Sex Is a Power Greater Than Jesus

A recent study found that fundie kids get pregnant just as much or more as secular kids. Dr. Joseph Strayhorn points out that fundies are successful in discouraging contraception, but the hormones win:

“We conjecture that religious communities in the U.S. are more successful in discouraging the use of contraception among their teenagers than they are in discouraging sexual intercourse itself.”

PZ Myers quips:

Fancy that. The adolescent sex drive is a power greater than Jesus.

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  • Jeremy

    Oh come on. A thread about a fish tongue eating parasite is accompanied by graphic pics, but a sex thread gets nothing?! Do you even know how the Internet works, Daniel?? ;)

    • Daniel Florien

      My apologizes. :)

      Edit: There, I added a sexy pic for you!

      • vorjack

        You know, you could just disengage the comment spam blocker. They’re always a host of offers for sexy pics in there.

  • markbey

    Of course the whole abstinence until marriage movement is nothing but a bunch of do as I say not as I do hypocrites. I listened to a program on the Diane rehm show about this topic.

    I think that any politician or activist who is pushing abstinence should have to explain exactly how they pulled off the waiting until marriage feat others wise the should keep their pie hole shut.

    • Jeremy

      You’d need someone to explain how to not have sex?

      • markbey

        Exactly. The whole abstinence only crowd could actually serve a useful purpose if they would only do one thing. Remix their abstinence only message into a message of if you are going to have sex please use protection.

        Let them teach abstinence if they are so ideological that they must parading around as if they actually believe a sizable portion of the population will wait until marriage. But no more abstinence only programs funded by federal dollars.

        Id rather have federal tax dollars spent for something a lot more useful such as searching for big foot,unicorns or the loch ness monster.

        • Jeremy

          You’re changing the subject. Yes, I agree that abstinence-only instruction is silly. See Bristol Palin for a public and hilarious example of why.

          But I still wouldn’t need someone to explain to me how they managed the wait until marriage feat. It seems fairly obvious.

          • markbey

            ” But I still wouldn’t need someone to explain to me how they managed the wait until marriage feat. It seems fairly obvious. ”

            No I think I got your point I know full well that it is unatural to teach people how not to sex. My comment is really a way of saying get your own house in order before you go telling others how they should behave.

  • RogerE

    On the other hand aren’t they just obeying God’s command to “go forth and multiply.” (Gen. 1:28)?

  • Metro

    Like I needed that headline? If they could have hooked up my teen-Catholic lust to a generator, I could have lit up the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

    • Roger

      Ok, that wins an Internet.

      • Metro

        Why thank you. I shall hug it and kiss it and call it George.

        • Sunny Day

          Stop it, you’ll go blind.

          • Metro

            Can I just do it ’till I need glasses?

  • Lowrack

    Abstinence preaching is just another example of how the fundies refuse to acknowledge the painfully obvious fact that statistics prove abstinence doesn’t work nearly as well as other methods, yet they doggedly cling to their failing position until, eventually, science flogs their stupid asses into submission. It’s a lot like dealing with a stubborn mule, only worse since people should be smarter than that.

  • Anne

    My parents were open and honest about sex always and there was not so much with the religion. We knew what happened with sex, you know babies and STDs and stuff, and the emotional reality of sex. No fundies, lots of sex ed and openness. So, well, none of us 3 kids were rushing into anything. I lost my virginity at a whopping 19. That was the youngest age for any of us. My Mom took me to get the pill and a box of condoms and, another for my brother just in case he was having fun. We were told not to make her a grandma until she was much older:D. I guess all the lack of religion and the sex ed really paid off. I tell my daughter the same stuff. I had her at 28, and she was my first. Way to go rationality!

    • Tilly

      My mom told me that sex was only good when you are married. I’m not married and my sex life is splendid.

      • Ty

        Pics or it didn’t happen.

        • Roger

          You know you need Jesus, Ty. ;-)

      • the chaplain

        My mom told me that sex was only good when you are married.

        Variations on that theme are fundogelical standards.

  • Yoav

    The easiest way to reduce premarital sex is to go back to the fine traditions of the bible where you would marry your kids off (their consent not required) when they’re still too young to have sex. You bring the average marriage age to 12 and premarital sex will be a thing of history.

  • markbey

    ” You bring the average marriage age to 12 and premarital sex will be a thing of history. ”

    mark: Not quite, some people start even younger than 12. However you probably could cut premarital sex down to 5% of the population. But something tells me that marrying off the average person at the age would introduce all kinds of intended consequences.

    Consequences such as how do 12 year old’s make enough money to provide for the children they would have. Well I guess they would be at least 13 by the time some of the first babies came along.

  • LRA

    Sex is a power greater than Jesus. Jesus never made me… well, you know.