“Jesus Loves Me” Played on a Saw

How long can you take it?

(via Daily Derp)

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  • Nathan P

    I got through the whole thing, but his intonation is terrible. Yeesh

  • Thin-ice

    OMG! That gawdawful noise was produced just across the Columbia River from Portland, OR, the most unchurched and liberal city in America. Hard to believe that just a few miles away is one of the most conservative, fundamentalist regions in the NW.

  • aketzle

    1:35. That was quite enough.

  • mikespeir

    I listened to it all. I thought it was kinda cool. I’m guessing it’s hard on the bow, though.

  • Mike

    No – not one of my favourite songs, I’ll admit, but I know it when I hear it and that ain’t it. Fail.

    And where do we know that woman from? Seen her before on here I think….

  • Kodie

    I actually saw it already on another site, and hung on pretty good. There’s a guy who plays the saw in one of the subway stations around here who is disturbingly terrible and it’s a captive situation, so this guy was a lot better, but I’m still not a fan of the saw. If he were beating on a 5-gallon plastic bucket… I don’t get too tired of that, and it’s almost impossible to plastic-bucket-drum so bad you make people want to leap onto the tracks.

  • Ian

    Like, I hate religion, i think it is a dangerous poison. This song stands for that in my mind. However, I think you guys are just hating.


    If any of you how got down on this old guy can do better, step up. If not, then admit that was actually pretty impressive. While it was far from perfect, I could tell what it was, but I wondered if it was just because i heard the intro where he said what he was playing. So I qued it up for my roomate from when he just started playing, and he knew fairly quickly. So I think the old guy deserves some props.

    • Ian


    • Kodie

      Have you never heard anyone play a saw before? I don’t know why they do, and it’s really a sound I don’t like even when it’s done well, but he’s sitting next to a perfectly good piano… maybe it’s not in tune, maybe it’s just a case “for show,” but why do people even play a saw. There’s still a way to do it properly in tune if that’s your instrument of choice. Or he could try the kazoo or a slide whistle or pick out the notes on the piano if he spent ten minutes just trying and another ten minutes maybe to memorize it. But then you would say – he is terrible, it’s tinkly and not that interesting. He doesn’t know how to play the piano. He doesn’t know how to play a saw either. It’s not impressive to play an instrument very poorly no matter what instrument it is.

      • Len

        I saw a guy play a kettle once (the kind you boil water in to make tea). He put a mouthpiece (like from a trumpet) into the spout and played it. It was awful. Worse than a sack-load of cats playing the bagpipes.

    • Kodie

      Here is a saw player auditioning for “Britain’s Got Talent.” I feel more like Simon about it, but everyone else thought it was delightful, and that’s pretty much what it ought to sound like.


      The poor old guy in the video above has musical symbols all over his tie, you would think he had a musical ear and wouldn’t perform if he wasn’t that good at it. I just don’t see the point in humoring him for this. As far as improvisational instruments go, I think most of them are ok, but I do not like the saw.

  • drax

    I tolerated it all, but he was pretty far off key or pitch or something. It sounded bad.

  • Nelly

    I don’t care where I hear that song…….

    it spells indoctrination to me even in my old age

  • http://www.dailyhitchens.com/ Tom

    6,66 seconds.

  • Christopher

    Well, I just figured out my retirement plans.

  • http://girlwithwings.tumblr.com JT

    If you guys want to hear an actually GOOD example of the saw (along with haunting vocals), check out Patrick Watson on QTV:


    • mikespeir

      Yeah, sure. But did Mozart ever compose a concerto for saw and orchestra? No!

      (Actually, I thought it was kinda fascinating.)

  • Oana

    I just have to quote the highest rated comment there:

    “Meow meow meow meow meow meow!”

    That is all.

  • Dhes of Yuggoth

    Ghawdsdammit, that was craptacular. The saw can produce a fairly haunting and beautiful sound when played well. I’ve heard it. This was not played well. This is a dude who needs some serious practice. This guy and his grandkids must be about the most tone-deaf creatures on the face of the planet.

    That does it. First thing I’m picking out on my theremin is “Ave Maria.” First, because it’s far prettier a tune than “Jesus Loves Me” and second, we’re just neverminding the fact that I never really was all that Christian and am now a total heathen, and I simply want to demonstrate that sometimes it takes a heathen to do something right. Just because a person feels blessed by god doesn’t mean that blessing comes in the form of talent. Maybe he was nervous or having an off-day, but whatever. If this does not represent what he can really do on that thing, he shouldn’t have put it out there. It’s public. You put your best stuff out there. Not this. Not ever.