Baby “starved to death” because he did not say Amen

The case of the boy being starved to death for not saying Amen is now on trial. The mother thought the boy was going to be resurrected, and she still believes he is coming back. Score another one for “faith.”

For more than a week, Ria Ramkissoon watched passively as her one-year-old son wasted away, denied food and water because the older woman she lived with said it was God’s will.

Javon Thompson was possessed by an evil spirit, Ramkissoon was told, because he didn’t say “Amen” during a mealtime prayer. Javon didn’t talk much, given his age, but he had said “Amen” before, Ramkissoon testified in a US court in Baltimore.

On the day Javon died, Ramkissoon was told to “nurture him back to life”. She mashed up some carrots and tried to feed the boy, but he was no longer able to swallow. Ramkissoon put her hands on his chest to confirm that his heart had stopped beating.

Ramkissoon and several other people knelt down and prayed that he would rise from the dead. For weeks afterward, Ramkissoon spent much of her time in a room with her son’s emaciated body — talking to him, dancing, even giving him water. She thought she could bring him back.

Ramkissoon told the tale of her son’s excruciating death from the witness stand on Wednesday, at the trial of the woman she says told her not to feed the boy. Queen Antoinette was the leader of a small religious cult, according to police and prosecutors, and she faces murder charges alongside her daughter, Trevia Williams, and another follower, Marcus A. Cobbs. [...]

His body was hidden in a suitcase for more than a year and has since been buried. But even now, she maintains her faith in his resurrection.

“I still believe that my son is coming back,” Ramkissoon said. “I have no problem saying what really happened because I believe he’s coming back.

“Queen said God told her he would come back. I believe it. I choose to believe it,” she said. “Even now, despite everything, I choose to believe it for my reasons.”

Later, she acknowledged that her faith makes her sound crazy. “I don’t have a problem sounding crazy in court,” she said.

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  • DarkMatter

    “2Co 5:13 For whether we be beside ourselves, it is to God: or whether we be sober, it is for your cause.”

    Remind me how often this verse is used in church against sanity.

  • Kilre

    Death god + 1 casualty.

  • Custador

    Just another argument for forced chemical neutering.

  • Nelly

    I believe it. I choose to believe it,” she said.

    sick, sick, sick……….

    sometimes I really wish hell was real

  • Olaf

    What more evidence do you need to see that god does not exist and you are wasting your life worshipping a fictive character?

  • Matt

    “I don’t have a problem sounding crazy in court” — well, no, you wouldn’t, because the crazier you sound in court the more likely the jury are to pity you rather than despise you, and the more likely it is that your lawyer can make a late-stage motion for incapacity.

    • Custador


  • Lone Wolf

    It makes me want to run up to them, slap the shit out of them ans scream “He is dead! You killed him! he is not coming back! Dead, dead, fucking dead and you killed him! You are murderers fucking murderers!”

  • grumpygirl

    Steven Weinberg said it best: “I think that on the balance the moral influence of religion has been awful. With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil. But for good people to do evil — that takes religion.”

    • DCtouristsANDlocals

      it should be continued – for good people to do evil yet believe they are doing good -

    • Janet Greene

      I was wondering who said that! I use that all the time.

  • Tabbie

    Ahhh…the beauty of faith in God! ^_^ I think both the mother and the leader of the cult should be denied food and water. They obviously can’t be reasoned with. They refuse to be educated. Why should taxpayers feed their sorry asses in prison? Let God do it. Oh wait…I guess that’s not really correct nor humane either.

    Seriously, though, why is it that we tolerate religion within our society? Why is it that atheists are the ones who are generally ridiculed and reviled? Stories like this make the rounds in the media while “mainstream” Christians smugly shake their heads at the views and practices of fringe extremists such as these baby killers, and then something else like this happens:

    The son of an Assembly of God minister in Michigan collapsed and died this past November while out jogging alongside the road. He was fasting (for spiritual reasons) when this occurred. A passing motorist stopped and tried to resuscitate him but the boy could not be saved. He was roughly twenty years old at the time of his death. The mother of the young man at first refused to believe he was dead. Then she came to believe he would be resurrected so she refused to allow him to be embalmed. His body was kept at the morgue in refrigeration for several days while she prayed for his revitalization. Many different people attempted to reason with her but she would not be dissuaded. Finally the elders of the Michigan A/G church agreed to hold a resurrection service for her son, but they warned that if he did not come back to life she would need to agree to his embalment and burial. What do you think happened?

    It’s sad to think that this woman had placed so much faith in her god that she lost all perspective with reality. She had absolutely no way of coping with her tragic loss. I find it shameful and disgusting that our society honors and glorifies religious faith and spirituality when clearly it is a pervasive and destructive force which dumbs down our citizenship to appalling levels of pathetic absurdity such as this.

    • Custador

      Also this.

  • bpollen

    She plead guilty to “child abuse resulting in death.” I think nothing less than first-degree premeditated murder would be the proper charge. With anything more than the IQ of a turnip, anybody would understand that denial of food and water will eventually result in death. Those that did not stop this cruel and inhuman murder is a willing accomplice to that murder, and should ALSO be charged with nothing less than first-degree premeditated murder.

  • Ooleepeeka

    This makes my heart hurt. :(

    I’ll pray she gets convicted of first degree murder.

    • Ty

      “I’ll pray she gets convicted of first degree murder.”


      Is that a joke, or did you just entirely miss the point?

      • Janet Greene

        LOL. I guess Ooleepeeka has FAITH that the justice system will punish her for her SINS.

        • Ooleepeeka

          Lol, yes it was a joke.

          • Ty

            Sorry. I would have guessed it was a joke, but I didn’t recognize your name.

            I pray for your forgiveness.

            • Ooleepeeka

              Lmao, no worries. I get RSS feeds, but don’t comment often….

  • Janet Greene

    When will it end???? It makes me want to double-up efforts to “de-vangelize” our society. How many more innocent people have to be hurt or killed in the name of god???????????????

    • faithnomore

      I don’t know. :-( Sometimes I have hope in humanity and then I other times….not so much.

  • http://http// dantresomi

    you gotta have a license to carry a gun and a license to drive, but to raise children, there are no qualifications whatsoever

    it’s funny because a Xian friend of mine was discussing child sacrifices in Uganda. I pointed out to her that people do it in the US as well and that it comes from people in her faith. Of course, she didn’t believe me. So I showed her this…

    • Ooleepeeka

      *on the edge of her seat* Do tell, do tell! What’d she say?

    • Tabbie

      “you gotta have a license to carry a gun and a license to drive, but to raise children, there are no qualifications whatsoever”

      …and there are no standardized government qualifications whatsoever required for a person to preach whatever gospel one chooses to preach. This is why religion should be strictly regulated, fully taxed, constantly supervised, and allowed to be practiced only under the imposing shadows of massive low flying blimps displaying the most dire warnings possible…think cigarette package labels, the really gruesome kind which are coming soon to a pack near you. Here’s an example: “Warning: The Belief and Practice Of Pentebaptolicism Will Cause You to Lose All Sensibility and Reason. These Children Died at the Hands of Ignorant Adults Whose Faith and Adherence to the Principles of Pentebaptolicsm Was Unshakeable” {scrolling: graphic photos of three boys drowned in a bathtub by their mother to ensure their entrance into heaven, a starved baby in a suitcase who died because he wouldn’t say “amen”, butchered “possessed” children lying outside their evangelized villages in Nigeria, the disease-ridden bodies of children whose parents practice healing the Christian Science way}

      • Janet Greene

        How about adding a pic of my drug-addled, depressed former self – in abusive relationships, full of guilt and fear, just about ruined because of my brainwashing from my evangelical parents? (I’m good now – a lot of this crap simply disappeared when it dawned on me that “christianity” was a terrible hoax, designed to control people).

        • bpollen

          I would disagree with your characterization of Kristianity. If I use a hammer to bludgeon you to death, that does not mean that the hammer was designed to be a murder weapon. Similarly, Kristianity is used by people who have nefarious, or at least selfish, goals or purposes in mind. Religion, or a hammer, is not in and of itself particularly harmful. It is what people do with it that counts.

          Lest you get the wrong impression, I am not promoting or apologizing for religion. I do not believe in organized religion of any strain. Evil doesn’t come from religion. True evil comes from people…. as does Soylent Green.

          • Janet Greene

            I agree that for the most part, god is self-projection. Some people see love & mercy, others see fear & torment, still others see judgment…however, the problem comes with the fact that religion LEGITIMIZES bad behaviour. Do you think so-called “witches” (thousands of them) would have been tortured and murdered but-for the bible saying “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”? What other excuse would have made “good” people do such evil things? There would have been NONE – no reason to do these acts. Yes, evil comes from people. But when a hammer is used 90% of the time to hurt people, maybe it’s time for a recall at the hardware store…

            • bpollen

              Do you think so-called “witches” (thousands of them) would have been tortured and murdered but-for the bible saying “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”

              It also has King Saul consulting with the Witch of Endor to call up the ghost of the prophet Samuel. It appears the the bible DOES suffer a witch to live.

              What other excuse would have made “good” people do such evil things? There would have been NONE – no reason to do these acts.

              Because they were not “GOOD” people??? And they had reasons to choose these poor women as witches – petty jealousies and dislikes. In some cases it is believed that covetousness was the impetus (I want her property, so she must be a witch.)

              The bible has many positions that I find offensive. But if you look further into the bible, you frequently find it espousing just the opposite position. Eye for an eye vs. turn the other cheek. People pick and choose those positions that fit with their goals or beliefs. People choose hateful positions based on the brilliance of Ayn Rand (caring for your fellow man is moral corruption) or because the Protocols of the Elders of Zion resonates with them, or the Turner Diaries (like McVeigh.)

              The bible is just a book. Don’t imbue it with any more power than any other book. If people don’t find justification for their hate in the bible, they will find it somewhere else. People have been horribly cruel to their fellow beings throughout recorded history. We obviously don’t need a hell of a lot of provocation.

            • Janet Greene

              *It also has King Saul consulting with the Witch of Endor to call up the ghost of the prophet Samuel. It appears the the bible DOES suffer a witch to live.*

              The bible contradicts itself all over the place. If you want to find backup for any belief or action, you can probably find it there. You want to bash babies heads in, check out Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9. If you want to rape a virgin (guilt-free!!! As part of god’s plan!!!!), see Numbers 31:7-18 or Deuteronomy 20 & 22 (and many, many other places). However, it also tells us “thou shalt not kill”. Contradictions. This is the beauty of it, though! If you are looking for it, you will find it. You hate sex & women, because puritanical religion has made you hate women for making you horny? Well, guess what! She’s a WITCH!!!! And god said, see! Right here! He said that we can kill ”er! And it’s ok, in fact it’s COMMANDED!!!! Do you see how this works? I don’t care that the bible contradicted itself. That’s what it DOES. However, if you can find a verse that tells me I have to kill witches, and I’m a mysogenist, I won’t just go skulking into the corner, calling every woman “bitch” under my breath. No, way. I’ll grab some religious fervor, and a few good men, and start torturing & murdering every woman that has pissed me off all my life, and maybe women who remind me of those women, just for good measure. Because it’s god’s will, mind you. This is how it works. If the bible didn’t say it, it would not have happened. I think you might have a serious case of denial about the evil that has spawned from the bible and christianity. You want to believe it’s individuals – people are impacted by their environment. And when god is a violent, jealous, unpredictable, mysogenous jerk, that is the role model for all men here. You think that doesn’t impact them?

            • Janet Greene

              Sorry, sent too soon! What I meant to add was that I am not the one giving it the power. It is those who use it to control their lives. Who actually attend bible studies – trying to find “deep meaning” in the text of ignorant ancients. These people take it seriously, and often literally. That gives it power, and makes it very, very dangerous.

            • Sunny Day

              “Witch of Endor ”

              Endor has a Witch? Did Princess Leia Stay? Why would she stay? Didn’t all the Ewoks die off when the radiation sickness hit them after the Death Star Exploded?

            • Janet Greene

              OMG was that joke? If so please disregard my heartfelt argument, above. And my apologies!!!!

    • Spinster30

      Oh and I have to license my dogs!! But the worst is that there are all these organizations saving the animals, and children of third world countries, but no private organizations or vigilantes who are willing to help the children of our own country who are verbally abused, neglected, beaten, starved, and worse!!

  • bpollen

    I guess, Janet, that we aren’t going to come to a meeting of the minds on this issue….

    I believe that humans have the capacity for evil, and in most cases, flimsy barriers to giving it free rein. The scariest thing I ever saw in a movie was in “Cabaret.” Scene opens with families picnicking in a beautiful park with the Austrian Alps (I am guessing) in the background. Almost the epitome of an idyllic scene. You begin to hear a young boy, in an almost angelic voice, singing Edelweiss… the the camera pans back and you see that this boy, singing in this sweet voice, is wearing a Hitler Youth uniform. That scared the crap outta me. Evil is not marked with a scarlet “E”. It can be beautiful and alluring and even obstensibly normal. Evil can draw you in because the human character is deeply flawed.

    You would seem to believe that people would not be cruel or inhuman to each other if only we didn’t have that damnable book. Throughout over 5 thousand years of recorded history, man has been incredibly barbaric to his fellow man. The bible has only been around as a book for about 1600 years. (The Council of Nicea formulated the bible from all the disparate writings about 325 C.E. You know: this is gospel, this is blasphemous…) Even in our own times, horrible crimes have been committed by people without the bible entering into it. Joseph Stalin is believed to have killed 20 million people and he suppressed Kristianity. Pol-Pot didn’t use the bible to justify his slaughters. Chairman Mao didn’t use it as an excuse during his “cultural revolution.” The Japanese weren’t Kristians when they slaughtered 100k to 300k Chinese. Darfur doesn’t require the bible.

    Those who can be evil will find a means to an end, whether they use the bible, or the ouija board, or Glenn Beck, or Sam, the neighbor’s dog.

    But let me just say this: I respect your opinion, and can understand it. I am just a very, very firm believer in personal responsibility. And I think you should be personally responsible for having yourself a fine weekend!

    • Janet Greene

      I agree that people will do evil in spite of the bible – that is obviously not the only influence. But it is, by far, the most impactful negative influence on people’s behaviour because of the belief that it is god’s word. It is the legitimizing of these terrible acts (inquisition, crusades, christian residential schools, colonization of American Indians, and billions of other acts perpetrated directly BECAUSE AND ONLY BECAUSE of christianity. Yes, people will try to find other excuses. But there is no greater one than “god said it was ok”.

      You have a great weekend too!

    • Yoav

      Just to add to Janet’s, Darfur doesn’t require the bible since it has the koran, which is just as bad.