WBC Thanks God for Shooter

Like we needed more reasons to hate Westboro Baptist Church. Now they’re thanking God for the shooter and saying God sent him. Are they insane? Or just despicable?


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  • Elemenope

    Whoa. They’ve gone a little bold-crazy.

    Are they insane? Or just despicable?

    Hopefully rhetorical questions.

    • Jonathan Dough

      Trolls — looking to sue governments for civil right violations if prevented from ‘protesting’

      • trj

        Yeah, smells like their usual litigious scam – being as outrageous as possible in the hope of provoking someone into crossing a legal line, then suing them for defamation of character or infringement of civil rights or whatever.

        That, and the fact that being a bunch of assholes is second nature to them. They crave the attention.

  • Michael

    No surprises here. We all knew WBC would have a field day with this.

    • MahouSniper

      This was my impression as well. Standard procedure for the face of evil.

  • Monas

    And I thought God love everyone equal, seems like God is rather picky.

    Wait!! Is the shooter a prophet? ugh, this is confusing.

  • http://onefuriousllama.com One Furious Llama

    To the WBC, I wish to say:

    Stand proud Christian soldiers, you salt of the earth. May you receive what you deserve in abundance and may I be around to witness you receiving it.

    Now excuse me while I go throw up a little.

  • http://wondergoon.wordpress.com WonderGoon

    *deep sigh*

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty


    Shit like that is a big part of why I mostly loathe humanity.

  • Balstrome

    What is the workable, legal solution to WBC ?

    • Michael

      Ignore them.

    • Mandrellian

      Fire and lots of it.

    • UrsaMinor

      What Michael said. They are trolls. Don’t feed them.

    • Michael

      Note that it is totally possible to laugh at them on blogs and Youtube and such while still ignoring them in any serious arena. That’s my favorite option.

  • nazani14

    Commoner? Dude, this is the US. We don’t have aristocrats (or theocrats,) and thus, no commoners.

  • Mirik

    Let’s speculate, if someone shot everyone of the Westboro Baptist Church. Would they, in theory, have picket their own funerals and called it god’s rod for their sins?

    They are clearly not alone though, their hate-rhetoric is a far more common occurrence in the (even) less tolerant Islamic nations of the world. And even normal American Christians will find ways to be (albeit passive) platforms for intolerance and hate, as we all well know.

    So obviously a symptom of the religious mind.

  • WarbVIII

    Nazani 14,umm who said anything about commoners? Did you post on the wrong blog post…am I missing something? Just wondering where that comment came from.

  • Custador

    Much as I abhor violence, I would certainly be willing to make an exception to delete the Phelps clan from existence.

    • Baconsbud

      Isn’t this the type of speech many are blaming for what happened in Tuscon.

      • Custador

        Oh yes indeed. But I don’t claim that I’m not a hypocrite, and I really do think that the WBC are the kind of gaping arseholes for whom one must make special exceptions in the matters of reasonable and temperate treatment.

  • John C

    They don’t know Him…at all.

    • JK

      But you do?

      Why do you think YOU know hIM but they don’t?

      They are crazy f*cks and idiots and lunatics, but while you’re being just a polite and seemingly peaceful annoyance in contrast, you can’t know better than them.

      • Teej

        Now, come on, that isn’t fair. Believe it or not, there are people who practice their religions by actually following the tenets of their faith. Not everyone is a screaming, hate-fueled nut that pickets the funerals of dead children to get their message across. That’s a pretty harsh judgment to pass on someone for one simple comment they made, and honestly, doing so would make someone no better than the WBC themselves.

  • Parad0x13

    When I read things like this, even from WBC, I’m taken aghast. How could any one group of people all share such ethics and continue to exist in such a society where we at least TRY to raise coherent intelligent and productive members? Like I’ve said time and time again, I’m ashamed to be of the same species than that of the WBC.

    This abhorrent drivel is truly sickening

  • http://malvond.wordpress.com/ Malvond

    The WBC is the one thing that kind of makes me wish there were a real God and Heaven and Hell, just to see them go to Hell and have God rip them a new one. Because God’s views line up with mine, naturally.

  • Charles Carr

    I am for free speech but these people really push the limit.

    • UrsaMinor

      Agreed, but I’ll put up with Fred Phelps’ rhetoric on principle. I just don’t see any way to prevent it without descending into a very unhealthy censorship. Let him rant.

  • CriticalEyes

    Westboro Bastard’s Church……….. what did you expect?