A trailer for the upcoming film from the religious right: IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America.

You know, when you’re interviewing avowed Reconstructionists like Gary North, I don’t know that we have much to talk about. And if you’re going to call public schools “Marxist,” I think it proves that your own education is lacking.


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  • DDM

    From the trailer: “Travelling in a schoolbus and interviewing historians, educators, theologans, and everyday people…” Funny, I don’t see “scientists” in there anywhere.

    • ladyh

      I think that’s supposed to be a feature.

  • Jabster

    Am I missing something or is their main complaint that indoctrination isn’t indoctrination if it’s teaching the Christian faith as the word of god … what about other religions or no religion, are they not allowed a look in?

    • WMDKitty

      Yep, you got it in one.

  • Steve

    I’m sure it will be just as good as Expelled was.

  • nazani14

    88% of public school students deny their faith by age 18? Wow, I hope that’s true!
    *skips in joy*

    • Elanor

      I’d love to see their numbers on that. How many of the “denyers” just decided that Baptism wasn’t for them and went to some other sect of Christianity?

    • Thom

      Sadly, they’re probably just inflating their numbers to ruffle the feathers of their audience. The movie seems only designed to infuriate their oblivious base, not to educate anyone about anything.

  • rich

    Bat shit crazy motherfuckers.

    • Danny wuvs kittens

      fuck yeah man

  • Yoav

    It’s revealing that they keep emphasizing fear of god as the goal. Anyway, isn’t fundies complaining about indoctrination make as much sense as the saudis complaining about the world’s dependence of oil.

  • Karl E. Taylor

    The problem with our schools is the LACK of indoctrination.

    They no longer indoctrinate kids in reading, writing, arithmetic, history, sciences, art, or civics. But if you want a bunch of huggy-feely types, you got it.

    • Elanor

      While I agree the focus on the essential skills has waned, I don’t think we’re getting huggy-feely kids out of the process. If anything, kids are growing up more alienated from each other and society. Did you know that texting recently surpassed all other forms of communication among the school-kid age group? That means they’re TEXTING each other more than they are SPEAKING to each other.

  • Elanor

    The grossest thing about this is that we never WERE a so called “Christian” nation. This ideal they’re striving towards never existed and they’re fighting back against a revolution that never happened.

    That word, I don’t think it means what they think it means.

  • nathan mullins

    this is just ridiculous how these people claim that the foundation for a good education is belief in christianity. funny, but if that was the case, we wouldnt have science.

  • nathan mullins

    oh yeah, and tell that to the dark ages… their education was based on christianity… albeit forced down their throats. look where that got us.

  • tod f

    They mention Horace Mann. His biggest challenge in reforming American education was keeping the churches out of the system. He was roundly criticized by the church leaders then. Some things do not change!

  • Ryan Northcott

    God is for the church, not MY kids school. Stay out of my life and quit shoving your “religion” down our throats! If I want my kid to learn about the bible *I* will teach her, not you.

  • trj

    The sinister tone and the non-stop extreme comments made me expect this was produced by some liberal or atheist group to point out how ridiculously clueless and detrimental to public education those fundies are. But it turned out the fundies themselves were the producers, and they were dead-serious.

    Tragicomic. Or maybe just tragic.

  • Jasowah

    My irony-o-meter just exploded.

    Other than that this looks good. Christians are starting to feel the push and have decided to bring out the big guns… filming in black and white! Just look at the difference it makes around 1:18 sec. when that guy changes from black and white to colour. He just loses all emotion.

    Also, atheist’s stealing kids SOULS? Awesome. I really didn’t think our dark magics had such power now.

    • Demo

      oh don’t forget though, its you lot stealing the kids souls so they can enter a Pagan world… funny, I thought we Pagans were a smaller minority than you athiests or the silly Christian Fundies…

      When did we start running the world and why wasn’t I informed?

  • ­

    I’ve been crawling through videos of similar intent on YouTube, and I’m really starting to wish I hadn’t.
    The number of people playing chicken little over some sex education programs and gender equality is… disheartening. WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR HOME COUNTRY FROM THE EVIL LIBERAL ATHEIST COMMUNISTS WHO WISH TO MAKE ALL OUR CHILDREN HOMOSEXUAL AND THEREFORE DESTROY GREAT AMERICA. Thankfully, they seem to be inflicting Poe’s Law upon themselves (and are hopefully part of a dying paradigm).

  • JohnMWhite

    Christianity is waning because of indoctrination? Well clearly what we need is less indoctrination, that way children will be far more likely to become Christians. Right?

  • michael

    Perhaps America should send ALL of its children to religious schools, then the Fundies would be happy. That is until the religious schools start bickering about which one is educating the children the right way. There will be as many schools as their are cults(Catholic, Baptist, Mormon……the list is endless) of christianity. Lets face it, Fundies will never be happy. Should they be able to wipe out all opposition(Liberals, Gays, Democrats…….etc), they would eventually turn on themselves in endless displays of hatred and intolerance. But go ahead and send all your kids to religious schools, then America would eventually end up as the dumbest nation on earth.

  • Ross

    It’s really simple “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” We can just repeat that over and over…’s not indoctrination if it’s part of our Constitution. I’m pretty sure that also includes Christianity…no wait I’m damn sure.

    • Len

      You’re forgetting the footnote (written in invisble ink), that excludes Christianity from being seen as indoctrination. Christianity counts as enlightenment.

  • JT

    Good to see that they need all that pants-shitting-fear music and poor editing to really get the people worried about this horrible condition of public schools.

  • doog

    They clearly have no idea how ridiculous they sound. They don’t understand the words coming from their own mouths…..Maybe they should look-up “Indoctrination”, “Marxist” and “Sectarian” for starters

  • LRA

    *sigh* Religious people really do seem to have broken irony-detectors.

  • Confound

    Indoctrination in schools, far more terrifying for your children than the rape at churches…. Jesus Christ…