LaHaye on the Tsunami

Tim LaHaye:

Tim LaHaye, the best-selling author of the “Left Behind” series of Bible prophecy novels, was one of many visiting the island of Maui who had to be evacuated to upper floors of the Marriott Hotel today.

He said being caught in the crossfire of the fourth largest earthquake in modern history helped prepare him for two prophecy conferences he was scheduled to address in Hawaii.

“The Bible tells us in Matthew 24 that one of the signs of the last days – one of the birth pangs to occur – is an increase in earthquake activity and intensity,” LaHaye told WND. “We’re seeing that happen here. It’s not just earthquakes, but hurricanes and all kinds of natural disasters.”

I’ve been watching the videos of the earthquake and tsunami with horror and incomprehension. I can’t wrap my brain around the scale involved. I have no mental categories to fit those images in.

But LaHaye does. Everything is understood as part of the unfolding apocalypse. You can hear the excitement in the quote; things are happening, he’s being proven right, soon he’ll be caught up into heaven.

No mention of the incredible amount of human suffering that the disaster is causing.

This is the kind of thing that frightens me about religion. It can pervert the normal human sense of empathy. I’m sure that right now there are countless apocalyptics who are watching the same videos I am, but with a sense of glee. It’s all coming true, and they’re on the right side.

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