teller are great, but it takes a dyed in the wool ex-catholic [like myself] to really lay out the excesses of that evil organization/corporation. I was raised in a Catholic country [Slovakia - and almost as bad as Poland], so my ranting is based on personal experience.

    All of my friends have learned that they DON’T dare push my ‘catholic button’ because it is just too boring to listen to. But filled with all the appropriate facts about 2,000 years of insisting that they were the one and only show in town.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    When was this originally broadcast? Has Bill Donohue keeled over from a heart attack yet?

    • Kilre

      Better, he invoked Godwin’s Law.

      • the chaplain

        Excerpt from the Catholic League document in the link:

        I have asked to meet with Les Moonves of CBS. On Monday, we will have a mass mailing of DVD copies of this episode to bishops and religious leaders across the nation. This cannot go unanswered.

        Interesting. the document goes on and on about how Penn & Teller told lie after lie. Yet, the reaction is not to sue them for slander, but to do a mass mailing (presumably to advise their spokespeople how to spin this).

        • Elemenope

          To be fair, even if everything that Penn & Teller said was a lie, the Catholic League does not have legal standing to sue on behalf of the Catholic Church. And even if it did, it still would probably be more effective (financially, and public relations-wise) to do the mass mailing than to sue for slander.


          “Vatican decrees and other Papal Bull.”

          I usually don’t like puns, but for this I LOL’d.

          • Aor

            I beg to differ. Winning that lawsuit, should it occur, would become the topic for countless new mass mailings accomplishing far more of their goals than this little response they have going now. Imagine the public relations value amongst catholics of demonstrating the ability to sue people who say things you disagree with. That is the kind of trump card that few religions could resist going for if they thought it would actually get through a court of law.

            • Elemenope

              Perhaps, but losing the lawsuit (which is, especially in the US, the likely outcome for a slander suit) would be a black eye they would wish to avoid at all costs. The benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

            • Sunny Day

              What risks? People who agree with the Church’s stance on condom use in Africa are not going to be put off by a trifling thing like loosing a lawsuit.

            • Elemenope

              The risk is manifold.

              1. In any legal proceeding, each party is opened up to the discovery process, in which embarrassing little tidbits like the memo in the Penn & Teller piece can surface and be entered into the record.

              2. In the US, truth is an absolute defense in libel/slander cases. If they took it to court, and the defense was able to show, by a preponderance of the evidence, that their statements were true, then the church just doubled its original black eye (over whatever it was) because a court of law just said it was true.

              3. Under US law, in order to muster a defense against slander/libel in cases with a public figure (which any incorporated major religion would be), if the statement in question is untrue, all the defense has to show is they had a good faith belief that what they said was the truth. And even if this is not present, the plaintiffs then must show that the defendants showed malicious intent or a careless disregard for the truth. This is such a standard that libel/slander cases made by public figures almost never prevail.

              4. Regardless of whether they win or lose, the church must spend a lot of money both on the actual legal process and on spinning it, and always being on the defensive in the latter because they would be the one who brought legal action (hence, the ‘big bully’ in the public eye).

              5. Finally, if the church does lose, it emboldens other “slanderers” to publish, increasing the probability and intensity of attacks in a similar vein, since the perception of the probability of punishment is lessened.

              A direct mailer has next to no risk and more upsides than this.

  • MahouSniper

    D: The video was taken down before I got a chance to watch it. Is there a mirror anywhere?

  • Jing-reed

    available on You/tube in a couple of parts