Christian Troll Masquerades as Racist Atheist

Daylight Atheism caught a Christian masquerading as a “white power atheist” in the comments on his blog. It sounds similar to when we caught a pastor pretending to be an atheist in the comments on this blog. The point was the same — to make atheists look immoral.

I don’t understand the point in doing things like this. If they think atheists are all immoral and racists, then why would they need to make up horrible comments? Wouldn’t those kinds of comments be everywhere? But they’re not, of course, because they’re wrong. So they pretend to be atheists and say horrible things.

This kind of thing disgusts me. They want to believe people different from them are evil, and are willing to impersonate them to make sure their bigotry is confirmed. Thankfully, these two instances have backfired and all it does is show the weakness of their position and their own willingness to lie.

Unfortunately, not all instances are caught.

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