Is There Anything That Can't Be Denied?

James McGrath posted a link to the Galileo Was Wrong conference being held in November. The full title is “Galileo Was Wrong: The Church was Right, First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism.”

I’m sure the Catholic Church is just overjoyed by this.

The whole thing is organized by Dr. Robert Sungenis (doctor of theology, as near as I can tell), who has a book out that shares the title of the conference. From the site:

Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right is one of the most unique and penetrating books you will ever read. Now complete in Volumes I and II, authors Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett take you on a tour of science and history the likes of which you would have never believed possible unless it were told to you in detailed and graphic form. Has modern science led us down the primrose path and convinced us of something that they cannot prove and that is in actuality false? Were the Fathers, the Medievals, our popes and cardinals of the 17th century correct in believing that the Earth, based on a face value reading of Scripture, was standing still in the center of the universe?

It’s odd. Catholics as a whole are much less committed to a “face value reading” of scripture. Apparently Sungenis spent some time as a Protestant. Perhaps that left a mark.

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