"The Lord" Wants to End Social Security

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  • grumpygirl

    OK. Americans are so stupid and careless about saving and investing, they never have enough money saved to live on for their retirement. So what, they are going to be smart enough to know how to invest their social security for their retirement future??

    Methinks that these “reform social security” types want money to go to their buddies in big business who will “help” these folks save. Big business is always in our best interest.

  • http://gaytheistagenda.lavenderliberal.com/ Buffy

    If “the lord” wants to end SS let him come down and do it. Otherwise, his self-appointed spokespeople need to just mind their own business.

  • Entropist

    Sharron Angle has obviously never been laid off, desperately looking for another job. Idiot.

  • nazani14

    I’m willing to take back all the social security I’ve paid in one lump sum, with 3% annualized interest.

  • Tee

    It may sound great on paper to have the individual self invest but most would think buying lotto tickets is their retirement plan. Also when the individual fails and makes bad investments (or wall street tanks) what will they do when a large percentage of elderly are broke and homeless?

    • Felix

      Why, they’d let the Lord provide, of course. If the people die in the streets, meh, it’s just the plan, he’s taking them to his kingdom, it’s a mystery…

      • DarkMatter

        Or they can pledge absolute obedience to church and let the Lord feed them.

  • The Captain

    It’s so strange how so people who do not believe in darwinism, are social darwinist.

  • http://www.anitamurie.blogspot.com anitamurie

    Is the Lord going to take of people when they lose all their money in the stock market? Money that would have been their Social Security savings. Why is anybody talking about doing anything to Social Security? It’s a government program that’s been wildly successful.. Has anyone noticed the only people who talk about getting rid or privatizing Social Security are rich enough that they will never have to worry about relying on it?