New Atheists & St Paul


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Atheists in the Evangelical Mind
Where the Fire Comes From
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  • Larian LeQuella

    Man, those NEW atheists have been around for quite a while, haven’t they? I bet since, oh, the day mankind invented god(s)? I guess we’re new because we’re just all so good looking. ;)

  • Agentsmith

    You infidel!!! Faith does not require evidence and reason. That is why the Earth is 6000 years old and men lived with Dino-kind, no amount of scientific reasoning can sway the true xtians.

  • rA

    How do you KNOW?!

  • Felix

    Greek Philosophy – strident, shrill, unrighteous and angry at Jesus since 450 BCE.

  • Mark D

    Why did god chose Paul (who spend most of his early years murdering Christians) to write most of the New Testament?

    • Elemenope

      Sucker for irony?