Favorite Posts of 2009

In 2009 Unreasonable Faith had 929 posts! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this blog and participate in the discussions. I love the community that has grown up around UF.

I went through some of those nine hundred posts and selected some of my favorites.

Here they are in no specific order:

Here’s to another year of unbelief!

Romance at Mars Hill
So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
Hallquist on Eich
  • Revyloution

    Good year, well done!

    Since this post has no definite topic, Ill try to derail it right away.

    Has anyone seen the movie ‘The Soloist’? I watched it last night.

    It was a good movie, with some nice morals. It also had a very solid faithy undercurrent. That’s something I can deal with, but somewhere in the middle it became personal. The main character (a news paper reporter in LA) was interviewing a highway litter cleanup volunteer who represented the Atheists of LA. The interview was a cartoonish jab at atheism, and I felt like the film makers were trying to poke their finger in the eye of the secular movement.

    Has anyone else seen this movie? Did that scene rub you the wrong way, or am I just being over sensative?

  • blotonthelandscape

    I found your site around the time I lost my faith, pretty much exactly a year ago. I therefore cannot properly express my disappointment that that first post of yours I read isn’t among your favourites. The one called “Pastor caught lying for Jesus”, which was linked by the formidable PZ.

    For that reason I fear I must now leave this community.


    Daniel, thank you so much for your awesome contribution to my deprogramming. You’ll always have a link on my blogroll!

  • blotonthelandscape

    lol, wait, yes, there it is… look first complain later is the motto of this story ladies and gents.

  • http://www.slumper.com Camaren

    Nice list, have to check out some of these sometime. (this is kinda a test comment btw) but seriously :)

  • http://www.commonsensetheism.com Dino Flintstone

    I think you have more faith in your UNbelief than a lot of Christians have in God! ;)

    • Bill

      Dino – What does this mean? Please explain?

      • Daniel Florien

        It’s what he wants to believe; let the poor Flintstone believe in his stone-age myths. ;)

    • Roger

      Oh, *that* lovely, retarded canard. No, no godbotherer has ever used that one before, no ma’am and no sir. Why, Dino is the first (I said FIRST!) person to use that phrase on us atheists. You sir, are an Internet meme genius!

      Bill, what it means is that he’s trying to equate atheists’ demand for rational, empirical evidence of the existence of any sky friend, fiend or anything inbetween–and, in the lack of said evidence, an assertion that said sky friend and fiend don’t exist–with Christians’ irrational and thoroughly subjective belief in a singular sky-friend and fiend.

      • Bill

        Roger – I understand your point and assume that he intends something along the lines of “it takes as much faith to be an atheist as it does a theist.” That’s not entirely clear from his post though, and I am genuinely interested in his explanation.

        If that is his intent, I’m interested in his definition of the term “faith.”

        But alas, it appears I’m not getting a response. I’ve asked for an explanation of his hit and run comments before, and I don’t think I’ve seen a response.

        • Roger

          Bill, it’s more likely that President Obama will do something in the next two weeks that will piss off EVERYONE than you (or any of us) getting a response or explanation from Dino.

          • Bill

            Fair enough.

            I like to give some benefit of the doubt before writing off the theists who visit though. I guess Dino isn’t the kind who is going to actually try to debate.

    • Sunny Day

      Actually, you insipid little moron, the faith in our UNbelief is so frail and fragile it can be shattered quite easily.

      Show us the evidence.

      (crickets chirping) Yeah I thought so.

    • claidheamh mor

      Unbelief is arrived at by seeking, reason, logic, the facts creeping in through the gaping chasms in the “logic” of belief, hard work, examination….

      Your belief is arrived at by “Oh boy, here is something I can accept and finally someone will looovvve me unconditionally; and I’ll never have to think again; and I’m so afraid, so this has to be true; and when my faith sags I just have to grunt and strain at keeping it, mutter “Lord, help mine unbelief” a lot, refusing to read anything that might challenge you, and getting “faith counseling” to shore up the crumbling belief.

      And predictable christian cliches like yours.

      And, of course: (crickets chirping).

      Or is that just what people with working brains go through? Never having been able to comprehend being without doubts and reason processes and challenges and thinking, it has boggled my comprehension to find people posting on this site who apparently have minds – or the dimples at the top of their spinal cords – firmly slammed shut. Thinking people can’t even imagine being doubt-free. Doubt is part of wanting to KNOW: what is real?

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