Pedophile Priest Says Chastity “Cruel”

An Australian priest was caught trying to meet up with what he believed to be a 13 year old girl. (It was actually a detective.) He blames his act on his vow of celibacy:

The priest told the court the internet relationship was a fantasy and a game, and he needed to release energy.

Handing down his sentence, Justice Hughes said Fuller had been sexually frustrated after a life of celibacy. He described the vow of chastity as “agonising” and “cruel”.

But the judge said children were vulnerable and sexually innocent and “for an adult to exploit them is repugnant.”

I’ve often thought that many men who desire chastity do so to punish themselves for their sexual desires. But the celibacy makes their desires worse and gives them no legitimate way to satisfy their desires. These desires keep growing and they are bent into something that is accessible to the priest — children.

That’s one of my theories, anyway.