Too Hot to be Too Hot

by VorJack


I agree with Slacktivist, it’s too hot to blog. Too hot to think. Too hot coherent sentence make.

When I’m done here, I’m going to go become a Baptist just so that someone will dunk me in water.

Or maybe not. I was listening to a local Christian radio station yesterday and I heard a male preacher chastising his female listeners for dressing immodestly. You see, it was their responsibility not to tempt their Christian brothers towards lust.

No mention that maybe those Christian brothers should learn to cope, grow up, get a hobby. No, it was the woman’s responsibility to protect her fragile Christian brothers from their own hormones. Dudes just can’t help it, y’know? Ugh.

Have you ever noticed that when there’s some stereotypical weakness that women supposedly suffer (i.e. inability to control emotions during PMS) it’s used as an excuse to bar them from something (i.e. having a position of power.)

And yet when men supposedly suffer some stereotypical weakness (i.e. inability to control thoughts when cleavage is visible) it’s used as an excuse to bar WOMEN from something (i.e. wearing tattered shorts and a sports bra when it’s 90+ degrees.)

Maybe it’s hypocrisy or a double standard or something. Right now it’s too hot to think about.

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  • Custador

    I’m never sure whether to laugh or cry at stuff like this. On one hand, it is pretty funny to think that there are men who so lack emotional maturity that they openly admit it and pin their lack of self control on others. On the other hand, it really is a short step between this and rape victims “asking for it” because they’re dressed a bit skimpy – interesting to note, according to research in the UK that view is more commonly held by other women than by men. But I digress. Unfortunately, it’s not just Baptists who are this encouraging of immaturity in their menfolk – I think we’ve probably done the burka discussion to death by now, but it is a symptom of the same thing, as are the clothes worn by all sorts of other religious groups.

    • Kodie

      I’m not sure it is a known fact, but I think women notice what women are wearing more than men do. Men notice what they can see and what is “left to the imagination” they can also be depended on to daydream about. Men do like what they see and may have urges, but women judge other women because we are in competition for men. I don’t think this is patriarchy but biology, because men have their analog.

      In the biology, and I am making this up because it makes sense for a hypothesis, the idea is to attract a mate, so if you attract him too well, it may be seen as your fault for doing too good a job showing off your partses too much. Then again, if you go out in public dressed like that, 99% of men keep their thoughts to themselves (or nudge their friends and point and maybe holler), and 1% are deviant rapists (percentages made up). If they are not deviant rapists, they may just be not a nice man, a player, or abusive and jealous. So men are almost all decent, honorable, but protective because they know the deviant element exists.

      What men do is display wealth and muscles, so as to be attractive to females, and in competition with other men. Some try to be funny too. The deviant element of women is not usually a rapist but a gold-digger, so the “asking for it” on their part is to compete to enthusiastically, to brag, throw money around, and work out too much so they can physically overpower other men.

      Of course, it’s immature and insecure of either sex to act this way, that’s why we judge them so harshly, not exactly for what they do. Tone it down a bit, you will still have plenty to choose from, and they’ll be one of the decent sort.

      Another part of this is, although many married people keep up appearances so their mate won’t leave them, it’s not uncommon for them to look like they have “given up.” No longer attracting a mate, already have one, so appearance is not their priority.

      Just a hypothesis, but based on years of personal experience and just people-watching and listening.

  • dutchhobbit

    It’s too hot to think about this.

  • UrsaMinor

    I find it fascinating that here where I live, the right of a woman to go topless in public if she so chooses was legally confirmed a decade and a half ago, amid cries from religious conservatives that it would lead to the Immediate Collapse of Civilization. Since the legal decision was handed down, I have seen exactly zero ladies taking advantage of their right to go topless in public. Clearly, civilization has not collapsed (not for that reason, anyway- I blame the cell phone for all of society’s ills myself), but just as clearly, women are not stripping down to just a pair of shorts to stay comfortable when it gets hot. I wonder- is this because they don’t trust men to “control their urges”? Or is it a simple lingering nudity taboo?

    I don’t like putting the onus of “modest behavior” solely on women, or the mentality that a woman who gets sexually harassed or assaulted because some dude thought her outfit (or lack thereof) said she was “asking for it” somehow invited the assault. Sheesh! It is no one’s responsibility but your own to control your sexual urges.

    • Francesc

      Wait, why the cells??

      • UrsaMinor

        Bad cell phone manners are clearly destroying civilization as we know it. ;)

        • Elemenope

          I used to say that *a lot* in College. Do I know you? :-D

    • Siberia

      Mm, in my case at least, I wouldn’t go topless because I’ve pretty big boobs and it’s sticky and uncomfortable to have them loose. Hell, I sleep in a bra because it’s uncomfortable to be without one.

      Would totally go shirtless, though. Just a bra (or bikini) is enough for me.

      • Meanie

        Yes, there comes a time in every woman’s life when wearing a bra is just more comfortable…and since we’re on the topic of visual stimulation, most breasts are more visually appealing with a little fabric enhancement.

  • JK

    LRA, where is you comment on this blog entry? Looking forward to reading it :-)

    • LRA


      Here it is:

      Megan Fox should go around in a burka because I get all hot and bothered when I see her in tattered shorts and a sports bra.

      mmmmm…. Megan Fox…. drool………..

      • LRA

        ps. We have a nude “beach” here in Austin… Hippie Hollow. No lie.

        • JK

          omfsm a nude beach in Texas? I wouldn’t have thought that to be possible lol
          Are you there sometimes too? ;-)

      • JK

        Would you like the “Mr Deity Jesus” to wear a burka too? I think you’d prefer to see him wearing almost nothing to nothing at all… ;-P

  • yahweh

    Yahweh approves of cleavage

    • JohnMWhite

      The same yahweh who showed Moses his ass?

  • Camels With Hammers

    When I’m done here, I’m going to go become a Baptist just so that someone will dunk me in water.

    This killed me.

    And was strangely tempting.

    • mikespeir

      “Once saved, always saved,” so they’ll only dunk you once. Not much relief in that.

      Well, great. Now I can expect one of them to come back with something like, “But no! The relief is eternal! It’s relief from this fiery heat of Hay-ull!”

  • Yoav

    I always have the conflict between laughing uncontrollably or banging my head (or somebody’s head at least) against the wall every time I hear some fundie idiot use the “our innocent boys can’t control themselves if the see a woman’s ankles” line. Usually about five second after explaining to you how being religious make him superior over you evil heathens who are just slaves to your animal lusts due to lack of morals (which can only come from god as we all know).

    • yahweh


    • Custador


  • nazani14

    Maureen Dowd’s Vanity Fair article about being a woman tourist in Saudi Arabia was funny, in a sad way.
    It’s too hot to let my cat sit on my lap, and that’s a real shame.
    103 degrees last Wednesday. I-95 will soon be a coastline drive, except you won’t be able to see the Atlantic while driving, because of the high sea walls.

  • JulietEcho

    As a woman, I would love to go around topless when it’s this hot, as is allowed (and in some cultures, normal) in at least one state (New York) and many countries. I think people would get used to it eventually – just as people got used to seeing more and more of women’s legs, shoulders, midriffs, etc. Some of those body parts (the legs especially) are still sexualized, but baring them in public doesn’t attract swarms of rapists. If you go to the beach, you can count on seeing most of everyone’s legs.

    Problem is, the men who support this (legalizing toplessness for women) usually feel the need to add some dumb comment about how they heartily approve of women showing their boobs – and that’s not the point, and in fact, it undermines the point. The idea is that women should have the same right as men (to be publicly topless in certain areas) and while men are free to check them out (just as foot fetishists probably check out the barefoot people), it should be treated as normal. The arguments *against* it are that it would be too distracting or that men wouldn’t be able to control themselves (kind of a giant insult to male self-control) and so-on.

    Like many men, I’m guessing most women would be too insecure to go around topless anyway, since our culture teaches us to be ashamed of our bodies.


    This weather makes me grouchy.

    • Kodie

      I’m not sure I would want to go around topless, or topfree, I think they call it. It’s not shame, but for practical purposes, it’s uncomfortable and sticky if it’s too humid. Plus I may have been socialized against it, because I feel a little too “sexy” if you catch my drift, when I’m not wearing a top, and not normal, go-about-my-business. It’s too distracting to me. I might be able to get used to it, because I do the same thing every spring heading toward summer with tank tops. At first without a sweater or coat, I feel too exposed as if I am outside in my underwear, that “forgotten something?” feeling, and then I get used to it.

  • Jeremy

    When it was first made legal for women to go topless in my city in the late 90s, a woman taking advantage of the new law walked down one of our busiest shopping streets. There were ten vehicle collisions (no injuries, just fender-benders). :D

  • Sarah Trachtenberg

    I can’t remember where I read it, but in a non-fiction book, a female reporter was in Afghanistan and had to put on the burka en route. She said it was really uncomfortable, and not even just because of the heat. It was so heavy she couldn’t breathe easily. Can you imagine having to wear one whenever you leave the house? Particularly in a hot country?
    It bugs me when people make excuses about how women in said cultures “want” to wear “modest” clothing such as veils or burkas. Yeah, right– that must be why the laws force women to do it.

    • Custador

      They probably “want” the chronic vitamin D deficiency they tend to suffer from too. Not sure if they also “want” babies born with rickets, though. Aaaargh, stop it Custy! Wrong thread!

  • michael

    Russell Moore is quoted as saying that christians believe in sin. Not jesus nor god but SIN! It would be assumed that if they believed in sin, they must also have a healthy belief in the devil. I would say that they have more faith in what the devil does than having any doubt-free belief in the god they think will save them. Demon worshippers, all of them.

  • Sunny Day

    LOL, its 84F here in Nebraska. usually its in the 90s. Going to see Shakespeare On The Green tonight and may have to bring a hoodie cause its going to drop below 70 tonight.

  • nomad

    Itz to form hot to sentence complete. I just say “Zot”.

  • Aaron

    How about women can wear tattered shorts & sportsbras and hold positions of power? Win-win!

  • Alexis

    When I hear someone moralizing like this, I shake my head in agreement and say “Right! If god wanted people to run around naked, they’d be born that way!”

  • John C

    Yea, I’ve heard that temps up there have reached an ungodly 95+! I had a boss from the Northeast, his first visit to TX with me was on a cold (for our standards) and rare, snowy winter day saying ‘this ain’t nothin’. Now folks from the north love to talk about how us Texans are such cold weather wimps (and they’re right) how we can’t drive in the snow and ice (and they’re right again). His next visit to TX was in July. It was a stifling, mere 104 in the shade that day. He whined the entire time about the ‘unbearable, relentless TX heat’ (how do yooz guys stand it?). To which I responded…this ain’t nothing, come back next month.

    We pray for 95 degree summer days! All the best my Northern friends, stay cool eh, cuz this ain’t nothin!

  • Kodie

    The Boston Globe reported (from the National Weather Service) this past Tuesday that the temperature reached 100 degrees here for the first time since August 2002. It hasn’t been nearly as hot the rest of the week, but it’s uncomfortably humid to me. I hate this weather so much, that I would not do well to move any further south. I don’t care for dry heat either, I don’t know why people think that’s something to say. I’ve gotten in my car on a hot day and imagine that’s what a dry heat feels like, it’s not what I would call a relief.

    • yahweh

      When people from the Southwest say “but it’s a dry heat”, I say so is your oven.

      • Kodie

        I try to account mentally for the fact that my oven is 425 degrees when I open it and not 115, but it feels exactly like the inside of my car. One thing that makes me laugh these days is remembering when I was a kid that the sign outside the bank would say the temperature and my mother would say it’s not actually that hot because that sign has been standing in the hot sun all day, it will say it’s higher than the air actually is. I don’t know where the thermometer at the bank is, but I doubt it’s either standing in the sun all day atop the sign, and why a thermometer in the sun would register a higher temperature than a person standing in the sun. Because it’s metal. ???

        • yahweh

          I have a question…….why is it that banks are the ones with the signs that tell the time and temperature? How come no other businesses got into that?

          • Kodie

            I am looking into it and have gotten as far as a dead link (forum post c. 2004 linking Georgetown U. that has long since graduated) that explains that it probably started with having clocks first, which wasn’t necessarily exclusive to banks, but that appealed to banks. Maybe you or someone else can find more information about it, and I’ll keep trying.

            I also found out that bank temps aren’t always accurate because there is a right way and a wrong way to place a thermometer for an accurate reading. Most people who stick a thermometer on their house or fence tend to have similar issues of inaccuracy. So my mom was sort of in the right direction.

  • Custador

    Remember folks, this is a NATURAL CYCLE of Sun activity in conjunction with El Nino currents and naturally occurring methane. Never mind that the Sun is actually quite inactive right now and El Nino is currently El Nina and that both of those things should be keeping us cooler than usual, never mind that the top ten hottest years on record have all been within the last twelve years, never mind the inarguable facts that we’ve increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations by 5% since the 1970s and continue to pump thirty billion tons (and rising) of it out every single year, or that air with a higher concentration of CO2 traps heat better – There is no such thing as man-made global warming, and you’re a fool and a commie if you think that there is.

  • michael

    In Europe, nudity is OK….in North America, some people still giggle when there is a sight of a topless woman. I have always said that we are just not “nudelogically” advanced enough to accept the bare human body! In the city I live in, where it is legal for a woman to go topless, we have a legal nude beach. Either people go nude on the beach or come there COMPLETELY covered by clothes even on the hottest, most humid days. These fully dressed people come to look, drool, lust and giggle. We are too immature to deal with the naked body and the desires that come from viewing it. When the nude beach was made legal by city hall, many were worried that their children would see the naked body. The answer was simple enough…..keep them away from the beach. My concern was that we were not nudelogically advanced to see the naked human body in non-sexual terms. Sadly, I found that my assumptions were correct. The beach has turned into a sexual playground, where people go to get off and get rather angry when they get spectators watching who they are “doing” in a public park. I am not innocent in this respect as I used to have sex on the beach adjacent to the nude beach. The naked human body it would seem is an invitation for sex, at least in North America. Hopefully, some day we will grow up and not be so prudish and childish in viewing the naked body.