Pastor Anderson Hopes Obama Dies of Brain Cancer "Like Ted Kennedy"

Pastor Moran (aka Pastor Andersen) asks God to strike Obama dead by brain cancer, so he dies “like Ted Kennedy”:

I love how fundies always use the “it’s not me, it’s my holy book/God” card — like that gets them off the hook for being hatemongers.


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  • Steve

    Ah the love just pours out of him doesn’t it?

    • fftysmthg

      Yes, his heart is overflowing with the love of Jesus.

      • someguy

        Oh, come on! The “look how they are not examples of the love of jesus” comments are easy, repetitive, and boring. In fact, they’re not even consistent with a lot of Christian’s beliefs. Some do believe in a santa claus type god who loves everyone (love the sinner, hate the sin). But others read the bible passages saying god hates sinners and sends them to hell and believe them literally. These last ones are actually closer to what the bible says than the first ones, in my opinion. “God loves those who believes in jesus” (john 3:16) but he hates the rest.

        So, this pastor is just being consistent with his beliefs if he says god hates sinners. BUT!!! God never says believers should hate sinners too and pray for them to die… Unless I missed that part.
        And like someone else said, shame on the TV station for giving this guy a public outlet!!!

        • Daniel Florien

          I’m glad they put him up — he just looks stupid.

        • Michael Gray

          ‘god’ never says anything.
          You missed the part where ‘gods’ do not exist.

          Where there are 10 Christians, there will be 1000 different beliefs, all of them ludicrous and contradictory.

    • shroōdur

      Hilary Faye: [throws a Bible at Mary] I am FILLED with Christ’s love! You are just jealous of my success in the Lord.

      – from one of my favourite movies, Saved!

      • idea1013

        Yes! That is one of my favorite scenes. So telling…

  • mikespeir

    He’s not a Real Christian. And when another one messes up or says something stupid, he’s not a Real Christian, either. No wonder they have to work like slaves to bring in new converts. All the old ones eventually become non-Real Christians.

  • Roger

    I watched a couple of his…”sermons”…and that boy really has something wrong with him (personally, I think he’s a deeeeeeeeeply repressed homosexual). And come on, stupid local news, he doesn’t have “many parishioners.” He’s probably got about twenty–who are all his inbred relatives. He’s a moron who shouldn’t have gotten as much airtime as he did.

  • beliefdoubt

    I’m so glad i’m not a christian anymore.

  • John C

    Pastor Anderson has his consciousness fixed in this (temporal) land, this nation, etc and so “thinks” he is an american, etc. He is not (yet) a spiritual man and so speaks out of the abundance of his (mis-directed) heart. If, however he will commit to the (whole) journey with God, be trusting, dependent, pliable, will allow Father (the Father of spirits) to lead him into the “glorious liberty of the sons of God” He will emancipate him from his current folly and limitations. Yes, he believes in Jesus (the demons believe too) but he is not yet conformed to the image/nature of Christ (Gal 4.19).

    Its easy to pick on the religious types, the fundies, it makes the natural man of reason seem so…reasonable, intelligent yet is a condescension of sorts at its core.

    • Andy

      >>Its easy to pick on the religious types,

      Hi John C.
      Would you describe yourself as not a religious type? How can one tell the difference?

    • Sunny Day

      Yah that condescension is so different from the John C type of condescension who claims to know the “REAL Truth”.

      • Olaf

        The truth ? The truth? You can’t handle the truth!
        You are a mere 3 dimensional creature that will never understand all 11 dimensions!
        For you human, you have only many truths. There is no one single truth in 3 dimension.

        • Ty


          I’d heard that the Truth had four cubic corners.

          You are educated evil.

        • Michael


        • John C

          Yes, there is One Truth, truth is a Person Olaf. Haven’t you heard? The Lord is One.

          It’s His Oneness (no duality, no darkness, innocence, a disambiguity) that He invites us in to, to experience. That One and His glory would even permeate you, your very being. But you are “rich”, self-content, self satisfied and so you will remain…alone. But, if you are ever graced to be made aware of your great need, ahh…..yes now we are getting closer my friend.

          How free do you wanna be?

  • Arkonbey

    My mom had Bush Derangement Syndrome; she DESPISED him. She just had to see him on TV and a look of disgust would come over her face. He could say the sky was blue and she’d disagree with him. However, I never once heard her even hint that she wanted him to die.

    However evil I consider him, I don’t even want Dick Cheney to die a painful and untimely death. I would however take prosecution for war crimes as an alternate.

    @steve and fftysmthg: Man. True and sad.

    • Zotz

      I would.

      After prosecution (of course), the dickster should be the love object of a burly tatooed guy with very low standards in a jail cell for the rest of his miserable existence.

      He probably wouldn’t survive the 1st poking though.

    • Janet Greene

      I’ve been away a while – good to be back!

      I really have to watch myself so I don’t become like many christians (most of you know – I am a former-christian-turned-atheist). For example, I find myself very triggered by people like Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck. I sometimes find myself thinking that if they were on a plane and it crashed, I would not mourn and would consider the world a better place. One of the things that seems to distinguish liberals from republicans is “hate”. And I don’t want to be like them. But it’s hard when they are like that. But if we don’t stop the cycle of hatred, it just gets worse. I think one of the reasons I struggle with this is because I grew up in a judgmental, christian home.

  • faithnomore

    Gotta love that freedom of speech.

    • Clyde

      Yes, it is sadly ironic that the pastor is hiding behind secular constitutional law in his pathetic bid to help usher in a type of government that would make imprecatory prayer against its leaders a capital crime.

  • trj

    “There are a lot of people who God hates, and who we should hate. But I didn’t write that. It’s in the Bible.” Of course. I’m sure your own personal opinions have absolutely nothing to do with you being a hateful jerk.

    The Bible can be interpreted in a myriad ways – it can be a message of love or a message of hate. Isn’t it strange how hateful people always end up choosing a hateful interpretation? Well, it’s probably just coincidence. Surely the only reason they’re prejudiced is because God tells them to be.

  • brgulker

    If you want a laugh at Pastor Anderson’s expense, YouTube the phrase “pisseth against a/the wall.”

    This guy is way, way out there.

  • LRA

    Anyone who wishes harm on our President is effed up. Period. (That means YOU Rush.)

  • Ty

    There are a lot of people I would deeply enjoy beating the hell out of. But I am fully prepared to take the risk that they would get the better of me and kick my fanny.

    Saying, “I hope someone else beats you up” is for whiny little sissies.

    I love that god is just the compensating this guy does for his own complete lack of balls.

  • Mitch McDad

    Just another reason why I want to live as far away from these religious freaks as possible….like on Mars.

    • mikespeir

      They’d just follow you up and then claim they invented the rocket ship.

  • Michael

    I want there to be a fight between secularists and theocrats/religious nuts like this guy if they happen to cross the line. I WISH there to be blood. I don’t know if anybody else fully realizes what would happen if Obama happens to be assassinated because of the hate that these people preach and spread.

  • shroōdur

    Anytime your Web site’s doctrinal statement ( starts with

    “We believe that the King James Bible is the word of God without error”

    making reference to a four-hundred year-old, countlessly revised version of a two-thousand year-old story, you have reality issues.

    I’m glad he only has about twenty parishioners people more delusional than he is listening to his bile; a small number of idiots is easier to keep an eye on.

    • Mark D

      There is a “cult” of the King James Bible 1611. There are some fundies, like Jack T Chick, who are convinced it is the perfect bible.

  • Annie

    Dig that Christian love and morality. Barbaric miscreant.

  • theBEattitude

    We’ve all read the Bible verse: Love everyone, unless they are not a Republican.

    Right wing Christian extremists make me sick by what they justify with their religion. The Bible is very handy for them to pick and choose verses to justify bigotry and hate for anyone not like themselves. There is plenty to choose from in the hate filled and bloody texts.

    The devil wants me to take their holy book and beat them with it.

  • Tom Sims

    If I could gain the biggest platform possible to denounce this sort of behavior, attitude, and speech in the name of the church, I would. But the nincompoops would still say it and believe that the Bible justifies it. All I can say is that it is evil and that it is an aberration. Ted Kennedy left such a wonderful example, as a man of deep faith, that people can disagree politically and still wish each other well. Oren Hatch echoed that as well from the right. Political rhetoric and hyperbole have no place in Christianity or any other religion. Look at this guy – he is a young dude with 30 people who buy into his stupidity. At least he seems to be an equal opportunity “hater.”

    • Michael R

      “Political rhetoric and hyperbole have no place in Christianity or any other religion”

      Does the Bible provide justification for your assertion? Because it seems like religion’s goal is quite the opposite, especially in this country. I agree that religion should stay out of politics, but I doubt most religious people feel the same way.

    • Tom Sims

      Good question, Michael.
      The Bible teaches honest communication and political rhetoric, slogans, hyperbole, and bumper sticker snippets are designed to obscure rather than reveal truth.

      I do not believe that a person in public life needs to divorce faith from policy. Nor do I believe that the church has to be silent on principles that guide moral, ethical, and compassionate decision making in public life.

      Many public figures have been guided by their faith and have landed on opposites ends of the political spectrum. that is fine. Both Ted Kennedy and Oren Hatch have been so guided. They have had different views on implementation, but they have agreed to be truthful in the process of deliberation.

      Ronald Reagan was as informed by his faith as Jimmy Carter. There is no problem there. The problem, within the context of Kingdom ethics, as defined by Jesus, is that you can be right in the wrong way and end up being wrong. There is no Christian, New Testament justification for hate, for not wishing another person well, for disrespect, or for power-lust, manipulation, and coercion.

      Christian ethics are based upon love. Jesus said that the law and the prophets all hang on love for God and love for neighbor. When asked who ones neighbor was, Jesus picked the most despised group to illustrate the ideal neighbor.

      I cannot say about this young fellow that he is no Christian. Only God knows that. I say he is taken a contrary view from scripture on this point and it doesn’t really matter how many people hold the same view and call it “Christian,” only Jesus defines what it means to follow Him.

      He never mandated a grab for political power and resisted every attempt to do so Himself.

      I don’t know that religion can stay out of politics because it is one’s “ultimate concern,” however, organized religion should shy away from exerting power over political institutions and leaders. It should focus on influencing policies and conscience, especially in such areas as human dignity, human rights, poverty, peace, justice and I believe also, life.

      However, it must do so with grace and respect.

      I hope that clarifies. thanks for asking.

  • Travis

    “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” -Anne Lamott

    • Tom Sims

      I agree with this statement from Ann Lamott, who is a committed Christian.

      • Elemenope

        Many great critics are insiders.

        • Tom Sims

          CHUCKLE – Usually the best ones – in any circle.

  • Claire V

    At least he’s not praying that Obama will get shot? It’s a lot harder for crazed fundies to give Obama brain cancer than it is to shoot him…

    • Ty

      Crazed fundies get tired of waiting on god to punish the wicked all the time. Which is why they shoot abortion doctors.

  • DDM

    On an off note, it’s amazing how different the Fox News channel and local Fox News are. This piece looks like it’d be more fit on CNN than Fox News.

  • 6uldvnt

    I love the line, “he’s not a pastor, he’s a pas-turd!” Classic.

  • shroōdur

    What do expect from a pig but a grunt?

  • Nick

    If people actually believed prayer worked, the secret service would be on this guy like a fat kid on a cookie.

    • Felix

      If they believed prayer worked, they’d logically have to believe that if God intended to do as prayed then intervention would be a grave sin against God’s will. They’d have to pray against Anderson’s prayer and then wait and see what happens. In the end, the secret service would have a special prayer unit. I’m pretty sure some nutjob has already proposed the formation of such a group, or even a whole federal department.
      Meanwhile, while the two sides are doing nothing praying, someone loses patience and brings an assault rifle.

  • Neuroskeptic

    The good thing about this wish is that it can’t backfire and end up giving him brain cancer because he doesn’t have one.

  • idea1013

    ‘Look up the word hypocrite…okay so the actual word probably isn’t in the bible but there are examples galore.’ If only there were a hell for such hateful people to burn in.

  • claidheamh mor

    Hate speech IS acceptable in this country -
    as long as christians are saying it.

  • thenewatheist

    What really cracks me up about this is the end where he says thinking/wishing for something is different from threatening to do it. This is funny, because I remember this religious guy, I think he was Spanish or Mexican ’cause his name was Jesus, saying that thinking something was just as bad as actually doing it.

    Thankfully, crazy pastors don’t have to read to believe that sort of thing to be qualified for their positions.

  • Terri Nagel

    This may be the same guy I believe from April 2009 – he is getting scary – from the looks of this video clip that he filmed of himself – he has a serious (non Christian) lack of respect for the authority. Is he taking antidepressants because that just might make him go over the edge?

    May God continue to bless America.

    I hope to be a classy conservative Christian who hopes for success in reforming healthcare (because I am uninsured/able) and am not protesting just voting and speaking my mind with goodness and grace (hopefully)


  • Tom

    It was the evangelicals who pushed for the seperation of church and state in the first place… Just to let you know. They were being persecuted by the state sponsored religion that existed in early America, and felt that the only way to be fair to all was to remove the state from religion all together.

    This guy is an idiot – pure and simple.

  • lsradio

    If you write a blog, please do us a favor, learn how to spell. It seems someone went to 1&1 and bought a domain name, and now thinks they can write blogs.