Researchers Create Human Lung on a Microchip

Cool stuff brought to you by SCIENCE:

Researchers at Harvard University have successfully created a functioning, respirating human ‘lung’ on a chip in a lab. Made using human and blood vessel cells and a microchip, the translucent lung is far simpler in terms of observation than traditional, actual human lungs (for obvious reasons), in a small convenient package about the size of a pencil eraser. The researchers have demonstrated its effectiveness and are now moving toward showing its ability to replicate gas exchange between lung cells and the bloodstream. Down the road a bit more, the team hopes to produce other organs on chips, and hook them all up to the already operational heart on a chip.

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  • Elemenope


  • yahweh

    I’m sure the fundies will come out with “this is just the devil deceiving the scientists to trick them into thinking that man can create life” crap.

    • Elemenope

      Nobody’s forcing the fundies to get AWESOME bionic lungs.

      Their loss.

      • yahweh

        So El, answer me this, do you think bionic lungs are AWESOME?

        • Elemenope

          A teensy bit, yeah.

          • Ty

            Did you ever play Syndicate?

            • Elemenope

              Oh, yes! Fully decked-out bots with miniguns pwned all. I did have quite a bit of difficulty with the last territory (the Atlantic seabase).

              Gosh, I haven’t played that game in a decade, or more.

              Recently I’ve been trying to get the old X-Com games to work on my XP lappy. Mixed success, awesome nostalgia.

            • Jabster

              I sort of updated the game by playing Laser Squad Nemesis or just went back in time as the original Laser Squad predates X-com …

            • Ty

              If you buy the x-com games through steam (dirt cheap too) the install comes all ready to run on virtually any modern platform.

              I was wondering about syndicate, because of the awesomeness of bionic organs.

  • mikespeir

    I prefer my chips with a little ranch dip, but to each his own.

  • Rob L

    what actual intelligent design looks like

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    • Darwin

      Double WIN!

  • robert lewis

    i dont know why, but i find this humorous especially till the very end
    i didnt know where to share this so heres a treat for you all