More Fundies on Yoga

Speaking of Yoga, this video has been going around. Lots of Christian fundies warn against the spiritual dangers of yoga. I used to warn people, too, back in teh stoopid days.

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  • Custador

    I do Yoga once a week for ninety minutes, and I’m still not Hindu. Honestly, I would think that any country in the world would be embarassed by the insult to their intelligence inherrent in airing such garbage on the news, much less the national news.

    • JohnMWhite

      I don’t think that’s national news, though I did think it said CBS at first. This video looks like either a Poe or a low-rent Christian-centric network. Coincidentally, it reminds me of Fox too, with the leading questions, the unquestioning Christian-centric viewpoint, and the presumption that anything other is dangerous. It’s Fox-flavoured to the point I can’t help but think someone is taking the piss.

      The movement against Yoga is obviously legitimate, though, and that distresses me. The Christian mentality is so hostile that it thinks anything with the slightest roots in another faith (except Christmas, or Easter, or… well whatever is convenient) is automatically demonic and will lead to personal ruin just by doing a few stretches, and yet it masquerades as a religion of love and tolerance. This sort of thing, while not hugely serious by itself, betrays the core exclusivity of the faith and those who adhere to these kinds of strands of it. There’s a great big club, and you ain’t in it, and that makes me better than you!

      • Custador

        You’re right, CBN News is a Christian “news” service.

        • Michael

          It better be. The story was literally, “Lots of Christians do Yoga, but this blogger thinks they shouldn’t.” Even Faux News has not sunk that low, yet.

  • Yoav

    The whole thing is a plugin for the christian yoga class they advertise at the end. If you use their “logic” then christians shouldn’t precipitate in any athletic activity since these are mostly originated in Greek pagan worship.

  • L.Long

    This is not surprising at all. THEY have condemned and burned in the past EVERYTHING that is not determined BY THEM as being for jepus. Other then the overt violence there is no difference between xtian-jew-IsLame, they are all buyBull thumping bigots that cannot and will not see their basic ironic BS.
    Hindus (who aren’t any better) have multiple g0ds and xtians have ONE??!!!?? WTF!!! They are incapable of seeing their own irony.
    THEY will condemn and burn anything they disagree with, when they think they can get away with it.

  • Molly

    I’m pretty sure I heard “Dr.” Mintle pronounce it “Booty-ism”.

    • JK


  • Klaus

    It constantly astonishes me, that these “Christian” Leaders have nothing better to do than to hone in on Fringe issues, that – in the great scheme of things are hardly touches anyone’s everyday life.
    Real issues however are not really on the menu and on the forefront of things that they preach and discuss. Violence against children and women – just to name one.

  • Julie

    Whoa! Janine Turner has really gone ’round the bend! That hair! Those lips! And way too skinny. You’re a long way from Northern Exposure, hon.

  • Zinn

    My favorite irony is Linda’s comment criticizing the Hindu (and of course many other eastern relgion’s) practice of “emptying the mind” when this whole video, and the current incarnation of main-stream American Christianity, is so mindless and empty. It was only relatively recently, and primarily in the U.S., that similar transcendtal practices were stripped from Christianity.

    • Yoav

      Like she say, they don’t want you just to empty your mind, they want you to empty it and then fill it with the stupid.

  • stamati

    I find it most interesting that these Christians seem to give intrinsic spiritual legitimacy to the physical motions of yoga, that even if you aren’t interested in the spiritual side of it, somehow you’re by doing the movements you’re opening yourself to the influence of demonic forces.

    I also like how Dr. Mintle states the proven benefits of meditation practice, which include being happier and calmer, only to then say that ‘spiritually’ they might not be good and that it’s worth being cautious about them. Tell me, Dr. Mintle, how are you supposed to measure that?

  • openlyatheist

    Funny. Over at the blog Debunking Christianity, there was recently a Christian commenter who said he came back to Christ, after years of atheism, through yoga. There’s a Christian for every fad, especially the fads that contradict other Christians.

  • Melissa

    When I stand up straight, I do yoga (Tadasana). When I bend over to touch my toes, I do yoga. People all over the world “do yoga” all the time without even realizing it. Those who developed yoga figured out an exceptional way to strengthen and improve the physical body. Can I touch my toes without being an eastern mystic and invoking the demonic? I’ll wager that’s a yes.

    I’m actually a strong Christian, and I teach yoga classes at my local YMCA. Do we chant and discuss spiritual stuff? Nope. We talk about muscle groups and flexibility. I like to put it this way: if a Buddhist physician discovered the cure to cancer, and gave Buddha credit for his discovery, would I as the cancer victim forego the cure simply because the physician ardently believes differently from me about the cure’s origin? No way, I’d take that cure and privately thank my own savior for its potency. We can all disagree on origins, but give me a break! When you stand up straight, it’s good for your posture, people.

  • JK

    I watched the whole video clip – almost – when those two pimped up (and artificially “enhanced”?) women started talking about christian yoga I felt the sudden urge to puke and had to stop watching.

    I hate that faked happy smile, even Joker’s (Batman’s arch enemy) smile is nice and really honest compared to it.

    Is it a Christian tradition to pimp oneself up like those two? They could be standing at a street corner doing something else looking like that…

    • burpy

      I thought they were hot.

  • WarbVIII

    Well, where to start…after I stopped laughing that is, I loved the fact that those commenting on Yoga completely ignored everything said by the folks interviewed about Yoga,and then talked about concepts not spoken about by those same people…why did they bother to include those interviews at all(none of instructors talked about spirituality but thats all the commentators talked about). Then there were the specious comments about eastern meditation practices and medicine that were brought up as becoming mainstream and used by western medical professionals which I can only asume is a side swipe at health care reform and science(considering overall both are regarded with a huge dose of skepticism by most doctors or consedered quakery at wordt and placebo at best). I also wonder at the fact of the ‘doctors’ hypoacrasy(ok can’t spell this am) considering she obviously divides what she was taught in school from her religon and is probably a discredit to her profession as I would suppose from her comments she believes in demonic possession as opposed to mental illness. Lastly do either of these folks have any understanding of Yoga,have they done it, do they have any clue as to anything they talk about? I mean wow.

  • Konrad
  • Charles

    Christians are such idiots. The “Christ-ogaists” are better than the fundies, but they’re still idiots.

  • MrPeach

    I feel stupider for having watched that.

  • Jasowah

    Oh man, did they do the singing themselves too? Ow my ears.