Jesus Was More Like Me Than You


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  • claidheamh mor


  • Melissa

    So full of win.

  • Mark Mukasa

    To be fair there’s no indication in the Bible that Mary was a prostitute. That was an idea coined by a later Pope, who’s name I have forgotten.

  • mikespeir

    Yeah. It’s pretty sorry reasoning.

  • Kristy

    Love it!

  • Lorena

    I guess I have a severely lame sense of humour. To find it funny, I would have to know who “me” is and who “you” is.

    • Elemenope

      And what the sense of comparison is. I had the same reaction.

    • Roger

      Also, I don’t really get what he’s attempting to say here. Is this about LGBT rights (I presume it is, given the visual cues in the background)? If so, not every queer person hangs out with 12 guys and a prostitute.

      Since this is a thread about humor, let’s get the obligatory Offended Reactions out of the way: Daniel, I am shocked, offended, appalled, abhorred and disgusted that you posted this! You’ve offended the baby Jesus, the teenaged Jesus, and the grown Jesus with this tasteless joke. At long last, have you no decency, sir? The implication that Mary was a prostitute is a sexist, misogynistic, patriarchal slam on all women. And that that guy would compare Jesus to a homosexual implies that Jesus was going around doing dirty, dirty things with his disciples–we all know that Jesus was a dominant monogamous top, not some slutty sloppy bottom. I am outraged. OUTRAGED!

      • Elemenope

        Personally, I’m outraged he’s carrying the placard with his hands, instead of on a pole. Everyone knows that hand-carried placards are an abomination.

        • Roger

          You’re absolutely right. STONE HIM!!

          • Mike

            I think he’s stoned already…

      • Mj

        Okay buddy,

        You are evidently blinded by your own lack of perception that you don’t understand what is really being said here. The christian community (while not all, but many) are a vast majority of the condemners of homosexuals. They root their arguments in vague scriptures and out-dated manuscripts written not be God but by his “vehicles.” I’m pretty sure we are all aware of what gets lost in translation. This is a bold statement saying “Screw you Christians who believe that they have the power to condemn me. I will do just as you do and twist ‘facts’ to please my cause.” Besides, Jesus was a bottom, we all know what really happened with Judas.

  • Kodie

    I like the guy in the background on the right with what looked like horns on his head to me but turned out to be traffic lights in the further distance.

    I get the idea of this poster but also I don’t. I think plenty of straight Christian men hang out with lots of their male buddies at one time and also a hooker or two every once in a while. I mean, lodge meeting with strippers? I guess we’re supposed to forget that straight Christian men hang out with anyone but their families. What exactly does hanging out with 12 guys and a prostitute make someone more similar to someone than someone else, that was his company, but what else do they have in common? Maybe a lot, maybe not so much. Is the sign supposed to imply anything else? I’m not even asserting, of course, that straight Christian men at lodge meetings with strippers are more like Jesus than the guy with the sign; it’s a non sequitur. Why doesn’t spell check like non sequitur for me?