Scientology program follow-up.

Just a quick post to follow up on my earlier post about John Sweeney’s program on the Cult Church of Scientology. The program has now aired and is available on iplayer here. Get yourself a UK based VPN and grab some popcorn, it’s a fascinating watch. As the program went on, I became more and more convinced that the CoS is first and foremost an organised crime outfit bent on extortion and intimidation. I’ve never seen the tactics they use filmed so succesfully before.

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All Cycles Come to an End
Can't wait to watch this!
So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
  • bigjohn756

    OK, I got a free VPN client, installed it, and went to a UK server. The UK server wants £6.50 per month for its use. Seems a little high just to watch a program on a weird cult.

  • bigjohn756

    Never mind it’s on YouTube now.

    • Custador

      Dollars to Pesos that’ll get taken down fast. I’m only amazed that they haven’t threatened to sue me yet for daring to mention their name!

  • Custador

    There’s always a free one if you look hard enough :-)

    If anybody has the hosting capacity I can always rip the program to my PC and upload it…

  • bigjohn756

    Custador, I already have the video on my ‘puter, but I can’t host.

  • Kirby Clendenon

    I’m a dentist and I have hired several practice consultants over the years. I did not know it at the outset, but one of them was connected to CoS, and another one was distancing themselves from accusations of being connected to CoS, but in fact were trained in the past in their rude and snotty tactics. But I have had enough of their strong arm tactics. I had to pay large sums up front. And they are EXPERT conversationalists. I consider myself hard to sell, but I was putty in their hands. I lost many thousands of dollars, because I had to quit early. I could not in a good conscience use their strong arm methods. They are really some of the Worst of the Worst. Avoid them at all costs. Particularly doctors, dentists and chiropractors upon whom they frequently prey. Thanks for the link to the documentary. I’ll take your advice and get a nice drink and relax and enjoy it.

    • burpy

      Wow, imagine that , chiropractors getting scammed. Now they´ll know how their patients feel. Sorry to hear about your troubles though. It sucks being conned and then realising that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

  • Hendric

    Somebody already uploaded the video:

  • Stay Classy America

    Also, it is posted on YouTube and BOY was that an interesting special. I love the absolute creepiness of the photographers and cameramen hired by the Church to record everything. Whoever is running Scientology’s PR branch should be fired immediately. If anything, and without uttering a word, the constant surveillance by the church in this documentary is all the evidence one needs of cult-like behavior. What an absolute joke.