When you die do you become closer to god…

Invisible Watermelon
Atheist Dog Tricks
For Sale: Purity Ring, Slightly Used
Evidence Against Evolution
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  • Ethan

    i LOVE this. funniest picture since the days of noah and the raiders of the lost ark.

  • nazani14

    I wonder how the creationists are adapting to all the recent hoo-hah about many, if not most,
    dinos being feathered. I suppose the more aquatic ones would not be, thinking of the mummified skin of the duck-billed dino that was found.

    • http://girlwithwings.tumblr.com JT

      Were hadrosaurs aquatic, or were they more like alligators than fish?

      • nazani14

        Beats me. In my mindscape, dinosaurs are still like the plastic ones that Sinclair Oil used to give out. I have some adaptin’ to do.