Quake Caused by Demonic Principalities

Most Christians have looked at the devastation in Japan and had no desire to lay that at God’s feet.

Some have viewed it through the lens of Deuteronomy: God must be using the earthquake to punish the Japanese, or to send them a warning of some kind.

Then there are people like Rick Joyner. Joyner is part of the New Apostolic Reformation, which seems to have a dozen other names (3rd Wave Pentecostal, Latter Rain Movement, neo-charismatic, etc.) He lives in a world in which God is at war with “demonic principalities,” which created Nazi Germany and are now at work in the US.

Of course, nothing is crazier that Joyner’s colleague C. Peter Wagner, who blamed a dip in the Japanese economy on the Emperor having sex with a demon. And there’s Cindy Jacobs, who agrees with Wagner and thinks the Japanese are sun worshipers. And another neo-charismatic, Chuck Pierce, claims to caused the earthquake with prayer.

I may not agree with Fundamentalist protestants on anything else, but I agree with them that these people are nuts. I’d be a lot more comfortable if the whole movement were smaller.

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  • eigenvector

    God always is responsible when convenient, if something good happens then He answered your prayer, if not, turns out God didnt have anything to do with it!

  • Crowclown

    Actually this Chuck Pierce may be confusing Dungeon & Dragons with real life…

    • UrsaMinor

      Then he’s not very familiar with D&D either. You don’t pray for an earthquake, you cause it to happen directly by casting a spell yourself. Duh, Chucky.

  • http://jez.caudle.me.uk Jez Caudle

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to add a link, so I won’t but if you visit the US Geographic Survey web site you’ll find facts and figures on earth quakes.

    For example there are over 1.6 million earth quakes a year. As they get bigger the number gets smaller. There are around 1,469 earth quakes per year that are of a magnitude of 5 or above – that is just over 4 A DAY.

    So either god is very very angry ALL THE TIME or tectonic plates are doing what they have done for millions and millions of years – moving very slowly in different directions.

  • trj

    Wow. We’re used to hearing callous fundaloonies claim it was God who is responsible for some horrific disaster. But to personally take part of the responsibility, like Chuck Pierce does – talk about a f*cking assh*le with delusions of grandeur. That guy is something else.

  • Spirula

    As an ex-christian (conservative, Calvinistic) I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at this calamity parasitism. Using the horror, loss, fear, and grief of other people as a means to promote yourself and your beliefs, and to make it all about you and your special imaginary friend, truly shows the depth of the moral bankruptcy inherent in fundamentalist Christianity (or any of the three stooges of Abraham for that matter, since they all seem to have groups that do this everytime a catastrophe occurs).

  • LMA

    I have to say it again, apparently god only judges people who live near water, though I’m sure there’s just as much sinnin’ going on everywhere else.

  • Robster

    Isn’t a Principality a small landlocked nation in Europe with a royal family and lots of money?