If You Believe In Yourself…

I can’t stop laughing at this guy. You can skip to :45 if you want to miss the irony.

Anyone want to bet against this man being a Tea Party member?

Update: Looks like this is a (very good) reenactment of this:

Hitler Can't Help You
Romance at Mars Hill
Once you run out of ice giants ...
  • LRA

    WTF???? LOL!

    You may believe in yourself as much as you want, but the laws of physics don’t give a sh*t.

    What a dumb*ss.

    • LRA

      Whoa! Looks like I stand corrected… I guess the guy in the second video believed and achieved…

  • Kodie

    To think of all the things you might think are impossible, to demonstrate what happens when you:
    1. Believe in yourself
    2. Make a plan of action
    3. Follow through.

    …Shoot for the stars, buddy, try to break a sheet of plywood over your head. I mean, that’s generally good advice if you have a practical application, like psyching yourself to go back to school, with all the excuses not to, or losing 80 pounds and/or training to run a marathon, starting your own business, etc. Self-confidence and goal-setting is important in many fields, including science. If you need to cut lumber, though, you’re going to need a saw. His head is not sharp enough obviously.

    • Yoav

      Exactly, #2 should say: make an intelligent plan of action. If your goal is to break a piece of wood you can bang it repeatedly over your head or you can use an axe, if you want to lose weight you can binge and puke or you can change to a healthier diet and start exercising. Both options will work but one of them is stupid.

  • Clyde

    During and after the first video, for several minutes, I was seized by a massive hemorrhage of uncontrollable laughter.

    • Olaf

      I had the exact same thing; It has been many decades since I laughed so much.

  • http://argama.deviantart.com/ Sunny Ng

    @1:50 — Is he crying?

  • DownHouse

    Am I wrong for feeling really bad for this guy? Granted it’s hilarious watching someone pummel themselves into a stupor, but it’s difficult watching a grown man shatter his own self confidence as well as his skull.

    • Mike

      No you aren’t wrong. I laughed at first but then I felt really bad for the guy. The worst part was when he started crying.

  • Mark the Pilgrim

    Oh man, that must hurt.
    I just hope he hasn’t suffered any permanent damage. I couldn’t bear the thought of him being even more retarded.

    • CoffeeJedi

      The first or second?

      I’m pretty sure the guy in the first video is just making fun of the guy in the second.

    • Custador

      I’m on placement in an ER at the moment, and watching both of these vids makes me itch for a spinal board or at least a soft collar…

    • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty

      Can’t damage what isn’t there….

  • yahweh

    “…I fought the board and the board won….”

    • http://theskippyreview.wordpress.com Skippy

      Don’t you mean “bored”? Oy, vey.

      • MahouSniper

        No, he does not. I am bored with your failure as a grammar Nazi.

        • http://theskippyreview.wordpress.com Skippy

          Oy. I’m not being a grammar Nazi–check the beginning of the video and how the crazy guy spells “board.”

          • Mark the Pilgrim

            I’ve always associated saying “oy vey” with Jewish things, so thus when MahouSniper called you a grammar Nazi, I cracked up. xD

        • http://theskippyreview.wordpress.com Skippy

          Skip to 0:47…

        • burpy

          Technically he/she was being a spelling Nazi, which he/she wasn´t.

  • Paul

    p=mv is not your friend…

    • LRA

      neither is f=ma

      • Danny Wuvs Kittens

        No understand fancy formulas=(
        Explain please.

  • Mike

    Mrs Mike refuses to believe the first video is not a set-up. Why would the guy let this miserable failure out on the ‘net? My guess is he didn’t intend for it to be released – any thoughts?

    • DownHouse

      It was probably the camera guy who uploaded it. He seemed to think it was pretty funny.

      • Yoav

        He seemed to think it was pretty funny.
        Well, it was.

    • CoffeeJedi

      The first video is an obvious comedy skit.

      The second, “original” video might be real however…..

      • Mike

        Maybe – but if you look around the 1:55 mark the guy seems to have done himself some pretty serious damage.

  • tea

    That guy live with his parents.

  • Custador

    His poor cervical spine! Owowowowowow!

  • Sunny Day

    I would have been more impressed if he was trying to fly by jumping off his roof.

  • Sunny Day

    Dude was probably shopping at the store that’s advertised on the sidebar. http://www.store.unexplainable.net/

    Right now I suggest he peruse the options under the section Pain Relief, Public Speaking and IQ Increase.

  • DDM


  • MahouSniper

    See, if he had just held the board the other way, he would have succeeded. He was trying to break it against the grain, which is WAY harder to do. If he had gone with the grain instead, he probably would have snapped it right in half.

    • Jerdog

      He’s not the only one that doesn’t understand how plywood works.

    • Michael

      Jerdog is right. You just aren’t gonna break plywood over your head unless you have very stiff (and thin) plywood or very strong arms.

  • Chris P

    Apparently this guy is no competition for my job as a mechanical engineer.

    It’s funny how the religious think that the rules of physics don’t apply. That they can do things or design things that are physically impossible.

    So dumb. But that’s what happens when all you have read is the Bible – I don’t keep one in my office – it doesn’t answer any questions.

  • Rob

    The guy in the first video has some serious mental problems unrelated to the self inflicted brain trauma.

  • UrsaMinor

    Plywood is a really bad choice of board (excuse me, ‘bored’) for this maneuver. It’s engineered to be difficult to break. The direction of the wood grain alternates with every layer.

    • Jerdog

      Exactly. When you see karate chops breaking boards they work with the grain. Even thought in that case it may be a 1 inch board it isn’t too hard. And then there’s the flexibility factor. The first guy was just bouncing the board off his head.

      • objectifier

        yeah, I know from building plywood boats that the thinner the plywood, the more it will bend without cracking. He watched too many kung fu movies I guess. Even in the martial arts demonstrations they have to work to find boards that will work since usually the wood grain runs the longer dimension and they want to break them across the longer dimension.

        I’m not sure who is more pathetic, the first guy for coming up with this or the second one trying to repeat it. The camera guys must have had a great time though.

  • liquid

    It’s nalts. He does comedy sketches. I can’t believe any of you actually thought this was real. Look at his channel.

    • Mike

      Damn! and WE’RE supposed to be the skeptics! My other half had it down for a set-up about 30 seconds in – I was convinced it was real due to the damage on the guy’s head at the end. The lengths some people will go to for their art….

      Another good lesson in confirmation bias!

  • http://www.connection2forex.com/ Christ

    That was idiotic and uncomfortable to watch.

  • http://www.rikwaller.com/ Eric

    Yeah, but you have to admire the dedication. I mean he did not want to stop.

  • http://www.soundpill.org/ Mark

    You people are stupid. This is from a guy called Nalts on youtube and he makes stupid videos for money.

  • JK

    To the guy in the second video: I’m not convinced yet – break a concrete wall with your head next. Knock yourself out (in both ways xD).

    If he wasn’t punished enough by his stupid headbanging (that seen in the video) I would volunteer to break an even thicker peace of wood on his head (a baseball bat comes to mind – evil me…)


  • JK

    By the way – the guy in the second video did NOT achive his goal. His goal was to break that first peace of wood. That didn’t work. So he took another (thinner?) peace. Thats called cheating.

    • JK

      peace? omfsm? piece of course rofl

  • http://xeronimo.tumblr.com Jerome

    The guy is a comedian and it’s a prank.

  • http://www.thathurtsmyears.blogspot.com/ michael

    When he said he was going to do something impossible with that board, I thought it might be sexual. Having seen the “impossible” task NOT happen, he should have done something sexual….it would have been more believable. I’m quite surprised he wasn’t calling out the name of Jesus while trying to accomplish the impossible. He did convince me of one thing…..he was stupid before challenging the board to split and after the event….totally brain dead.