Why Obama is So Scary

Romance at Mars Hill
Creeping Marriage
Once you run out of ice giants ...
Can't You Fight For Equality More Politely?
  • Roger

    The sad/funny thing about this video is that there would likely be a Teabagger or five who would see this video and completely miss the point.

    • Relles Natas

      I was thinking the same thing.

      In fact, just a few days ago, I came across a thread on a discussion board continuing to argue that Stephen Colbert is actually a true conservative, and that he just plays his whole schtick on Comedy Central so he can get one over on that liberal Jon Stewart!!

      We are dealing with some delusional people here.

  • Richard Leisie Homer

    Edward’s a racist.

    • BrendanJD

      Oh God. The Lulz, they burn so good.

    • mikespeir

      The “O” in “Obama” proves it!

    • Roger

      Edward’s a racist.

      Case in point.

    • Chris Irwin Davis

      Sarcasm, where is thy sting?

      • Roger

        Maybe it won’t get resurrected until the nationally recognized Jewish zombie and Chocolate Bunny Army day?

  • tea

    Yeah, my friend posted this on facebook because he thought it was real. He was shocked and appalled! He figured it out that it was a joke. But for all those tea baggers, I am sure they don’t get it. Those same people that don’t get it, they think Stephen Colbert is for real.

  • Christine

    I ADORE his videos! Keep ‘em coming, Edward!

  • http://www.lovemaegan.com …love Maegan

    Burglarized by a gang of thugs . .omg what?!?!? ahahahahahh

  • Paul

    Very much a modest proposal. Although I think he might have benefited from making his end a bit more extreme. (ie drawing out the effect).

  • lurker111

    I thought O’Bama was Irish …

  • Nelly

    Oh my dog, that was funny

  • http://thatsmyskull.blogspot.com/ Sleestak

    It’s hard to break Poe’s Law

  • Caroline

    I’m glad I recognized this as sarcasm from the start! Hard to believe some just don’t get it! He is poking fun at ignorant racism, dude. As if there is any other It was pretty funny!

    • Len

      He was also poking fun at educated racism, which is maybe even worse than ignorant racism.

  • Igor

    Generally speaking, I’ve found that most Republicans/conservatives/right-wingers sorely lack a sophisticated sense of humor, especially if you get into the thickets of sarcasm and irony. After all, these people think Bob Hope was funny. Colbert is way over their heads.