I'll Have What She's Having…

OK, maybe not. Religious ecstasy/hysteria isn’t really my bag.

Poor woman is going to have to live with this video on the internet for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, if Todd Bentley wants to make a comeback, this probably isn’t helping his reputation.

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  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Just like Jesus and Paul taught them…oh wait.

  • http://xeronimo.tumblr.com Jerome

    Total nutters …………..

    • mark

      It’s probably not insanity. More likely a venue that gives a release from social convention?

  • dutchhobbit

    Looks like she has one of those discrete sex toys which no one can see.

    • Gringa


  • cynic

    Talk about the second coming. Amirite ?

    • Mike


  • LMA

    First of all, “on knees for Jesus”, lol!

    Imagine how that guy gets off on that stuff! I would.

  • Balstrome

    Yes, she is having exactly what you think she is having. And the preacher knows it as well, and I will be that he is getting a kick out of it too. Onanism or does that only count for males ?

    • Francesc

      It only counts for males, bible’s writers couldn’t imagine that women were able to enjoy sex, much less to masturbate.

      • mark

        I think that’s mainly right. Song of Solomon seems like an exception to the rule. Cedars of Lebanon and all that.

  • Tusk

    She probably needs a cigarette after that.

    • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

      I’m sure they both do.

  • Len

    “You think it’s Jesus?” “yeah”

    Figures. Normally she yells “Oh God” around that time.

  • Voluptas

    I’d call that a dirty love for Jesus!

  • JohnMWhite

    This reminds me of a song: Personal Jesus.

    • dutchhobbit

      From South Park?

      • http://lydiafromtexas.wordpress.com/ LRA

        Depeche Mode.

        Southpark is Faith + 1

    • Jenna

      Or that Christian album, “Touch Me Jesus”. Then again, LOTS of Christian music can be taken suggestively. It’s an outlet for their repressed sexuality.

  • Olaf

    Interesting, on BBC is now a documentary “Bibles buried secrets” which shows that god is actually Anon and had a wife too.

  • Patrik


    I agree with the sex toy comment above.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joebible Doug Philips

    I hope she’s not a squirter.

    • dutchhobbit


  • mark

    I love this woman’s freedom of expression. Whatever it is that is flipping her switch it sure works.

  • Balstrome

    Given the sexualized imagery of St. Teresa’s written account of the experience,[10] some critics have seen in the statue a depiction of physical orgasm; in particular, the body posture and facial expression of St. Teresa have caused some to assign her experience as one of climactic moment.[11]Jacques Lacan, for example, whilst discussing the female orgasm, said that “you only have to go and look at Bernini’s statue in Rome to understand immediately that she’s coming, there is no doubt about it.”

  • http://theskippyreview.wordpress.com Skippy

    I’ve felt less dirty watching gay porn.

  • Ericki

    A friend called it “Finger Banged for Jesus” LOL

  • http://lydiafromtexas.wordpress.com/ LRA


  • http://blogs.geniocity.com/eby/ MahouSniper

    You think it’s the power of suggestion?

    • Kate

      I wonder how many folks proclaim they have stigmata during religious hysteria.

  • claidheamh mor

    She’s a screamer, huh?
    Ugh. I was repulsed. The fat bald pretentious arrogant guy looks familiar from other videos linked here.

    I think it’s faked, in a combination of the descriptions I’ve read of people describing how they faked speaking in tongues, along with Sally’s restaurant performance for Harry.

  • claidheamh mor

    This would be a prefect follow-up to “Pole Dancing for Jesus”.

  • cang

    Christianity is sexay…

  • tea

    I bet she is fun in bed.

  • http://a-million-gods.blogspot.com/ AVlCENNA

    Either that or that bald fat dude can bring women to orgasm just by shouting “bam” into a microphone….

    • Len

      I could understand it if he’d shouted “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”.

      • Gringa

        maybe it’s the tone of his voice over the microphone… like in that howard stern movie

  • Anon

    She’s probably a freak in the sack. Just sayin’…

  • Gary D

    It’s called hypnotism.

  • Russ Painter

    The original video was taken down. I think this is the same one –