Welcome, Elemenope!

Give a warm welcome to our newest contributor, Elemenope! El has been around here for a long time (his first comment was in Jan 2009 and he’s made 3,700 comments), and I’ve always been impressed by his ability to think clearly and write persuasively. He’s also amazingly levelheaded in heated discussions (which is why I asked him to be a moderator many months ago).

Welcome Elemenope! I think you’re going to make UF even better.

(If not, well, Ty will be paying a little visit…)

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
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So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
  • http://camelswithhammers.com Camels With Hammers

    A fine choice, Florien.

  • LRA

    I’m going to start calling him STRAIGHT DOPE NOPE!!!!


  • Nox

    Welcome Elemenope.

    Wait a second, weren’t you already here? I thought we were just talking about Fight Club a minute ago. Anyway grats on the ‘contributor’ job. I’m sure your contributions will be awesome as always.

  • Elemenope

    Darn it. Now I have to be creative


    • vorjack

      … or you can just post pictures of your cats. We’re pretty laid back around here.

      • http://edman.tumblr.com Edman

        Yeah, Dan even let me onboard.

  • Nox

    “(If not, well, Ty will be paying a little visit…)”

    Is this a hint that Ty is getting bumped up to the front page as well?

    • Ty

      I was invited over a year ago to the front page. I just don’t write anything worthy of it.

  • dutchhobbit

    Congrats Elemenope.

  • Daniel

    My first experience with Elemenope was very recently. A debate started in the comments, and while most of my dissenters were at best rude, and at worst hateful, Elemenope was extraordinarily kind, and made a well thought out, intelligent argument that made me change my opinion regarding the issue.

    I very much look forward to his contributions!=)

  • http://jonmarke.blogspot.com JonJon


  • Siberia

    *throws confetti*

  • Bill

    Looking forward to the same level of excellence in contributions that we see in comments. Well done El.

  • Nelly

    is there pie?

  • John C

    He asked me first Elemeno, I had to turn him down unfortunately, some trivial differences surfaced in our negotiations, something about having to stay on topic, no evangelizing and my being a lover of God, other than that I was ‘this close’ to accepting Daniels’ offer. I mean you were only chosen because I opted out you understand, just to keep you humble my friend. Yea, you owe me one, that’s ok, its better to give than to receive.

    Let’s make it official: I John C do hereby concede and bequeath my appointment as esteemed UF contributor and bestow its full office, jurisdiction and duties upon one Elemeno…P.

    There, its official, may the farce be with you.

    • http://www.Rapture-Orphan-Rescue.com/ Japanther

      lol. o u john c

  • JohnMWhite

    Congratulations, Elemenope. Since you are so clear-headed that I am pretty sure you’re a robot, I salute you with a tall glass of alcohol, robot fuel of the future.

    • LRA

      Hee hee! Nope just barely passes the Turing test…


    • Daniel Florien

      I was hoping no one would realize that Nope is just an AI that I built…

      • http://jonmarke.blogspot.com JonJon

        This explains so much…

  • Erik

    Gratz LMNOP

  • Shavenyak

    Aybeeseedee ee efgee aitch eyejaykay, Elemenope!

  • Mike

    Great choice. I look forward to the pontifications… ;-)

  • Custador

    Welcome ‘Nope!

  • Len

    Excellent :-)

  • fearglic

    this site just gets better….

  • Jerdog

    TMBG was only off by one letter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0r8egBvWRM

  • DarkMatter

    Welcome, Elemenope!

  • Elemenope

    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. My first post is in the hopper, so you’ll see it tomorrow! :)

  • Revyloution

    Excelent choice. i always enjoy reading his work, and engaging in discussions with him.

  • Sundog

    Congratulations, Elemenope! I like your comments, in general, and look forward to your contributions.

    • JK

      Full ack.

  • http://www.multiplaying Slurms

    Hey, congrats LMNOP!!!!!

    Looking forward to reading your words. =D

  • yahweh

    No more sitting at the kiddie table.

    I hope the pay is good :-)