The Rosary of the Unborn

If you’re a Catholic and want to fight abortion, there is a NEW and POWERFUL method for you to combat abortion — and it doesn’t require explosives! That’s right, for a limited time only, you too can purchase a special rosary to ask Mary to stop those evil abortionists:

The Rosary of the Unborn — The Most Powerful and Ultimate Weapon to End Abortion!

“The Rosary you see is Heaven’s way of describing to you the weapon that will overcome this evil of abortion. Heaven weeps for the cost of this great sin.”

Now Available! “Rosary of the Unborn Finger Cards”

They even have a message directly from Jesus about abortion:

“By your efforts, turn back the Hand of Judgment. Pray and sacrifice most especially for an end to the evil of abortion. This sin alone calls upon the wrath of God. He will act, if you do not act, to appease His Heart.”

But wait, there’s more!

“If your nation overturns legalized abortion, I will richly bless it by my favor. But if this sin continues with national approval, much will be stripped away.” (Message from Jesus, 10/14/2001)

I’m impressed. I’ve been trying to get an interview with Jesus for years and he’s never returned my calls. Maybe they can help me out.

If counting beads is “the most powerful and ultimate weapon to end abortion,” perhaps next they should make a Rosary for the Molested? Or does it only work for non-Catholic sins?

Oh, and if rosaries are not your thing, they also sell holy car magnets, label pins, keychains, and water bottles. Praise be to Jesus’ Mother’s Holy Hymen!

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  • billybee

    Will they give me any trade in value for my anointed prayer hankie?

  • Tabbie

    I think they should sell holy animal cracker charm bracelets too. Each time you fingered your crackers one less unwanted-but-born-anyway child would go hungry for the day. Isn’t the Magic of Mary wonderful?! The potential is unlimited!

  • trj

    Buy useless trinkets in order to persuade God to act. Very Catholic.

  • Todd

    When I saw the title “The Rosary of the Unborn” my first thought was, ewww.

    Now, I think this is great. I think religious people need to pray as often as possible. Voting, running for public office, passing laws, and trying to change the world shows a complete lack of faith in my humble opinion.

    Come on, religious people, pray more and stay out of politics. Do you not trust your god to run things? Isn’t he supposed to be all powerful or something? Why vote when you already have a direct hotline to the ruler of the universe.

    Of course, my fellow atheists and I will continue to vote, but that’s okay. A few quick prayers on your part, and god will strike us dead in no time. Until then, please spend all of your free time in prayer.


  • Kodie

    Does or doesn’t god already know? How do people even justify prayer? I’m saying this as though he exists, then he would already be on it, wouldn’t he? Or obviously, he favors it, and this is just by request of some people who claim the lord is on their side. This tells me the Catholic god is the wrong choice! Prayer is stupid.

  • JT

    A direct message from Jesus? Wow. I advise people who hear voices to see a doctor. And isn’t there a little thing in their holy book that anyone who adds to their god’s revealed words is a blasphemer and damned for all time, or something?

  • arrakis
    • painandpanic

      Gawd I love The Onion!

  • Nathan

    If Mary had the power and inclination to eliminate abortion, don’t you think she would have done it already?

    • Tabbie

      Noooooo of course not. She is gathering up all the cast-off little fetuses like dead rosebuds. She is weaving them together into a giant tapestry which Jesus will someday reenliven and cast over the Sonoran Desert as a living monument to the sanctity of life. Think of it as a new kind of transubstantiation, a miracle of shock and awe which is designed to bring the abortionists of America to their knees in abject repentance for their evil baby-killing ways. =P

      • Len


        • Roger

          Makes perfect sense to me! ;-)

          • Janet Greene

            I didn’t know that before.

  • professor chaos

    If god didn’t want them to be sheared, he wouldn’t have made them sheep. ( from the Magnificent Seven) There is always a long line of hucksters ready to separate the pious from their money!

  • sd

    so what happens when the new baby is an atheist? this is as good a joke as condoms with the pope face on them.

  • LRA

    Ugh. Why don’t the Catholics worry about the kids that are already here? There is too much suffering already in this world. Besides, wouldn’t an innocent “baby” go straight to heaven? So as I see it, we are actually doing the child the favor of not having to suffer in this life, and to get a direct pass to eternal bliss… so perhaps the Catholics should pray for more abortions.

    • Kodie

      I figured it out. The site claims each full prayer on the rosary will save one unborn fetus. Both Jesus and Mary have, within the past decade, promised that this is a very special rosary. If anyone hasn’t visited the site to see what it looks like, they should. Each bead is representing a “tear” encasing a likeness of a fetus. When you buy this or other items, it is a donation that is not really a donation. The bulk of the proceeds go to make more rosaries and to some charity that probably protests clinics, but you cannot claim this donation on your taxes.

      What the Catholics wish is to adopt all these “extra” babies, or to convince the would-be mothers to put them for adoption in a loving home. I don’t know why “god” or “jesus” or “Mary” needs the activity of prayer to act upon the beings of earth, but this page indicates that the forces of heaven are downright impotent without the aid of prayer.

      Also, all quotes, promises and other messages by Jesus or Mary are supposedly answers to questions by someone named Maureen. Okaaaaaay, Maureen….

      I had not given the Catholics too much thought. Aside from the molesting priests, I never really knew what all makes them different from other Christians, but it’s hard for me to believe adults believe the magical Christ in the first place. Reading about the rosary of the unborn is like stepping out into a new planet of woo for me. If they believe god can do anything he wants to, but withholds his powers pending special prayer on specific jewelry, why choose him to worship? That’s completely neurotic. I can’t believe they walk around without help, and nobody really laughs at them the way they do, say, Scientologists, or pagans or wiccans.

      • Kodie

        (Jesus, 10/5/2001, as told to Maureen):

        For years Heaven has stood by and watched as the security of the baby in the womb was violated and lifetaken.

        Heaven stood by???? Well. Why can they only intervene if the rosary (designed by Jesus’s MOTHER, and reproduced with her permission, I might add) is used? Catholics are so weird!

    • Jasowah

      I was never sure about that either. By the rules it would seem that babies would go strait to hell, being born into sin and unbaptized. Of course that’s not what they said. I was told, “in situations like these (where God’s rules make him seem like a jerk) God uses his GREAT judgment to determine what should happen.” Basically insinuating that babies go to heaven. I was told something similar when I asked about what happens to people who never hear “the word”.
      “God just judges them by their actions alone… and he works in mysterious ways.”
      “Stop asking questions!”

      Oooh Arch Bishop O’Sullivan. Good times.

  • Godless American

    Abortion seems to be a pretty important issue to Catholics; more so than all of the world’s suffering. Mother Teresa, the that she was, said the most dangerous issue facing mankind is abortion while she was accepting her Nobel Peace prize. I can’t think of anyone that deserved it less.

    • Janet Greene

      Ramen, Godless American! This woman was clueless. This statement demonstrated how completely out of touch she was with human suffering or the serious issues facing humankind today. Incredible!!!! And I’m certain that her stance on birth control (condoms) has resulted in countless people acquiring & dying from AIDS.

  • Nerrin

    I suddenly really, really want to come up with something like this to sell, only to secretly (at least until I might have to make any kind of disclosure for some reason) be donating all profits to Planned Parenthood.

    • Janet Greene

      Yeah, me too…I think my kid is going to be SOL at the reading of my will….

  • nsibs

    hmmm…sometimes you just don’t have to say anything. Its like the church in my hometown that installed a coffee shop. when jesus was around, it wasn’t cool to make a profit off religion, but now it is….umm? If I didn’t have any decent morals, I would profit from religion. Souls Inc? Has an economic ring to it. ugh

  • Lone Wolf

    When will they learn? Jesus doesn’t care about the US, in comparison to the people of his time we are filthy fucking rich and rich people go to hell. So we can have all the abortion we want, he doesn’t give a damn.

    When you all get there, I rented a boat on the river Styx, we’re gonna’ have a big party. Hitler will be there, we’re roasting him, literally.

  • KTea

    You can almost hear the artist crying out with inspired glee when they suggested to put the tiny likeness of fetuses in the beads:

    …Really? Isn’t that poor taste? Even for a product endorsed by Jesus?

    • trj

      We’re talking about a religion that collects and reveres body parts of dead saints. Tacky is the least of it.

  • Chris P

    And didn’t somebody say that God was the biggest abortionist given the number of miscarriages he creates?

  • Revyloution

    It’s a bit late for this political season, but I want to put an initiative on the ballot banning abortion in my state.

    It would read something like this “Whereas the State of Oregon is composed of a variety of differing philosophical outlooks on life, and some of those philosophy’s consider the human fetus to be a living person, then any individual who knowingly participates in the abortion of a fetus while subscribing to any of these philosophies will be tried for premeditated murder.”

  • Janet Greene

    Wait – I’m confused. I thought god was pro-abortion. Not pro-choice – but actually pro-killing-fetuses & babies. In fact, babies seem to be a favorite target of our dear yahweh, along with virgins. He also did not spare fetuses & babies when he demanded the that his people commit genocide repeatedly, or when he sent lucusts or floods. What, pray tell, makes christians think that god doesn’t approve of abortion? The bible never explicitly condemns abortion, but it certainly does seem to get excited about bashing babies’ heads against walls, and such.

    • Zeno

      “What, pray tell, makes Christians think that god doesn’t approve of abortion?”

      This is a very valid question… especially since we see that God has no problem killing infants in floods as he saves the animals, all firstborns with angels of death in Egypt, and little kids with Fire from the Sky at Sodom & Gomorra.

      God seems quite happy with the whole…. mass execution of kids thing. hmph!?

      • Janet Greene

        Yeah, god really seems, well, not really a “kid” person, does he? Some people just shouldn’t be parents until they deal with their anger issues….if I were a social worker, I would seize all of god’s children until god had taken some serious therapy. And maybe not even then, because he seems to have a messianic complex (which makes therapy ever so much more difficult).

  • Zeno

    You know… the whole abortion stance really is a contradiction that doesn’t seem very logical.

    Follow me here…

    People need to accept Jesus to get into heaven and not burn forever in eternal torment. Statistically speaking… MOST people that are born don’t make it onto Planet Heaven when they die. The numbers of those that will FRY… are probably higher for children born into unbelieving families… who are more likely to opt for the abortion option anyway.

    Furthermore… we can be pretty sure that God isn’t so much of a dick that he would send unborn babies to hell because they never had a chance. So… the success rate of the unborn getting into heaven is 100%!

    According to the Xian belief structure… if Christians really cared about the eternal salvation of all mankind… it would be better if we just killed them before they were ever born!

    BUT… they fight for babies to be born… so they can have the chance to burn in hell?

    Makes no sense! Hahahaha!

    • Janet Greene

      Good point – we should all die in the womb, by that standard – since christians believe that this life isn’t important anyway (it’s just our “fleshly” bodies – our real lives start in heaven, after we die). So it would make sense to encourage as many abortions as possible, assuming christians believe that fetuses are under the “age of accountability” (ha ha)

  • john

    What they didn’t include was jesus’ response when they sent him a product sample. i imagine it would along the lines of “WTF? you bastardised rosary beads with white plastic unborn foetus’ (no black ones, little racist methinks) and you expect heaven to sponsor this sh*t? you catholics really do live in a perverse universe don’t you!”

  • Rosary Student

    Are you Catholic and over the age of 18? Have you said the Rosary Prayer at least once in the past year? If so, please take part in an anonymous research study online that examines the place of the Rosary Prayer in Catholic individuals’ lives. To participate in this doctoral research study, click the following link: Participation is anonymous and free of charge.

    • Roger

      LOL’d for randomness and not really knowing your audience.

      • Janet Greene

        Wow, how’d that get in there?

  • Angela

    I am a Catholic, and I can understand that many cannot understand many of the traditions and beliefs that we hold, I am not here to challenge your arguments or to negotiate understanding with you. What I wanted to say is that I noticed that you were confused by the revelations to “Maureen”, and I can tell you why expressly anyone of the Catholic faith should not be purchasing this rosary and dedicating any thoughts to her “revelations”. Maureen Sweeney-Kyle is a fraud, she has been denied any supernatural consideration by the Holy See, and those of the Catholic faith have been forbidden to participate in services or worship in her “church”. Maureen is a corporation that started in an unchecked parish prayer group with her receiving messages that included those to remember her medication. When donations started pouring in from believers, as she was initially backed by a priest who was not monitored by a bishop, she hired a fundraiser and started ordering things… such as real estate. She now has a fully functional estate with “divine” well included that has been found unfit for human consumption by the board of health (not that it would stop those that believe in such things). Her “relics” include a circle of dirty carpet that she “received locutions” on daily, and a hair that she claims is from the Holy Virgin herself.


    The day Maureen found the hair, she was looking at her blouse, thinking, “Oh, I did a pretty decent job of ironing.” She noticed the long strand of hair, picked it off, and threw it on the floor. Afterward Jesus told her, “You shouldn’t have done that. That was Our Lady’s hair.” So Maureen got down on the floor to find it. According to Maureen’s husband, Jesus had promised that if anyone were to venerate that strand of hair, “untold graces would be theirs.”

    Please find a full article about her beginnings, up to a copy of the letter denouncing her “visions” from the Catholic church here:

    Thanks for your ear, not that it will change your view, but I hate to see slander based on false prophesy. Nothing like more bad publicity for my faith thanks to someone shouting “Send me your money!”.

    • JohnMWhite

      “Nothing like more bad publicity for my faith thanks to someone shouting “Send me your money!”.”

      A bit like those guys who hand round a plate looking for cash at mass. They just makes the whole faith look bad. And they dress funny.

  • Angela

    We all like our masses to have heat in the winter, they really don’t receive much in collection plates. That’s actually the smallest amount of income my church receives, and our parish is never in the black as of late. Catholics receive a copy of the annual report for their parish that shows all income and anticipated budget. Very little is appropriated to their funny clothes, more is redirected to charities and programs that feed and clothe people that may not be able to attain such comforts on their own.

    I stopped back by because I forgot to mention that Maureen’s “church” holds an official trademark on those rosaries and does not sell materials for manufacture outside of their profit. Her visions told her strictly that THIS design is the only one that would save unborn children and receive the benefits revealed to her in her visions. One would think that if each Ave on a tear of Mary would save a child that their church would want as many to circulate as possible?

    • JohnMWhite

      “Her visions told her strictly that THIS design is the only one that would save unborn children and receive the benefits revealed to her in her visions. ”

      I used to go to a church whose head had talked to god and was strictly told that THIS church is the only one that will save any and all souls. He had a nice hat.

      Ok, I’m being facetious, and it’s fair to warn people (though why you think there are many catholics frequenting this blog I’m not sure) about a scam. It just tickles me that the basis for calling this a scam is basically what would be used to call the church I previously belonged to, the one you currently belong to, a scam as well. Bishops live in castles and palaces, priests have enormous buildings to heat and light, and yes their robes do all cost a fair bit, along with the book, the tabernacles, and all the ornamentation that is seemingly required to be bought and maintained in churches. Of course none of this is necessary, it’s simply splendour. The Vatican is enormously wealth, so I don’t really mind if someone tries to cut into their market, though I do object to both parties trying to make money out of people’s fear.

      • Sean

        There aren’t many Catholics frequenting this blog I’m sure, but as a Catholic you have just as much of a right to express your opinions, especially when you see them being ridiculed.
        All churches of all faiths have expenses, as do any regular meeting place with people in them. Wealth in the Vatican hasn’t all come at once… it’s a choice what people do with their money, and it your beliefs are so sending it to the Vatican wouldn’t be so bad. For a Catholic it is one of the most important places, why wouldn’t they want it to be appealing?
        Catholicism is a large religion, and well why wouldn’t they have a place to call their own?
        All religions spend money on certain things that according to tradition need to be there, not unlike cultural traditions that have certain clothing, food, and items. Religion too is a sort of culture, and culture in community will always show itself in a distinctive way of life, or distinctive items (whether these be clothing or decoration).
        Really only a Catholic would know what is and what isn’t needed in a church. There is plenty that seems unnecessary to others even in an secular context, even just in the matter of tradition, regardless of religion. Most things people keep in their house seems unnecessary to others, but to them and their family, they couldn’t live without it.
        Money is a necessary part of life for anyone, of course the church too needs it to function, but the wealth of the vatican isn’t owned by the pope, and really the pope hasn’t lived in this “splendor” his whole life. Most popes were really poor, and were poor all their lives, even as bishops, and cardinals. They can’t use money for whatever they choose, and anyone who has taken vows doesn’t own money anymore. No matter how it may seem to the outside world

        • Kodie

          It’s all pretty tacky to collect that money and not use it to help anybody. People should be embarrassed that they are willing to give any money to the catholic church if it’s spent so stupidly. If you were donating money for your local public schools, wouldn’t you be embarrassed and upset that they spent all the money on diamond pencils and silk school uniforms and marble hallways with gold inlay, meanwhile the books are printed on money but they don’t say anything educational, and the teachers get free lobsters and steaks and vintage French wine for lunch and limo pick-up service, and your kids were still stupid and hungry at the end of the day, and they’re scared they’ll go to hell for thinking anything, and half the junior class is pregnant? Wait, I forgot, some of the teachers have been raping the boys in the cloakroom and the superintendent of schools just transfers them to another school?

          Hey, your house is burning down, why are you defending it, you should be outraged. If you believe in god, isn’t he judging you, you would rather defend this pile of shlt like a coward instead of turn your religion into something actually meaningful, ’cause hey, it’s pretty! And there’s so many catholics, they can’t all be wrong!

          • Sean

            The thing is it only seems that way to people who aren’t in the catholic church.
            The Vatican is a country, and the pope who is the head of the church is also a political leader of his own nation.
            People who don’t know a lot about the catholic church only listen to the bad things that have happened in it….and its big!! of course some people will be corrupted!!!!!!!!!!!!! The vast majority of the church isn’t!!!!!
            The church also doesn’t leave its members uneducated… they provide what they can to educate people but many people don’t want to be educated and thats the problem. The church has programs like RCIA, Alpha, and dozens of various help groups. They also have the catechism. various books to explain the bible. the apologetics, and ways to get in touch with it all through EWTN, and Catholic Answers anywhere is the world. There is also a plethora of books available to anyone!
            Truth be told the vatican doesn’t use money to build itself up anymore anyway! That was many years ago. I mean really has anything been added to St. Peter’s Square?
            A lot of money goes towards helping people! There are soooo many Catholic Charity organizations, and practically all religious orders are dedicated to charity, and living there whole life in poverty! Many religious orders are dedicated to education, and they begin schools to help people learn about the beliefs of the catholic faith!
            And what exactly am I supposed to be outraged by? That the media makes it seem like a few bad priests make up the entire population of them. Do you have any idea how many other priests there are?
            And by the way the priests who have been proven to have been involved in sexual assault have been excommunicated. So no he didn’t transfer them.
            My house is not burning down. It hasn’t in over 2000 years, and its not going to now. Everything has its problems, nothing is completely right, but go look at some actual statistics, the church isn’t as horrible as you think. But, I don’t blame anyone for thinking the way they do about the church, the media only ever picks up on the bad things, and clearly thats all everyone else looks into.
            And may I ask what exactly the books your talking about aren’t educational? Cause though it might seem that way to you… if you believe in the doctrine of the Catholic Church they aren’t! Just go ahead and tell me why there not educational keeping in mind the beliefs of the people reading them and writing them!!!!!
            People find their own religion, they find the one they want to be in because it matches their beliefs, and their personal morals. No one is held in the catholic church against their will! Its everyones own opinions what they personally want to be, and I want to be catholic… so I’m gonna defend it! And like I said my house isn’t burning down, but in everything done there are gonna be issues. I know its not as big of an issue as other people are making it. And people in the Catholic Church don’t think their going to hell. since we believe that God forgives you if you are sorry and that’s good enough to go to heaven.
            Seriously all I really can say is look it up, its right there, its not hard to find! The Catholic Church provides any means to answer anybody! And well it is meaningful, I found life not meaningful at all before I became a Catholic, and really you could never know what means anything to anybody else, there’s really nothing anyone does for no reason, keep it in mind next time you go around telling them that their religion has no meaning. The facts speak for themselves if you look them up, and well if you don’t care enough to look them up, then why do you have an issue in the first place?

            • Yoav

              Many religious orders are dedicated to education, and they begin schools to help people learn about the beliefs of the catholic faith!
              That’s indoctrination not education.
              And what exactly am I supposed to be outraged by? That the media makes it seem like a few bad priests make up the entire population of them. Do you have any idea how many other priests there are?
              And by the way the priests who have been proven to have been involved in sexual assault have been excommunicated. So no he didn’t transfer them.

              Really, the it’s just a few bad apples argument, the rot go all the way to the top. The abuse happened all over the world for decades and Darth Ratzinger was personally involved in the coverup. Can you provide a single name of a priest that has been excommunicated for child abuse?

            • Sunny Day

              I have higher standards, name three. One can always be thrown out as a scapegoat.

  • UnBornBaby

    To an Unreasonable Webside Falling Very Short the Distinctive Mark of Intelligence, Which is Humility. Mockery is all you have against the Rosary of the Unborn? Pity on you, you all former unborn babies! The true unity of reason of Faith belongs in the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God, who has been made the Queen of Heaven and Earth, of what is seen and unseen, and who has indeed given the world this true holy weapon to fight (in the way that pleases her Son, Our Lord Jesus-Christ, best) a real and massive slaughter of unborn lives. When one does not know, one should humbly remain silent. Your webside is, sadly enough, a joke of pretence, just one more on a long and boring list. So much for the rational point of view…

    • bell

      former unborn babies?… i think thats name calling.. mary is not holy, shes dead. Jesus is the ruler of everything… sorry to burst your bubble, but its true :) it seems like your being like the islam religion. some random woman says she talked to jesus and a dead woman? sounds a little fake to me. i am lutheran and proud of it :D we just use the bible, because thats all that God gave us :D

      • Deb

        Calm down….p l e a s e………One question do you even know where you got your bible from.????????? Maybe you should do your homework before you speak about something you know little about….just because your upset regarding abortions??????? why is this personal? maybe you had one and think we are condemning you for it ???? it is so on your conscious…daily…..NO we catholics will pray for you and all others who seem to condemn us for praying for humanity to stop sinning and make this world a better place for all future generations….The closer you are to God the less you sin……..God Bless you….

        • Custador

          We try to only use on or two punctuations in a row when building straw men here.

  • bell

    if someone kills a pregnant woman, aren’t they in more trouble simply because there’s a CHILD inside her?! there is a living baby with a beating heart since week four. they even have finger nails, believe it or not :) there are many people who cant have kids but who REALLY want one. they would be extremely happy to adopt one that would otherwise have been murdered. i am NOT catholic and i never will be. i think ‘model’ catholics are completely ridiculous. any believer in God can pray without even folding their hands! God gave us free will as a blessing. he wants us to want to do whats right.

    oh and by the way, MARY IS NOT HOLY!!!!!! she was a normal, sinful person like everyone else. and she is also dead!! you cannot talk to her because of that inescapable fact. Jesus did die, and he also rose again, meaning he is still alive because he is God. I pray that one day there will be a world without abortion, but i know this world is sinful and it always will be, i pray more for those people who have their children killed and the doctors who do that. i hope they would come to faith and ask God for forgiveness, not some stupid necklace or a dead, rotten, unholy human.

    God Bless :D

    • Sean

      I assume your Christian?
      Well just on that standpoint making fun of other denominations, or other religions in general is not Christian.
      I am not saying I am or am not Catholic, but I do like to respect other people’s religions. I am Christian and I intend to act like one. We do not put people down, we try to act as an example.
      Respect others… and since you are Christian…

      1 Timothy 2:1-4
      1 Timothy 2:24
      Ephesians 4:2
      (I’m just using these to back up my point)

      I hope you dont misunderstand me.
      God Bless

  • Chantal

    I think I find it sad that a bunch of people sit around making fun of other religions… and not just other religions but the catholic religion one of the biggest religions in the world. I understand you have opinions and believe me I have mine, but I think assuming a huge chunk of the world are complete idiots whilst people who sit around finding small little “fraud – visionaries” to make fun of… still think your the smart ones.

    Guess what? the catholic church proves the visions and miracles that happen by both catholic and non catholic scientists. The process of discernment in a long one. This woman with the rosary of the unborn has already been proclaimed as a fraud by the catholic church. So, making fun of catholics by means of this woman is really quite ignorant on your part. Go google a bit and you’ll see that im right.

    I think its unfair to the majority of the population that people go around making them seem stupid, all because the ignorant have bigger mouths. By all means believe what you believe… and express your opinions but get something of an education on what your saying first.

    • Yoav

      First pick one name either Sean or Chantal it just make it easier to know who are we answering. Second I didn’t get your point is the fact that the catholic church is big make it more or less OK to make fun of them, should we only pick on small defenseless religions? I would think its more sporting to go after the big boys. There is also the additional issue with catholicism being really funny.

  • MG

    everybody knows abortion is killing a baby and most the mothers who done it. Thats not freedom. If i pray with this rosary words of sorrows about this tragedy, call out for help to god in my helplessness, he will not ignore it. Why always redicule the good. We all are only united in the good and thats love. Since when became love so unpopular.

    • Sunny Day

      Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

      MG uses Prayer with Rosary: The Real World is unaffected!

  • Belia

    Ignorance must be catching!
    FYI: ALL Christians, not just Catholic Christians, are pro-life.
    You cannot call yourself Christian and be pro-abortion.

    • Mogg

      On what do you base that definition? It’s certainly not Biblical, and there are at least some Christians out there who would disagree with you.

    • Sunny Day

      The bible instructs you on how to terminate pregnancies. How is that unchristian?

    • Skippy

      How lovely of you to speak for all Christians.

    • JohnMWhite

      Quakers. Plus all the other reasons pointed out why you are enormously wrong.

    • Yoav

      What is it with anti-woman fu*kturds popping in long dead treads leaving a dump and running away. Is there some organized campaign going on that I didn’t hear about.

  • masz

    don’t understand why you say “if you are a catholic…”. this fraude movement is not afiliated neither promoted or supported by the vatican.

    • Len

      I guess because Catholics use rosaries. But to be fair, all rosaries are frauds, not just this one.

    • Kodie

      The Vatican does not approve of or endorse sales of items which proceeds go to somewhere other than the Vatican. That’s how it works. However, if you are Catholic, you are already silly enough to believe strings of beads have magical powers, so what if the Vatican has not endorsed it?

  • Justin

    Obviously we have forgotten that abortion is a product of free will. So, those who pray, pray in order to bring the hope of salvation for all. Just because YOU don’t believe prayer works, doesn’t mean you’re correct. Just because you don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean He isn’t there. Do you not knpw that you will have to answer for your sins in this life, even for your indifference, which is no better?? We are ALL in more need of help than we realize. It grieves me to see such ignorance.

    • Len

      Just because YOU don’t believe prayer works, doesn’t mean you’re correct. Just because you don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean He isn’t there.

      And just because YOU believe we’ll have to answer for our sins, doesn’t mean we will.

    • Paul

      Obviously we have forgotten that abortion is an individual choice. So, those who pray, pray in order to make themselves feel better about society. Just because YOU believe that prayer works, doesn’t mean you’re correct. Just because you believe in God, doesn’t mean he is there. Do you know that all of your sins is an excuse to feel better than others, and answer to how they could negatively affect others and especially indifference towards such sins– which is no better?? We ALL need more help than we realize, fortunately we have free will to seek help. It grieves me to see such ignorance as the result of a fairy tale.