Homemade Spacecraft

It’s amazing to me that we live in a world where kids can send a camera to space and verify it’s round, yet there are people who still believe the world is flat because their holy book says so.

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  • http://NoYourGod.blogspot.com NoYourGod

    Absolutely amazing…

  • faithnomore

    OMG!!!! That is so EFFFING COOL!!! I’m jealous I do not have the money or smarts to have done that myself.

  • mikespeir

    Satan sure is a deceitful SOB, isn’t he? ;-)

    Of course, that still didn’t prove the Earth goes around the Sun, so there!

    • poopshootfred

      Could it be that Satan is deceiving you about the clearly observable fact that we, along with all objects of similar size, revolve around the sun? How do you know that a book that HUMAN BEINGS WROTE contains the right information, seems like it would be a lot easier to deceive people by putting something in their holy book than it would be to warp physics, bury imaginary animals bones all around the earth, etc etc. Stop being a pawn of Satan and think for yourself!

      • mixmastermind

        Nope, I agree. Probably Satan.

      • Yoav

        But we have proof. The Buybull is the perfect word of god, we know that because the buybull say so and the buybull is the perfect word of god….
        Oh, sh*t, circular logic made me all dizzy,better go and lie down.

  • Caity

    really awesome.

  • Liudvikas

    It’s technically not space, and that is not really a spacecraft. Still absolutely amazing though.

    • Ty

      “You are technically correct, the best kind of correct.”

      • Liudvikas

        Best quote ever. :)

        • James G

          “Guards! Bring me the forms I need to fill in to have her taken away!”

    • Michael

      I do have some difficulty calling 30 km “space,” considering the atmosphere is still fairly thick and a number of planes can fly higher. Also, some bacteria can survive around that height (though perhaps not quite that high, it is hard to get a hold of the highest surviving nondormant species).

      I still think the footage is awesome

      • Shitake

        There are few military planes capable of flying that high. And again they are military planes and the pilots have to be fitted with a suit similar to that of what astronauts where. After 100,000 ft you are in low orbit and what they call, the edge of space. So yes, it is space and I don’t know of any organism that can live that high up. Its too cold, and unprotected.

        • Sir Mildred Pierce

          Without a doubt it is a great achievement for anyone, much-less a school-age child. But no, it is NOT the edge of space, and it is most definitely not a low orbit. A low orbit is an orbit like any other and orbits are more about velocity, NOT altitude. You could be a thousand miles up and not be in orbit if you don’t have the velocity to maintain the orbit. If you don’t go around the earth at least once, you are NOT in orbit. The edge of space is an arbitrary line but no one that I know of defines that line as 100,000ft. It is actually 100,000 meters, which is a pretty big difference, the difference between 30km and 100km. And even at 100km you would not be able to maintain an orbit (still too much atmosphere to drag you back down to earth), but you would be able to complete a sub-orbital flight (this was the minimum limit SpaceShipOne was required to reach to be able to claim a sub-orbital flight.)

          I wouldn’t normally harp over specifics like this, but the original post was doubly sloppy, containing two glaring factual errors and one gross generalisation. If it wasn’t a blog about science and skepticism, I’d let it slide. But bad facts shouldn’t be spread on a blog like this.

          • Sunny Day

            Meh, I tend to let the Author blog about whatever they like. I guess some people just can’t stand hyperbole.

            “If it wasn’t a blog about science and skepticism…”

            If it was a blog about science and skepticism you might have been right.

            • Kodie

              unreasonable faith:

              reasonable thoughts on religion, science, and skepticism

              Those are not bolded by me, they are bolded like that in the banner.

            • Sunny Day

              I dunno an overwhelming hatred of Hyperbole seems unreasonable to me.

            • Sir Mildred Pierce

              might have been right about what? It not being in space? It not being in orbit? This being a blog about science and skepticism?

              But you are correct, I don’t care for hyperbole, and I especially detest hyperbole in an atmosphere meant to promote science and skepticism. hyperbole has no place in those realms.

            • Sir Mildred Pierce

              Perhaps he was making a point that a post like this COULD NOT be on a such a blog, and as such the post invalidates the claim that it is a blog about science and skepticism. Perhaps I should have said it was a blog that “claims” to be about science and skepticism, shame on me.

              Or perhaps that is too much of a nuance for them and they simply didn’t know what the premise of the blog was. I’m kind of leaning more towards this explanation.

          • James G

            “I wouldn’t normally harp over specifics like this.”

            I get the feeling that you probably would.

            • Sir Mildred Pierce

              Yeah, yer probably right ;)

        • Michael

          It’s mostly been answered, but as for bacteria that live that high, there are some according to news stories that can live at least 20km up, which is pretty damn high. I haven’t actually been able to find any evidence of them living 30km up, but I don’t even think we’ve looked.

  • Antti Alien

    That white thingie can’t be Earth, Earth is blue!

  • Baconsbud

    That was great. I would loved to have done something like this when I was younger.

  • Nelly

    I’m not bragging…………..ok, yes I am
    I recently retired from NASA and have seen and done some pretty amazing things………mostly with airplanes, but I’ve played with spacecraft too in the past…..

    it is awesome and awe-inspiring. I feel very sorry for those who just don’t get it or want to see it because their dogma won’t allow them to see the light……….literally

    space is so fucking cool!

    • Ty

      Can I borrow the rocket, Mom?

      • nelly

        have it back by next Wednesday and it better be refueled this time, young man

    • Chris

      Can I sit in awe of your awesome space presence too? Like really? PWEASE?!

  • claidheamh mor

    And shortly after the shock of hearing about the Flat Earth Society in astronomy class when I was 18, ever since I’ve thought it was satirical, tongue in cheek, a spoof. It is. …. Isn’t it?

    • Sean

      Unfortunately not…

    • Sir Mildred Pierce

      I have spent a good amount of time at the Flat Earth Forum and the more time I spend there the more I am convinced that while the society itself was not originally set up as a satire, almost all of the active members are actually trolls pretending to be flat-earthers and they all think everyone else in the club is serious. It’s a fun read if you need to waste some time: http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum/

  • Chris P

    One question – is this legal? Wouldn’t the FAA get a bit annoyed if everybody started sending up weather balloons into the flight path of aircraft – or did they get permission?

    • Liudvikas

      I’d like to see them try to outlaw this. Sounds hilarious imagining how they try to ban balloons. :)

  • http://lonewolfsden.net Lone Wolf

    This is amazing. Just several hundred buck worth of equipment and they could get that footage.

  • gnav

    Wow, who would have thought that we lived on the inside of a sphere with the sun at the center:

  • Sir Mildred Pierce

    sigh… okay, a wide angle lens DOES NOT PROVE THE EARTH IS ROUND.

    • Sean

      My thoughts exactly.

    • wizang

      So, are you insinuating that the Earth isn’t round? Or are you simply stating that a wide angle lens isn’t enough to prove it?

      • Sir Mildred Pierce

        I think the only thing I am insinuating is that a wide angle does not prove the Earth is round. That’s why I said that a wide angle lens does not prove the Earth is round. Is there really something ambiguous about that statement? I was admonishing the original poster for misinterpreting the evidence, a disappointing thing for a supposed skeptic to do. Or were you hoping to get in to an argument with a real genuine flat-earther? Sorry, those are hard to come by in the wild, but you can observe them in containment here: http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum/

    • Yoav

      You’re right that this doesn’t meet the required standard of a proof the earth is round, and as some people have noted it’s not technically speaking space but it’s still an awesome idea and a really great way to get kids interested in science and technology.

  • http://facebook.com/idadudes Ida Ortiz

    this is oh-some!!!

    • Cathy

      What holy book states the earth is flat? It’s not in the bible. Kuran? Another? I was NEVER taught to believe that, nor would I need to be. The evidence is clear.

  • Michael

    Fantastic, your craft almost landed in my yard, Rifton, NY.

  • Surgical

    no where in the bible dose it says the earth if flat, if fact it dose state that the world is round. If the ancient explorers would of interpreted it right it would of probably saved a few long boat rides and a lot of time

    • Cathy

      Thank you! My thoughts exactly. Somebody needs to check some biases at the door. That said, that was a VERY COOL video!!!

    • Yoav

      These interpretations are a stretch at best and only came around after it was obvious the earth is a sphere. The bible repeatedly referring to the ends of the earth and the four corners of the earth and so on, making it clear that the writers of the bible considered the earth to be a flat stationary object placed at the center with the sun and the stars circling it.

    • Mike

      Correct – nowhere does the Bible SAY the Earth is flat, but there are several passages (e.g Daniel 4:7-8, Matthew 4:8) that make no sense without this being assumed. Isaiah 40:22 does make reference to the ‘circle of the Earth’ in some (mis) translations, but even allowing the translation, a circle is FLAT! The authors of the Bible plainly thought the Earth was flat – which is how apologetic attempts to deny this, fall. Flat.

  • http://www.dofus-astuce.com Barbok

    This is soo cool.
    I would had loved to do something like that at his age (and even 20 years after lol)

  • http://www.vibetrics.co.uk Philippe

    That was fabulous!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MISTERAMD MISTERAMD

    Wow, really cool. Maybe they can expand it the next time, so it can go higher in “space” after the weather balloon pops… Yet I can’t think of a method that can “survive” space. *thinks*
    A cabinet with weather balloons inside the cabine and the camera and stuff they put inside the little box in this video? But than the cabinet should be strong that it don’t collapse :)

  • CC

    See stuff like this makes me made…over the fact that I didn’t do stuff like this when I was a kid, or even now for that matter.

    I don’t even really care if it was in orbit or not, if hit the ACTUAL outer space or not, the absolute fact still stands that this video, this EVENT right here, was and is outstandingly, amazing.

  • http://www.hdloco.co.il albert

    this is amazing!!!!!
    great team!!! the kids around are really lucky!!

    science is always interesting when its done simple!

  • Roberto Miranda

    You guys ROCK !
    but the world’s still flat in the minds of some people

  • SpaceX

    “yet there are people who still believe the world is flat because their holy book says so.”

    Citation Needed

  • mike

    it´s great

  • AndyM

    Even before the object was released, it was in space – the whole earth is in space! People have a limited perspective – they think the earth is limitless and somewhat big – it is actually a tiny pinprick in a cosmos so big and strange it defies understanding. Do some research and be very very amazed.

    • Sean

      Yeah people really need to get out more. I have to go outside and… wait!.. my house is outside, so I’m technically already outside! Yaaaayyy!! :D

  • http://baseballrox1992.tumblr.com/ Austin

    Why does everybody look at the plain science of it? appreciate the video and its meaning. Its a father and his son having a good time and the father is trying to let his son’s dreams fly. Drop the scientific act people seriously. Look at the shear morals in the video. A father and his son having their own little space exploration. Its a beautiful thing guys.