Quake Caused by Demonic Principalities

Most Christians have looked at the devastation in Japan and had no desire to lay that at God’s feet.

Some have viewed it through the lens of Deuteronomy: God must be using the earthquake to punish the Japanese, or to send them a warning of some kind.

Then there are people like Rick Joyner. Joyner is part of the New Apostolic Reformation, which seems to have a dozen other names (3rd Wave Pentecostal, Latter Rain Movement, neo-charismatic, etc.) He lives in a world in which God is at war with “demonic principalities,” which created Nazi Germany and are now at work in the US.

Of course, nothing is crazier that Joyner’s colleague C. Peter Wagner, who blamed a dip in the Japanese economy on the Emperor having sex with a demon. And there’s Cindy Jacobs, who agrees with Wagner and thinks the Japanese are sun worshipers. And another neo-charismatic, Chuck Pierce, claims to caused the earthquake with prayer.

I may not agree with Fundamentalist protestants on anything else, but I agree with them that these people are nuts. I’d be a lot more comfortable if the whole movement were smaller.

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