Minister Fakes Own Kidnapping to Fornicate

A minister faked his own kidnapping to hide the fact that he was cheating on his wife. It didn’t work:

A Florida minister [has been] accused of faking his own kidnapping so he could cheat on his wife.

Hillsborough County deputies say Wikler Moran-Mora’s wife received a disturbing text message from him on the night of Aug. 25. He said he had been abducted but he was negotiating with his captors, so she shouldn’t worry or panic. She did both — and called the cops.

Officers launched a full-scale search that included more than a dozen deputies and dogs. While the manhunt was going on, Mrs. Moran-Mora received more texts from her husband telling her the kidnappers were letting him go and he would be home soon.

It wasn’t long before deputies used signals from his cell phone to locate the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Reform pastor. They say Moran-Mora, 38, was with another woman and admitted that he’d fabricated the kidnapping story so his wife wouldn’t find out he was spending time with his mistress.

The minister was charged with filing a false police report and released on $500 bail.

I think he should have to pay for all the time and money the police spent looking for him. And of course he better be fired from his church!

(And since his last name has — gasp — “Moran” in it, I can’t help but use this picture once again. This can’t be a coincidence — it is a gift from the gods.)

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