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They Will Burn!
Atheist Dog Tricks
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  • DarkMatter

    Caution: Do not watch Avatar on tv if you are a christian!

    • Erick I

      Avatar was a Great Series. Too bad it’s over. Just hope they don’t mess up the live action movie.

  • Siveambrai

    Aww. I really wish I had a tiny hippo in my house. I’m in their natural environ!

  • Michael

    Damn, I was convinced until the end.

    Actually, I will selectively ignore the last few sentences and insist that house hippos do exist. Clearly they must, because that video says so.

    • Janet Greene

      Exactly. And if you want proof – I put pairs of socks in the dryer, but single socks come out. Clearly, it’s the house hippo scrounging for bedding material. So that’s my evidence. And if I have doubts, I will remind myself that if my faith is not strong, and I do not believe in the house hippo in the moment that I die, I will end up for eternity in burning hippo excrement. I believe this because it says so in my hippo-cratic bible. The hippo says it, I believe it, and that settles it.

      • Janet Greene

        Post-script to my last comment – Daniel Florien, this ad is clearly from the devil trying to make people lose thier faith. It seems satanist to me. Anyone else???

  • Alvin B.

    Of course this ONLY applies to TV. TV is evil. Books are different. If it says it in a book, it must be true. And, the older that book is, the more true it is. Well except for that whole Gilgamesh thing… lolz crazy babylonians.

  • David B.

    Fantastic! I wouldn’t mind tiny hippos infesting my apartment though. My closet would start to smell after awhile though.

  • ZenMonkey

    What a great PSA: cute, funny, and makes an important point without being preachy. Bravo. I’d love to see more like this.

  • Bailey

    Now I kind of want a house hippo :(
    Good message, really well-made video to boot.

  • Tim

    I remember when this commercial first aired in 1999. Back then, nobody could have convinced me that it would have such a significant message for me regarding my deconversion. Of course, back then, nobody could have convinced me that I would deconvert.

    By the way, pretty good special effects for 1999, imo.

  • Jennie Fiddes

    This commercial created an entire generation of children who wanted a pet hippo. I remember going to school and talking about it with all my friends for weeks. Not bad for a commercial!

  • Mark D

    I once had hippos in my house.