Christian Troll Masquerades as Racist Atheist

Daylight Atheism caught a Christian masquerading as a “white power atheist” in the comments on his blog. It sounds similar to when we caught a pastor pretending to be an atheist in the comments on this blog. The point was the same — to make atheists look immoral.

I don’t understand the point in doing things like this. If they think atheists are all immoral and racists, then why would they need to make up horrible comments? Wouldn’t those kinds of comments be everywhere? But they’re not, of course, because they’re wrong. So they pretend to be atheists and say horrible things.

This kind of thing disgusts me. They want to believe people different from them are evil, and are willing to impersonate them to make sure their bigotry is confirmed. Thankfully, these two instances have backfired and all it does is show the weakness of their position and their own willingness to lie.

Unfortunately, not all instances are caught.

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  • Anthony David Jacque

    I had an AG Pastor named Roger Griffith form Bosque Farms, NM, openly admit that he uses psuedonyms to harass people on other websites.

    This was, of course, after he had baited and goaded me for three days on a topic I’d started to see if he could piss me off. He quite literally admitted :

    “Perhaps the third or fourth short response to your post might have been baiting you to see how much hatred you might display on the blog, I do not remember now.”

    This was after I openly apologized for taking his bait, mind you.

    And after all this, he went after my friends and I on my own blog, then began harassing my wife via email, dragging the thing out for over three weeks while my wife and I did our best to ignore him.

    He has yet to take responsibility.

    It’s what I’ve come to expect from the Assemblies of God.

    • Baconsbud

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the pastor used some of the comments from your blog as evidence of how angry atheist are. I have family that belongs to AofG and have went to a few services and that can be a learning experience. They have no problems with lying as I understand as long as they think they are saving souls.

  • Sisyphus Fragment

    It’s tragic how easily these people can dehumanize us in their minds simply because we don’t share the same belief system. We have enough problems being caused by over-zealous 12 year olds who are more angry at their parent’s god than actually being non-believers themselves. Those sorts of kids troll around all over the place giving us a bad name enough as it is.

  • Cinnamonbite

    Call me a bigot but that is EXACTLY why I am utterly intolerant of believers. Low morals. They lie to themselves constantly, lying to you is nothing.

    I am who I am. Atheism is just one of the things that define me. I would never join the KKK but I am FOR racial profiling at airports. On top of that, I’ll bet ya 10 bucks that there are Atheists out there who are great big huge screaming racists. Being an Atheist doesn’t mean anything more than, “I don’t believe in gods.”

    • VidLord

      well said. both my parents were hardcore religious and at the same time hardcore racists. Complete and utter racists to their very core. Products of their own parents – as most tend to be, unless they rebel and think for themselves.

    • Lowrack

      Precisely. Being an Atheist only tells people one thing: I don’t believe in gods. Unfortunately, they mistakenly believe it to be some sort of belief system, as though you can tell what a person believes because they’re an atheist. That’s one reason why Sam Harris doesn’t like the term Atheist. I’m starting to see his point.
      It’s akin to me labeling myself an Acarpenter, since I don’t know how to build things out of wood. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it opens the door to all sorts of misunderstandings about who people like us are. Labels make us feel like we’re a part of a group, but they also expose us to stigmas and prejudice.

  • Joe B

    I’m actually a deep cover theist trying to make it look like atheists like football and rap music.

    • Sunny Day

      Oh, that’s why I keep getting all that junkmail about Football and Rap Music.

      I hate you Joe B.

  • Flea

    Just another example of the familiar lying for Jebus…

  • FramtonM

    “They want to believe people different from them are evil” Well it worked for Hitler and others of his ilk, so why not try it whenever you find someone who thinks differently from you?

  • Offred

    It’s all getting worse by the day…..

  • Confused

    Wasn’t this a trend that was started by atheists impersonating fundamentalist christians? The existence of Poe’s law gives me the impression that it is.

    • Lowrack

      You may be right, but their side claims the moral authority. We don’t hold to any particular system of beliefs, nor do we claim to have a monopoly on morality. You’d think if xians made such fantastic claims, they’d at least TRY to back them up by living what they so freely preach.

      I’m not saying atheists are any better for pulling crap like that. It’s deplorable behavior. However, we tend to be somewhat less arrogant about how superior we are. Or am I not being fair? Maybe I’m biased.

  • GG

    Well, it just blows up in their faces and proves them to be what they just wish we were.

  • robert

    Maybe he meant “White Powder Athiest”. Perhaps he’s chaffing?

  • The Atheist Jew

    He hit my blog, but he admitted he wasn’t a white supremacist, but didn’t admit to being a theist either.

  • Shyone

    This is just a weird example of pious fraud. Whatever makes the faith look better…

  • Nero

    I, the REAL white power atheist, sought to experiment on the secular communities reaction to racism when spouted from the mouth of an atheist. There…

    • Ty

      Nobody cares, Steve.

    • Daniel Florien

      Seriously Steve, you’re just making yourself look even worse. Your impersonations and attempts at deceit are laughably bad.

  • Lowrack

    Steve….I hope you choke on a communion wafer.

    Not to death or anything, just long enough to thoroughly embarrass you.