Tough Times Ahead for Florida

Recent data released from the Census Bureau shows that Jacksonville, Florida is the home of one of the largest communities of gay parents in the country. This is despite the fact that Florida does not accept same sex marriages. According to the NYT, the community is large, diverse and inclined towards child rearing:

About 32 percent of gay couples in Jacksonville are raising children, Mr. Gates said, citing the 2009 Census data, second only to San Antonio, where the rate is about 34 percent.

Just last year, Florida’s ban on adoptions by gay couples was overturned in the 3rd District Court of Appeal, and the state decided not to appeal.

However, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has just appointed a conservative Christian by the name of David Wilkins as the head of the Department of Children & Families. According to the Miami Herald:

Wilkins, a member of the governor’s transition team, is the finance chief of the Florida Baptist Children’s Home, a private agency that allows only “professing Christians” to adopt children in its care.

Elsewhere, Scott is quoted as saying that he feels “adoption should be by a married couple.” That’s a nice little way of weaseling out.

It looks like Florida has a situation where the Governor is setting himself up to oppose a growing part of the state’s population. I have a feeling this is going to get ugly.

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  • nazani14

    I hope these families are not harrassed, but I have a feeling they will be.
    I recall back when Anita Bryant was making anti-gay waves in FL that there was a campaign to buy CA orange juice instead, and gays were writing “gay money” on every bill that went through their hands. Wonder what they’ll do this time.

    • UrsaMinor

      Visibility is the key to forward progress. The ‘gay money’ campaign was excellent, but one hopes that gay parents will not resort to tattooing their children to make a similar political point.

  • Danny Wuvs Kittens

    Pieces of shit. Every fucking one of them. I know that not all Christians believe in this shit and that makes it worse. RIP OUT THE FUCKING VERSES THAT SAY TO STONE GAY PEOPLE, YOU ASSHOLES! I’ll start taking some of these non-homophobic Christians seriously when they start taking a stand against this shit instead of just saying “sories lolz” on the odd message board.

    More fucking future criminals are going to go through foster homes when they could be adopted by loving parents. People are going to get stolen from, assaulted, raped and murdered because these people are flooding the foster care system, and we know how well the foster care system is doing…

    No, don’t have an abortion! Carry the baby to term then get rid of it and let the government take care of it! He’ll live a full 15 years before he gets killed in a gang war! Don’t you think he’d want the choice to live?

    Oh, but don’t put those kids at my doorstep. Its okay when other people go through tremendous hardship because of my faith, but I’m too busy watching football to give a shit about the parts of the bible that apply to me.

  • Yabo

    Glad to see my hometown is welcoming.

    Sorry to see the Gov of Florida is an asshat.

    • stamati

      You know this is funny, because I never viewed Jacksonville as particularly diversity-friendly. Good to know I’m at least partially wrong on that one.

      • Yabo

        I never thought about it before either. But I do recall giving A LOT of drag queens rides to work when I worked for AOL, lol. And that was 10 years ago.

  • Francesc

    “About 32 percent of gay couples in Jacksonville are raising children”
    Uhm… 32% of how many? It would be 33% if one of the 3 gay couples in Jacksonville were raising children.

    BTW, someone has seen Fringe?

    “a private agency that allows only “professing Christians” to adopt children in its care”
    They can do THAT??

    • Yabo

      Jacksonville has a very large gay community. I don’t know the exact number but it’s definitely more than 3 gay couples.

      And I love Fringe. =)

      • Francesc

        I was complaining about them giving relative numbers wich doesn’t include all the info.
        Olivia in Fringe was from Jacksonville, wasn’t she?

        • Yabo

          Yeppers! That’s where Walter and William did the experiments on the children.

  • brgulker

    Evangelicals’ take up a very problematic position on this, because they’re unwilling to take seriously what the alternatives are for the kids that are adopted by gay couples.

  • Alexis

    It reminds me of medieval xtians who would kidnap children of Jewish parents in order to give them a “proper” upbringing.

  • LRA

    Straight up effed up. These people are monsters.

  • drax

    How exactly would they be able to stop gay couples from adopting? Executive order? New Legislation? Certainly anything like that would be challenged robustly.

  • Jordan

    I guess I should count myself lucky as a gay guy who hates children.