The Christian and the Skeptic

by Jersey Flight

Christian: You are telling me that you used to believe? Well then, by all means, what changed your mind?

Skeptic: I loved to read and I always thought that I should read the strongest arguments I could find, this included arguments for Christianity, and skeptical arguments against Christianity. This way I was always competent in defending my faith.

Christian: So you read books that argued against what you believed?

Skeptic: I did.

Christian: But why would you do that?

Skeptic: Because I want the truth, even if it goes against what I desire.

Christian: But you used to believe, and you used to persuade skeptics that Christianity was true?

Skeptic: I did.

Christian: And now you no longer believe, and you seek to persuade Christians that Christianity is false?

Skeptic: Well, I tell them why I choose not to believe, if you call that seeking to persuade Christians that Christianity is false then I guess I am guilty.

Christian: And all of this came about because you read non-Christian books?

Skeptic: Something very close to that, yes. Of course, I also understood them and I also sought to refute them, but in the end, they only further exposed the inability of what I believed.

Christian: My goodness, I am never going to read non-Christian books!

Skeptic: And yet, another manifestation as to why I reject Christianity.

Jersey Flight is a former Christian minister and the founder of The Skeptic Thinker

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