Too Hot to be Too Hot

by VorJack


I agree with Slacktivist, it’s too hot to blog. Too hot to think. Too hot coherent sentence make.

When I’m done here, I’m going to go become a Baptist just so that someone will dunk me in water.

Or maybe not. I was listening to a local Christian radio station yesterday and I heard a male preacher chastising his female listeners for dressing immodestly. You see, it was their responsibility not to tempt their Christian brothers towards lust.

No mention that maybe those Christian brothers should learn to cope, grow up, get a hobby. No, it was the woman’s responsibility to protect her fragile Christian brothers from their own hormones. Dudes just can’t help it, y’know? Ugh.

Have you ever noticed that when there’s some stereotypical weakness that women supposedly suffer (i.e. inability to control emotions during PMS) it’s used as an excuse to bar them from something (i.e. having a position of power.)

And yet when men supposedly suffer some stereotypical weakness (i.e. inability to control thoughts when cleavage is visible) it’s used as an excuse to bar WOMEN from something (i.e. wearing tattered shorts and a sports bra when it’s 90+ degrees.)

Maybe it’s hypocrisy or a double standard or something. Right now it’s too hot to think about.

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