Conspiracy Carnival

Jeri Massi has a pair of posts up at Blog on the Way about the relationship between conspiracism and Christian Fundamentalism: Christian Fundamentalism’s Easy Compatibility with Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Theory Addiction and Christian Fundamentalism:

Conspiracy theories are all about unseen forces stealing the power (or security or money or health–but essentially power) of innocent people. […] And that’s because conspiracy theories are launched and spread by people who themselves lack power and view themselves as powerless. To be more accurate, conspiracy theories are launched and spread by people who need an excuse for their powerlessness.

Muertos has a worthwhile post about the relationship between conspiracism and academia, Herding Cats: How And Why Conspiracy Theorists Are Wrong About Experts and Academicians :

If a conspiracy theorist or other fringe believer, who is typically not an academician him or herself, has been convinced of something nutty—that 9/11 was an inside job, that Christianity is a false construct, that aliens visited the earth in ancient times, that global warming is a hoax, that colloidal silver cures cancer, etc.—it is difficult to understand why experts in various fields aren’t convinced by the same “evidence.” Usually the answer in the conspiracy theorist’s mind comes down to a dismissal of the value, independence, or honesty of experts and academicians: “They are all part of the Establishment. The truth I believe in fundamentally challenges the Establishment. Therefore, they’re either unable to recognize that it’s true, or afraid to endorse it.”

Muertos mentions the particularly conspiratorial brand of Jesus Mythicism advocated by the author known as “Acharya S.” Over at Ari’s Blog of Awesome, Ari finds some serious mistakes in Acharya’s arguments in a post titled Conspiracy as History?

Muertos also has a post entitled Adventures in Conspiracy-Land: the “Zeitgeist Movement.”, which pans the online movie Zeitgeist and its creator, Peter Merola. Thomas Verenna agrees, dismissing the mythicist arguments in Zeitgeist, James McGrath is Right: Why Creationists and ‘Zeitgeist Mythicists’ are Comparable.

Finally, Ebony Utley at Religion Dispatches writes about the current accusations of occult conspiracy in the Hip Hop Nation, Why All the Silly Devil Talk Should be Taken Seriously:

MC Hammer recently released a video “Better Run Run” where he insinuates that Jay-Z worships the devil.

But this is more than just regular rap beef, one artist’s put-down of another. If you know where to look, the internet is awash in conspiracy theories about pop culture icons (Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Spears…) and their affiliations with evil.

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