1,000 Rabbis Warn Homosexuality in the Military May Cause Further Natural Disasters

We often hear how intolerant and crazy the fundies of Christianity and Islam are… but we don’t talk too much about Jews. However, they have their fundies too, and if you replace a few words here and there, they sound exactly like the others.

Recently 1,000 rabbis warned that homosexuality in the military may cause further natural disasters:

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America issued the following statement:

“When Americans are suffering economically and millions need jobs, it’s shocking that the Administration is focused on its ultra-liberal militantly homosexualist agenda forcing the highlighting of homosexuals and homosexuality on an unwilling military. This is the equivalent of the spiritual rape of our military to satisfy the most extreme and selfish cadre of President Obama’s kooky coalition.

“We agree with Eileen Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness that this will hurt the cohesiveness of the military, cause many to leave the army, and dramatically lower the number of recruits, perhaps leading to the reinstatement of a compulsory draft.

“Thirteen months before 9/11, on the day New York City passed homosexual domestic partnership regulations, I joined a group of Rabbis at a City Hall prayer service, pleading with G-d not to visit disaster on the city of N.Y. We have seen the underground earthquake, tsunami, Katrina, and now Haiti. All this is in sync with a two thousand year old teaching in the Talmud that the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes. Once a disaster is unleashed, innocents are also victims just like in Chernobyl.

“We plead with saner heads in Congress and the Pentagon to stop sodomization of our military and our society. Enough is enough.”

Here is a video of this nutcase delivering that message from Allah Jesus God G-d:

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  • razzmataz

    Interesting. Now, what I want to know is, does the Isreali Defense Force allow gay members to serve, and how does the good rabbi feel about that?

    • Elemenope

      Yes it does, and it has for quite a while now (since 1993, I believe). There was bitching from the orthodox rabbis at first, but now it is pretty much accepted as a fact of life. There was a BBC report on the issue just the other day. :)

    • Yoav

      Gays can serve openly in the IDF since the early 90′s. I don’t know about this specific moron but many of the ultra orthodox jews are apposed to the state of israel and consider it an affront to their imaginary friend since invisible sky daddy is the only one that has the right to end the exile and restore jewish statehood. For these guys the fact that gays have any rights and are not stoned to death is just another proof of the inherent sinfulness of the evil zionist state.

      • Roger

        Well, has this moron wondered why Israel hasn’t been smitten (smited? smote?) by fire and brimstone? If the invisible sky daddy really hates teh gayz AND is supposed to restore Jewish statehood, then why hasn’t the ISD registered his displeasure with Israel?

        • Yoav

          At least on faction keep sending representative to Iran to participate in the wipe Israel off the map conventions and goad Ahmadinijad into doing the lord work and nuke Israel.

          • Francesco Orsenigo

            As much as Ahmadinijad is a nutcase, Iran has never (yet) attacked anyone, while Israel has.
            Do you trust more words or actions?
            When US or Israel (or Russia, or anyone with overwhelming military might) threatens to attack, often times they DO attack.
            I am a lot more afraid of them than the words of a figurehead looking for cheap consensus.

  • Revyloution

    I just don’t get why so many religions are afraid of homosexuals.

    I’ve always seen them in a more positive light. Less competition.

    • trj

      “It’s against the natural order of things!”

      Of course, saying X is “the natural order of things” is just a euphemism people use to cover their intolerance. Whenever people refer to “the natural order of things” you can be sure it has nothing to do with how nature works and everything to do with their own arbitrary prejudices.

      • Jer

        “It’s against the natural order of things!”

        Which is why the folks who make that excuse all live in trees and only eat uncooked meat that they’ve killed, gutted, and skinned for themselves with their bare hands.

      • Daniel Florien

        Circumcision: against the natural order of things!

        • trj

          Mind you, there’s no problem in going against the natural order of things so long as it’s God telling you to do so.

          “The natural order of things” is not a very consistent argument. But oh so convenient.

          • Unladenswallow

            And don’t forget that it’s a great way to control people just like making rules about what you can and can’t eat.

            • Roger

              You can NOT haz cheezburger.

            • http://simplyabsurd.wordpress.com/ J.C.

              “You can NOT haz cheezburger.”

              That made me laugh, thank you.

  • Matt

    Wait a minute, they caused 911? (I thought it was those Islamic extremist), they plead to G-d and he/she/it did it anyway?, I don’t even know where to begin. If they don’t initiate an openly gay policy, are they not still gay?, or is G-d not looking to “cause disasters” when it’s not out in the open?.

    • Yoav

      The logic there was a bit convoluted even for a fundie. If i got it correctly they prayed over new york 13 months before 9/11 and then hurricane Katrina happened.

  • DDM

    This is the equivalent of the spiritual rape of our military

    Oh, it’s fine. We’ll just pay 50 shekels of silver to the spiritual victim/s and everything will be hunky dory.

    • Francesc

      That comment deserves an Internez!

  • Roger

    Does this feckin’ idjit think that every homosexual male does NOTHING but screw? He keeps using the phrase “homosexual misbehavior” as though gay folk don’t have jobs or interests outside of subverting all of western civilization.

    And he blames the Haitian earthquake on the Haitians??!!!?? AARGH!!

    Oh, and a totally personal slam here, but I’d be more inclined to listen to a guy who doesn’t look like he’s got woodland creatures living in his frakkin’ beard! Shave that shit! Oh, right, your “god” doesn’t want you to. Idiot.

  • trj

    > “…a two thousand year old teaching in the Talmud that the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes.”

    Is there anyone who can confirm the Talmud says such a thing?

    > “Once a disaster is unleashed, innocents are also victims just like in Chernobyl.”

    Let me see if I have this right. Gays – or legislators advocating gay rights – cause an earthquake to be unleashed, by God, one must presume. God chooses to do this even though innocents die and suffer. Based on statistics that says 10% of the population is gay (?), it means about 90% of the victims in a God-invoked earthquake are innocent. So out of the so far 200,000 deaths in the Haiti quake, 180,000 deaths were “collateral damage”, just because God needed to demonstrate how displeased he is about homosexuality.

    Oh well, all those people were probably guilty of something else. We’re all sinners before the Lord. I’m sure it’s all part of God’s wonderful plan.

    • Yoav

      The talmud does say that and this is not the first time I heard that piece of brilliance. It was actually used by a fundie former Israeli cabinet member shlomo benizri to explain a recent earthquake in israel .

      • trj

        A good example of how the conclusions one can draw from theology can be highly questionable, apropos of another recent debate.

    • Francesc

      “We’re all sinners before the Lord. I’m sure it’s all part of God’s wonderful plan”
      Nah! He’s just pretty bad doing the maths

  • Peter Cross

    There have always been homosexuals, there have always been earthquakes. Therefore, homosexuality causes earthquakes. QED.

    In the two paragraphs preceding the earthquake insanity, the bad rabbi talks of homosexuals causing discontent among the ranks. Draw an analogy between this argument and the arguments made against racial integration in the military half a century ago.

  • http://godlessgirl.com Godless Girl

    So it supposedly took God (that does not deserve a deleted ‘o’, tyvm) 13 entire months to to punish New York for allowing homosexual partnerships (or whatever the regulations were)? Really? what’s one lazyass deity they’ve got there. The correlation is so thin, it might as well be a line of drool falling from the mouth of the mouth of this bigot.

    • Roger

      There probably was a line of drool falling from the mouth of this bigot, but we couldn’t see it since it got lost in that thicket he calls a “beard.”

  • http://vegkat.blogspot.com Vegkat

    Well, damn. There goes my Jew fetish. (Yes, I’m an atheist, and yes, I have a Jew fetish. I’m actually trying to work through it, though, and this post is helping in my recovery. Oh, and Ben Stein.)

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com brgulker

    Allah Jesus God G-d:

    Ha, nice touch.

    This is a head-scratcher for me. If anything, you would think that fundamentalists would be pro-sending homosexuals to their potential deaths while serving their countries which discriminate against them, wouldn’t you? I mean, if gays are an abomination that should be wiped off the face of the earth, why not hasten the process by putting them in harm’s way?

    • Francesc

      Well yes, but the army of your country -specially when you are a Jewish fundamentalist- has to be the army of God, it should defend god’s will. You have to be proud of your army, etc…
      What I don’t understand is why do homosexuals -or by the way women, black, hispanos, people from lower-classes…- want to be in the army.

      • trj

        Beats unemployment, which is often the alternative in poor areas.

        • http://brgulker.wordpress.com brgulker


      • http://brgulker.wordpress.com brgulker

        I don’t think so, Francesc. These are American Rabbis, and unless I’m mistaken here, they don’t understand the American military to be God’s military … could be wrong on that point though.

        • Francesc

          My bad, I thought they were from Israel. Yes, yes, the Rabbiniccal Alliance of America must be from US, I should read more carefully…

      • wazza

        some of them are actually patriotic…

  • http://smartearthtoday.com/ Joe Humanist

    Am I the only one that finds this chap a tad tedious? It must be so difficult to be a religious Jew these days being that the OT is a smidgen outdated and obsolete.

    All of my Jewish friends are solely cultural Jews and find nut jobs like this fuckwad as disdainful as the rest of the educated world.

    • Yoav

      You can see it clearly in Israel. Religious people who are fully integrated into society are a vanishing species. There are two paths, some get more secular and become more of what you will call cultural jews. Others just get more extreme and closer to the ultra orthodox like the piece of sh*t in the video who think that if you close your eyes put your fingers in your ears and go LA LA LA very loudly you can pretend the last 500 years never happened.

  • JawsForJesus

    Gays cause earthquakes, huh? Joke’s on me, I thought it was tectonic plates. And to wonder why they became rabbis and not seismologists!

    Further, if the Good Lord is so very concerned about the manner in which I bandy about my reproductive organ, then I kindly invite him to come down here and pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  • DarkMatter

    What is the percentage of homosexual killed by “earthquake” in 9/11?

    “We have seen the underground earthquake, tsunami, Katrina, and now Haiti. All this is in sync with a two thousand year old teaching in the Talmud that the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes. Once a disaster is unleashed, innocents are also victims just like in Chernobyl.”

    Again % of homosexual died and of them who died in uniforms? I think the rabbi is saying that god will wipe out non-homosexuals with earthquake because gd is using the wrong punishment all along. Help stop gd from making mistakes.

    • Ty

      As I’ve said before, god has terrible aim.

      • wazza

        A priest is playing a round of golf with a nun, and he makes a wild slice off the tee and into the trees. When he sees where it’s gone, he growls “shit, I missed.”
        “Father! Watch your language!” the nun exclaims.
        “Terribly sorry, Sister.”

        On his next shot, he sends it straight down the fairway, only to see it roll into a sand trap. “Shit, I missed.”
        “Oh, I am sorry, Sister. It is an awful habit to have, but may God strike me down if I swear again.

        He manages to get the ball out of the sand trap and onto the green without any swearing, and lines up for an easy putt, but the ball shoots straight past the hole and carries on to the end of the green. “Shit, I missed.”
        Clouds roll up out of nowhere, and a thundercloud banks up directly over the green. Both priest and nun are looking up at the sky in awe and dismay as the power builds, then CRACK! A bolt of lightning strikes down and blasts the nun. A great booming voice comes down from On High: “SHIT, I MISSED.”

  • http://www.omnipasje.net Pascalle

    Well.. if he was right. than The netherlands would have been flooded.. at least 10 times, had earthquakes, storms, hurricanes and a few tsunamies, several terrorist attacks..

    Just for amsterdam and how gays are treated there alone.
    Let alone the rest of the country!

    • trj

      God gave up on the Netherlands a long time ago. They’ll all be going to Hell anyway, so he might as well focus on countries like Haiti where there’s still hope of saving people. It’s his way of showing them how much he cares for their salvation.

      God’s love is tough love. Every fundie will tell you that.

      • http://www.omnipasje.net Pascalle

        That would be lovely if that were true.
        Can you please let the delusional christian fundies in our government know it as well?

      • Janet Greene

        Funny thing, what happens when god gives up on a region, isn’t it? Suddenly,, there’s more tolerance, better employment, better social services, FAR less violence and drug addiction. But I guess I should be jealous of the Haitians because clearly god must love them lots and lots! Based on that tough love idea.

  • Pyvsi

    What about all the sexual misconduct in military by straight people? Oh, let the sexual harassment, sexual assaults, and rapes continue; as long as it’s heterosexual behavior, Big Person in the Sky is pleased as punch.

    • DarkMatter

      Like the tribe of bejamin if I am not wrong.

      • http://www.dctouristsandlocals.wordpress.com DCtouristsANDlocals

        they should be forced to marry, no?

    • Yoav

      In the “mind” of fundies these are just unavoidable consequences of these evil women who think they can just walk outside as if they were human beings.

  • http://www.dctouristsandlocals.wordpress.com DCtouristsANDlocals

    Back in the day, saying that women could serve in the military probably got the same title of “MOST extreme.” I think it’s pretty EXTREME that such a large number of our military aren’t even American citizens… but I digress.

    • DarkMatter

      American military under rabbinic control? Maybe not about this thread.

  • cynic

    “the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes”

    this is gold, pure gold

  • http://www.icyclist.blogspot.com Dave

    Peter Cross wrote:

    “There have always been homosexuals, there have always been earthquakes. Therefore, homosexuality causes earthquakes. QED.”

    Ah, but which came first, Peter, earthquakes or homosexuals? That’s right, earthquakes. Therefore it’s obvious that earthquakes cause homosexuality. With so many damn quakes in Southern California, where I live, is shouldn’t surprise anyone why so many gays are found in such concentrated numbers here. Just be glad you don’t have to bear that cross, Peter.

    This is the dirty little secret, the hidden agenda of these temblors: they are G_d’s method for converting straights into nervous nellies, simply by scaring the hell out of them.

  • Agentsmith

    Because gays are openly serving in the IDF, that is why God has not blessed them the ability to achieve victory over the terrorists even with overwhelmingly better weapons and training. Gays, not murderers, rapists, child molesters, thieves or adulterers will lead the down fall of any civilization that does not do the best it can to root out these special evil doers. Or so my fundie friends think so.

    Praise the Lord!

  • Dan

    The rabbi says at 3:12 “God warns us in the bible as early as Noah, that this kind of misbehavior can lead to floods, it can lead to disasters, it can lead to building falling from earthquakes.”

    Hmm. Well, before I get to my main point, let me go off on a bit of a tangent.

    The earliest mention of anti-homosexuality in the bible appears to be Gen 19. This is AFTER the flood in Gen 6. Sooo… god floods his people for homosexuality BEFORE they know it’s wrong to do so?

    Regardless… I see nothing in Gen 6 that says god flooded the world SPECIFICALLY because of homosexuality. The only reasoning I see is Gen 6:5, “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” [KJV]

    A bit unclear? Another translation of 6:5 is “The LORD saw how bad the people on earth were and that everything they thought and planned was evil.” [CEV]

    Anyway, MY MAIN OBJECTION WITH WHAT THE RABBI SAID is Gen 8:21 “And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.” [KJV]

    GOD SAID HE’D NEVER CURSE THE GROUND AGAIN! HE’S NOT EVEN SPECIFIC TO JUST FLOODING! This to me sounds like the god wont flood, or shake, or blow down his creation again! This god goes even further to say he won’t even SMITE as he has done. At least the line “as I have done” includes the flood, so we really REALLY shouldn’t see any more flooding. Oops, Haiti.

    • trj

      Well he said he won’t again smite “every thing living”, as in, he wont again smite everybody, just some of us.

      I agree that “I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake” sounds like God is saying he won’t use earthquakes as punishment anymore. However, since he intends to do just that according to Revelation (and, it seems, also Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Amos), I suppose an apologist would argue – out of pure necessity – that once again God meant he wouldn’t kill everyone in earthquakes (or floods, hurricanes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, and various other types of disaster that could be construed as “a curse on the ground”).

      • Janet Greene

        I think smiting can be a tad addictive. It’s like a Doritos. Once god starts doing it, how do you stop at just once? Great fun, that.

      • trj

        Come to think of it, God did cause the ground to swallow up a few hundred people who were dissatisfied with Moses’ leadership (Numbers 16). This is by any reasonable interpretation God cursing the ground.

  • Kid A

    Hmmm… By this Rabbis logic, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel (D’OH!), Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Uruguay should have all fallen off into the ocean. They haven’t though, have they?

    I’ll go one up on this reason-blind moron: If the US DOESN’T allow gays into the military, then the US could suffer some major disaster. Just a few years ago several intelligence men, some involved in decoding intercepted messages were discharged for breaking the silly “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy. Some of these men knew very obscure Arabic dialects which were important in understanding these messages– these aren’t just any people who you can pick up off the street.

    I’m sorry– their knowledge and skills in the military are a hell of a lot more important than their sexual orientation. That’s simply stupid. Time for the backward US to catch up with the rest of the industrialised world.

  • Kid A

    Oh, and it get’s better. Here are some countries that disallow gays and lesbians in the military:

    Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Russia, Cuba, North Korea.

    Good to see the US is in such good company…

  • Ty

    People always forget that some of the scariest soldiers the ancient world ever saw (the Spartan Hoplytes) went back to camp after battle and oiled each others hair before getting down to the butsecks.

    I doubt anyone ever said to Sparta, “Homos make your army lame!” Well, twice anyway.

  • Garrett

    Haven’t visited this site in a while, partly because I get so aggravated by the crazies. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people can be so divorced from reality.

    What do folks gain from being bigots? Is a sense of superiority really all that appealing?

    • Janet Greene

      I wonder about that too. I also wonder why there’s such a high number of people terrified of gays. What do they think gays will do to them? Do they think it’s contageous? Sorry, I don’t get it. At all.

      • D’n

        Actually, yes they are afraid it is contagious. That’s why they are always talking about “protecting the children”. They are literally afraid that their kids will be infected with homosexuality if it is accepted in society. Then of course their kids will abandon all morality, start raping and murdering everywhere (cause once you go against god everything is now fair game) and then the kids will go to hell.

  • http://www.agnostic-library.com/ma/ PsiCop

    What I haven’t figured out is, what “underground earthquake” this wingnut is talking about? He names it took place before the December 2004 tsunami, but after this prayer service he led in 2000.

    I don’t understand what an “underground earthquake” is, either, as opposed to one that’s somehow not “underground.” I mean, aren’t ALL earthquakes “underground” (in that their energy is transmitted within the earth, not above it)?

    Given all of this, it’s probably fair to say this lunatic has no idea what the hell he’s even talking about.

  • Twin-Skies

    By the rabbi’s logic, shouldn’t San Francisco already be a quagmire of rubble by now?

  • Janet Greene

    Disappointing. I mistakenly thought that, among the three major theist groups, comparatively Jews were the voice of reason and thoughtfulness.

    • http://www.icyclist.blogspot.com Dave

      “Disappointing. I mistakenly thought that, among the three major theist groups, comparatively Jews were the voice of reason and thoughtfulness.”

      That’s a generalization, don’t you think, Janet? It isn’t possible, from the video, to know how many people believe what this rabbi believes. So why think all Jews believe what he believes, anymore than thinking that David Koresh, of Branch Davidian infamy, spoke for the majority of Christians.

      By the way, I wouldn’t think Judaism is among the three major theist groups. What about Hindus, or Buddhists?

      • Janet Greene

        “By the way, I wouldn’t think Judaism is among the three major theist groups. What about Hindus, or Buddhists?”

        I didn’t identify the other two, did I??? :)

        • http://www.icyclist.blogspot.com Dave

          “Neither did I.”

          Touche. Then again, neither did I.

          By the way, I didn’t mean to imply, by suggesting Rabbi Yehuda Levin and David Koresh were wacko, that “mainstream” Jews and Christians are reasonable and thoughtful, at least when it comes to religious beliefs. It’s just that I don’t think Levin is representative of all Jews anymore than Koresh was representative of all Christians.

          • Janet Greene


  • Janet Greene

    I’ve been listening to the debate on CNN – it’s absolutely incredible that there are those who actually think that lying about who you are is the best way to bring out the “best you can be”. I’m thinking that it won’t be long before we will all be open-mouthed with shock and horror that these things were said in a post-toaster world. It’s like a flashback to the debates about women’s suffrage or the civil rights movement. Guess the right-wingers never, ever learn. And this would be ok except that a lot of them hold the power (in north america, anyway) and unfortunately their lunacy has the potential to hurt a lot of people. And here they go again. But at least the military leadership has their heads on straight,, finally.

  • 3D

    So is it just a coincidence that this guy is extremely effeminate and lispy?