Priest Drowns Baby During Baptism

This is terrible. If this doesn’t show what a crock of shit religion is, I don’t know what will.

Priest drowns baby during baptism:

Police are investigating Father Valentin for accidential homicide after witnesses at the ceremony said the priest did not cover the baby’s mouth during the ritual, The Sun newspaper reports.

Father Valentin had denied being responsible for the baby’s death during the baptism in Moldova.

The six-week-old baby died on the way to hospital and an autopsy found he had drowned, the baby’s dad Dumitru Gaidau told Romania’s Publica TV.

Mr Gaidau, 36, said his son was clearly in distress during the ceremony.

“He couldn’t inhale, his face turned blue and he was foaming at the mouth. He [the priest] said we should not interrupt this their ritual,” he said.

“We couldn’t believe it that he just put his hand over his belly and over the head and submerged him three times in the water.”

Water was found in the baby’s lungs.

Very sad — death by superstition.

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  • Kodie

    I read about this and it’s so awful. I hate to blame parents for stuff like this, but why did the father just watch if he could see his baby was in distress? Can’t interrupt a ritual! Priest said so, now look what happened. When in doubt, always interrupt a ritual.

    • Custador

      Yep. Sheeple following along because that’s what the priest says – never occurs to them that the priest is a frakkin’ moron…

      • Jasowah

        Yah, and it probably happened so fast that (on top of probably being slightly stunned by what was occuring) no one really had time to react.

        I wonder how the parents are taking it. Do they think this is a lesson from God, or has it sobered them a bit and made them question?

      • Michael

        “Sheeple” is the most annoying word ever conceived.

        • Custador

          It’s an accurate description of how these people behave. Like sheep being driven by the shepherd. Sheep + people = sheeple.

          • Michael

            I understand the word, I just don’t like it. It’s almost as bad as guesstimate, and generally used in even more retarded circumstances. But I admit you found a good application for it.

            • Custador

              I respect your personal preferance, and agree with you about “guesstimate”, which is a crappy word :-)

            • Michael

              If you listened to as many 9/11 truthers as I have, you would hate “sheeple,” too.

  • Personal Failure

    The priest said not to interrupt the ritual and you didn’t call 911 or yank your child out of his hands go running to the hospital?!

    Sure, the priest committed homicide of the depraved indifference variety, but so did everyone who could see that baby was in trouble and did nothing.

  • tea


  • Booger

    Yeah, but the baby got BAPTIZED!!! DUH!!! So it went straight to heaven! No problemo!

    • Yoav

      But how long does it take for the holy casper to transformed a person into a saved™ person. Is it possible that the kid is only half baptized and will half-go to hell.

      • Michael

        Well Catholic babies now officially go to heaven even if they are not baptized (they used to go to Limbo before Vatican 2).

        • JohnMWhite

          If they weren’t baptised, what makes them Catholic babies?

          • Mike

            They go to heaven on the good faith that their catholic parents would’ve raised them to be deluded like themselves.

            • JK

              OK. That means that baptism is no longer required at all? And before it was? Did “God” change his plan?

            • Mike

              No, baptism is required once you reach the “age of accountability”. Meaning once you are capable of believing in Santa Claus you are also capable of believing in Jesus. If you die at that point in time without being saved/baptized you get the hellfire! Yeah!!!!!!!

              Of course the age of accountability is just a more recent manufactured belief based loosely on some biblical scriptures. I’m sure it was invented to explain away all the questions surrounding people who aren’t capable of understanding due to mental retardation, infancy and other such hardships life presents us.

              I also have obviously not reached the age of accountability either because I surely cannot logically understand these religions!

    • dutchhobbit

      But what would a baby do in heaven?

      • trj

        You’re probably not supposed to think about it in detail.

        • dutchhobbit

          because the devil is in the detail right?

      • Tabbie

        They make good doorgatestops, especially the dead ones.

    • pter

      Baby would have gone to heaven anyway since the church changed its mind (or what could loosely be called a mind) about purgatory and limbo. Invented, sorry ‘told to one pope by the word of his invisible friend,’ because people were getting worried about babies dying before baptism going to hell and hence deciding to choose another flavour of delusion – the same invisible friend cancelled it in the 1990s once people started worrying about babies getting stuck until the end of Time. Morons.

  • yahweh

    This will just give the fundies an example of why pedeo-baptism is wrong and why we all need to get baptized as adults. After, of course, getting saved.

  • Donny Pauling

    People die on the operating table due to the actions of doctors. This is terrible. If this doesn’t show what a crock of shit modern medicine is, I don’t know what will. Ridiculous to reach the conclusion I just reached based on the example I just gave?


    • Kodie

      The main difference being nobody needs to be dunked in water. There is no god, this is a silly ritual that’s also apparently dangerous, and gets even stupider when that human priest decides to finish the ritual rather than abort the ritual to save the baby if he made a mistake. That error is unforgivable, except he’s Catholic, they have different rules about forgiveness that we earthlings don’t have. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s often what you do in reaction to your own mistake that makes you a good person who makes mistakes or a complete idiot with no redeeming qualities.

    • JohnMWhite

      If ‘operations’ also consisted of an arbitrary and potentially dangerous action that cannot be interrupted because of some arbitrary rule, then perhaps you’d have a point for comparison. However, drowning a child so that it can be saved makes no sense, and holding its parents so captive with fear that they dare not even protect their own baby tells me this ritual is not good for anything.

      Long story short – operations have tangible benefits, baptisms don’t.

      • fftysmthg

        Not to mention that with surgery there’s an assumed risk.

        • JohnMWhite

          Exactly. And consent.

          • HarmlessPenguin

            Consent: That’s a good word.

    • Daniel Florien

      Donny, if you think that’s a good counter example, you might want to consider going to a different seminary. Is that the kind of logic they’re teaching you there?

      • Donny Pauling

        Not at all… you pseudo-intellectuals need to get past the content and focus on the point:

        When one guy screws up a ritual that has been done billions of times without incident, that one bad incident is a reflection on the person who did it wrong, not on the ritual. I’m sure you intellectual giants can comprehend that.

        • DDM

          As stated earlier, this is an unneeded procedure. When doctors start killing people because they mug them off the streets to look at their insides(Another needless procedure), then you’ll have an argument.

          • Donny Pauling

            It is not for you to say whether or not it’s needed. I’m sure I could go through your life and pick out all of the things that are unnecessary. Who am I to do so? And who are you to say others shouldn’t perform this ritual?

            Let’s say I think it’s unnecessary to go to clubs and party. Shall I use a club burning down, an event in which people are killed, to support my personal bias?

            That’s as ridiculous as what is going on in these comments. You boys feel unhappy about religion. You feel like it’s not necessary. You want it banned. You’d make good left wingers: “If I don’t like something, not only should I not do it, but you shouldn’t either!”

            • yahweh

              “If I don’t like something, not only should I not do it, but you shouldn’t either!”

              That, my friend, is the mantra of every god-based religion in the world.

            • Len

              That was exactly my thought, too.

            • Kodie

              Baptisms are superstitious witchcraft. People take a lot of stupid risks with their children, but when you put them in someone else’s hands, you are led to weigh the good reasons for doing so and the possible consequences. If your baby needs surgery, you know it must be pretty sick for that to be the better option to just praying they get well. If you don’t lock your cabinets and they drink bleach, or if you don’t put them in a car seat and you get in an accident, then you are a dummy. If you hand your child to a priest to bless them in the house of your lord, you’re a superstitious dummy. Why does this act of pouring water on a baby or dunking them comfort people? It’s just a superstition. You can even believe in god, IF YOU WANT TO, but how does performing this “act” on a baby bring them from one side of faith to the other? They don’t even know what’s happening to them, and it’s full-on retarded that grown-ups think they have to go through with this ritual for something non-existent like a soul, and at that, the soul of a baby, who isn’t old enough to fathom whether there’s a god or not.

            • Skippy

              Oh, Donny, you’re just mad because your pathetic analogy just got shot to hell and gone.

              Back to the subject at hand, why didn’t the fool just sprinkle some water on the baby instead of dunking it? For convenience’s sake, I’ll ignore the utterly absurd and arbitrary notion that either being dunked or sprinkled somehow magically transmutes someone’s intangible “soul.”

            • coffeejedi

              I gotta love how the right projects itself so much onto the left.
              “If I don’t like something, not only should I not do it, but you shouldn’t either!”

              So, things like abortion, gay marriage…………

            • Sunny Day

              Poor Donny just cant stop himself from lying. He made a career of it in the porn industry. He makes a 2nd career of it after he “found” Jeebus and further spread his misogynistic ideology. Now he does it when hes complaining about atheists.

              “Let’s say I think it’s unnecessary to go to clubs and party. Shall I use a club burning down, an event in which people are killed, to support my personal bias? ”

              Kinda like what you did in your comments on a few of the abortion threads?


            • yahweh

              I just checked out Donny’s website. What a hypocritical bastard!!! I am almost unable to type right now.
              So he says liberals have an attitude of “If I don’t like something, not only should I not do it, but you shouldn’t either”. But that is exactly his attitude! In fact, that is his life mantra now. “Hey, I had a lot of fun producing porn, but I don’t like it anymore (because I am delusional and have an imaginary friend) and I won’t do it anymore. Furthermore, because I am not a self-righteous jerk, you shouldn’t do it either”.
              Mind you, 99.9% of us only watch a view minutes of porn for immediate self pleasure and then we watch Sportscenter. This guy produced it and is so guilt ridden with what he did, he now judges us on how we should live our lives.
              I can’t stop…..this is clasiic jesus freak stuff. “Do what I say, not what I did”. Like so many converts who lived wild lives and did things many of us would only dream of doing. He now is in a place in his live where he is able to tell us how we should behave, what we should and should not do.
              Donny, kindly go f*ck yourself.

            • yahweh

              Half-way through my post, it should have read “I am a self-righteous jerk”

            • JohnMWhite

              “And who are you to say others shouldn’t perform this ritual?”

              Who are you, or the priest, or the parents, or anyone to force the ritual on an infant who cannot consent and has no capacity whatsoever to consider the hereafter and their thoughts on it?

            • Elemenope

              “And who are you to say others shouldn’t perform this ritual?”

              I mean, really, who is anybody to say others shouldn’t hold babies underwater for prolonged periods. That’s just being insensitive to their customs!

            • Custador

              Next we’ll be saying they shouldn’t mutilate their genitals. How closed-minded of us.

        • DarkMatter

          “When one guy screws up a ritual that has been done billions of times without incident, that one bad incident is a reflection on the person who did it wrong, not on the ritual. I’m sure you intellectual giants can comprehend that.”
          Yeah, like it’s not about god’s salvation that went wrong but about human error. Kudos to your godly understanding.

        • Zontor

          Justify the ritual of infantile baptism using your book. I assume its the bible.

      • Zontor

        It is a good counter example. It illustrated coming to an erroneous conclusion. The priest did not perform the baptism correctly. It is no different than a surgeon making an error that results in the patient dying. This is an Eastern Orthodox/Catholic interpretation of the ritual of baptism. Someone said something about fundies, on this one they have the “facts” on their side. The NT says confess with your mouth and be baptized. Can’t think of a way a baby can do that.

        In effect what you have done is taken A as an example and then generalized from A. Come on we put up with that crap from Johnny Jesus lover constantly.

        Having said that I agree with you religion is a crock of shit. For other reasons. I honestly believe those who hold beliefs in the supernatural are self deluded.

        I think being aggressive over this is counter productive. The priest hopefully will be convicted of manslaughter at the minimum and be excommunicated. Which for him is an eternity in hell where he belongs.

      • Zontor

        I think its a good counter in that he is generalizing from a specific. In my opinion I believe that is what you did.

        I agree with you religion is a crock of shit. But what the priest did doesn’t reflect on what the NT teaches. As a former believer I hope you agree with my premise.

        I am also a former believer. I didn’t read about your journey mine was one where proof as it is used in science was lacking in religion.

        I don’t think it is productive to attack those who are self deluded. Theists are prone to generalize (you posted about the theist lying Christian) constantly. Because we are atheists we cannot be moral because morality comes from God. It has taken me almost 20 years to get my Christian friend to realize that is a false premise. Lets work to counter false premises and engage Theists in debates where the proof is in the pudding. If it is real it is repeatable, measurable and demonstrable.

        Convict the priest of manslaughter. I don’t think it was premeditated. His church should excommunicate him if they have not done so. Then his God can punish him for an eternity for making one mistake.

    • Yoav

      The major problem was the priest insisting on finishing the spell before dealing with the child’s distress. The equivalent for surgery will be the patient going into cardiac arrest and the surgeon insisting on finishing stitching his finger before trying to restore a heartbeat.

    • Tabbie

      Your arguing points, Donny, suck baptismal water, or in other words, they are lame beyond all reason. Go to debate class and come back to give it another try once you’ve grasped the concept of intelligent discussion.

    • Siberia

      Also, I doubt doctors just watch and go on with a surgery as if nothing happened when things go pear-shaped. Usually they try to save the patient – unlike this priest, who *saw* the baby’s distress and just went on with no regards to the consequences.

  • Jordan

    Now, I’m not going to make the judgement call that all infant baptism is terrible, but if you can tell that the baby is obviously in distress and yet you continue, then yeah, that’s quite a WTF moment.

  • The Dude

    “Priest Drowns Baby During Baptism”

    I actually laughed when I read that. Does that make me a bad person?

    Baptism is such a stupid, meaningless ritual. I wish there was some was to undo my own baptism.

  • BrianE

    I’m guessing this priest is pissed he doesn’t get to rape and molest little boys anymore, so he’s just gonna take care of them at baptism. And to not even take responsibility after the fact? You really don’t get any sicker than that…

  • clau

    this is an Orthodox church and not catholic

  • Agentsmith

    At least the baby is in a better place now…. Hahahaha… this is just too funny. Like those suckers died in the spiritual heat lodge thing a while back. I wish more people will do this more often…. thins out the gene pool.

    Praise the Lord Goddamnit!!

    • Michael

      WTF just happened?

  • emote_control

    Any parent should have rushed the altar and killed the priest with his or her bare hands before letting the baby drown. I cannot understand how a parent could allow the love of a stupid ritual be a more powerful motivator than the love of the child. It just goes to show how dehumanizing and corrupting religious faith is.

  • OAna

    I feel so awful that this happened in my country (well, technically Romania =/= Moldova, but well…)

    I have little to say to defend my compatriots. Nor do i wish to, for what has happened is horrible.

    All that i CAN say is that this kind of thing will NOT be heard of again for a lot of time- as stupid as we are, we are not THAT retarded. And whilst the majority of the population is Orthodox Christian, we keep it to ourselves and do not push our beliefs on someone that happens to be a nonbeliever.

    Please, i ask of you but one thing. Do not brand us all as “idiots” or “religious loonies”. We do have our problems, stupidity and hipocrisy IS present, but most of us are decent people.

    Well, excluding the ^%$#%& from the “New Right”( Noua Dreapta ), whom are basically our very own religious fanatics( “think of the kids!”,” traditional family values”,etc)

    (the site:

    Did i also mention that most of us are decent? Sorry, i just cannot stress that enough.

    As for the baby… my opinion on that priest would best remain unposted, lest i earn me a IP ban from this blog.

    Anyways, i end my plea, and i DO hope I reached some of you.(BTW i posted this on the friendly atheist too)

    Thank you.

    • JohnMWhite

      Don’t worry, I doubt many here feel the story reflects on your country. Authoritarian religion poisons all lands.

      • Len

        And I think that most of us here also feel as you do about religious fanatics. And the priest.

  • jimmyjamjeff

    I think what is at issue here is not the ritual itself, as babies are bathed regularly for sanitary reasons and that isn’t considered a ridiculous and unnecessary procedure. What is at issue is that the ritual became more important than the safety of the child. Donny, surgery doesn’t compare to this for at least two reasons; the child doesn’t consent to the procedure and the procedure itself isn’t demonstrably life-saving. We can argue about the importance of the ritual and the performance of the priest, and their is a very interesting argument to be had here for/against religious ritual itself, but at least try to make a valid comparison, otherwise you come across like a tool.

    • Mike

      How else would a tool come across?

    • JohnMWhite

      “babies are bathed regularly for sanitary reasons and that isn’t considered a ridiculous and unnecessary procedure”

      Bathing doesn’t require dunking their heads under water.

      • jimmyjamjeff

        Absolutely my point, that would be arguing against the performance of the priest. Lots of baptisms are performed with a simple sprinkling. The priest should have a at minimum a working knowledge of how to keep a baby safe during this ritual.

        • JohnMWhite

          This is Orthodox Christianity, remember, and so a baptism may be performed differently. And I’ve seen even Catholic priests perform them in different manners, so it’s not likely there is a uniform way to do it that this guy randomly forgot and he doesn’t know the difference between dunking and sprinkling.

          The point is, again, this was, an unnecessary procedure performed without consent or with care for safety over proposed function. When rituals become more important than safety, then I can see why people would blame a culture that creates that atmosphere. Thus blaming religion for this isn’t exactly a wild accusation.

          • jimmyjamjeff

            No argument from me! I have no problem with my cousins sprinkling a little water on their babies, but I guarantee that they would respond if their children were in distress. In their cases their religion does not outweigh their common sense.
            To be clear, I don’t believe in the religion or the ritual, and I do believe that these fools should be held accountable for the end result of this particular instance. If the church, orthodox or whatever, doesn’t address the madness witnessed at this event, then they too should be held accountable.

  • brgulker

    This is terrible. If this doesn’t show what a crock of shit religion is, I don’t know what will.

    This is awful. A tragedy. Although the parents are strangers, I do feel compassion for them.

    But DF, the point you’re trying to make here is an enormous reach.

    • JohnMWhite

      If religion had any merit to it, god wouldn’t sit there and watch a baby drown in a ceremony designed to stroke his ego and please him.

      • Skippy

        I hadn’t even thought of that, John.

    • Elemenope

      I think a subsidiary point (and perhaps a better one) would be that if a priest finds that completing a blessing ceremony is more important, on balance, than ensuring the safety of the one being blessed, then something is off-kilter. If the religion tends to encourage the attitude that the blessing is more important than the safety of the person blessed, they one should look askance at the religion. In this case not much of the blame, I think, falls on the religion if we define the religion merely sociologically as a system of rites and practices, since baptisms happen all the time without incident. On the other hand, any belief structure that can inspire (as it did here) a person to value the elements of that structure over the lives of others is problematic, to say the least.

      • jimmyjamjeff

        Well said.

      • Michael

        I agree with this completely.

        I honestly cannot agree here with anybody claiming that baptism is a dangerous activity. It is an incredibly safe and mundane activity. Baptism is not like circumcision in that it doesn’t have any lasting effects and is just a brief ritual. This is literally the only case I have ever heard of of a baby drowning during a baptism.

        However, the way the priest acted is very telling. Not only did he treat the baby carelessly during the baptism despite it being the focus of the ritual, but he then refused to help it even when it clearly needed help. This IS something we see frequently in religion: magic hands becoming more important than real help. And while it is certainly not true of all religion, it is a common consequence of many religions with often devastating effects.

      • Yoav

        Another example of the religious putting dogma over decency. Last Saturday in Israel a man murdered his 3 children, one of the neighbors said she heard the screams but wasn’t sure if it will be OK with invisible sky daddy if she make a phone call on the sabbath so she didn’t called the cops immediately. It was extreme enough act of stupidity that even some rabbis (already considered relatively liberal) to publicly say she’s a moron and of course you should call the cops if you hear someone being murdered on a saturday, but the issue is that there are people who actually had to contemplate whether observing some religious rule is more important then stopping a murder.

        • Skippy

          Wait–aren’t there provisions in the Hebrew Bible that allow for the saving of a life during the Sabbath? I mean, I haven’t read all the commandments, but didn’t this woman think, “Hey, G-d will likely be okay with me calling the police to save some lives?” I call BS–I bet she just decided to ignore what was happening and when she found out, decided to claim that she didn’t want to offend invisible sky daddy. On second thought, either excuse is total BS.

          • Yoav

            These provisions are there (actually in rabbinical tradition, the buybull just say kill anyone working on saturday). The point that this and the baptism story have in common is that only religion can make you, even for a second consider whether you should call the cops when you hear someone being murdered (I know some people will not call out of fear but they wouldn’t consider what they did the right thing to do).

    • DarkMatter

      “But DF, the point you’re trying to make here is an enormous reach.”
      I don’t think any christian will say that mortal life is more impt than salvation. The priest’s handling of mortal life is not untypical but common in christianity.

  • DDM

    It’s okay the baby died; he would’ve just ended up evil anyway. Who are we to question god’s will?

  • Why Care?

    (it’s so awful/an example of why pedeo-baptism is wrong/That error is unforgivable/a reflection on the person who did it wrong/Now, I’m not going to make the judgement call that all infant baptism is terrible, but if you can tell that the baby is obviously in distress and yet you continue, then yeah, that’s quite a WTF moment/I cannot understand how a parent could allow the love of a stupid ritual be a more powerful motivator than the love of the child/What is at issue is that the ritual became more important than the safety of the child/This is awful. A tragedy) Wrong? An Error? Unforgivable? WTF? Stupid ? Awful? A tragedy? Why is it any of these things? Because you say so?

    What makes you think that one outcome of the ritual is better or worse than another outcome? On what basis did you decide this was wrong? Maybe nothing was wrong about it and your judgments are simply your opinions and nothing more. If the purpose of the ritual was to kill the child in the name of the woman’s convenience, would such a thing be wrong? Some people simply like to kill others. Is such a pleasure wrong? Maybe I understand: you decide what’s right or wrong and, as atheists, your imaginings are valid because your imagination told you it was valid. Very reasonable indeed.

    • Yoav

      Oh No. Not the old, how can you say something is bad without objective morals derived from my invisible friend of choice.

    • HarmlessPenguin

      Well, when you put it that way, you may just find that there is absolutely no concrete, black and white, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. The consequences of every action or event are deemed ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ subjectively by each individual person. Typically, the majority — or commonly accepted ‘normal’ — answer determines society’s overall stance on the matter, and those who disagree are often considered nutjobs. So, because most societies agree that killing babies is ‘wrong’, you are incorrect (as far as such things go) if you believe otherwise. Furthermore, because you seem to disagree with common opinion, you also seem to be a nutjob.

  • pter

    Google “makutu janet moses” for the results of an equally primitive mindset – some poor person in NZ with a mental illness is (yay for ‘culture’ and living one’s life based on fairy stories) assumed instead to be cursed by evil spirits and is water boarded to death by her family of retards and murders.