The "I Have Sex" Campaign

This is interesting. The students at Wesleyan College put together this ad in support of Planned Parenthood:

The group that produced it call themselves Wesleyan Uncut. Here’s their facebook page.

Purity in Mississippi
A Higher View of Sex
Hitler Can't Help You
Meet The Wife
  • andyinsdca

    Instead of running a stupid campaign, why don’t they donate money to PP? And what is the campaign for? To continue the government funding this corporation?

    • JohnMWhite

      I think they’re running the campaign because higher awareness leads to more donations and more support for the government continuing to fund the services PP offers. And the point is that most people have sex and would benefit from it staying around, so whether or not it is a corporation, it is services that the general public should have easy access to. The fact that corporations are involved in health care is the fault of the same people who want to kick the ladder out from under Planned Parenthood and make it even harder for low income families to, well, plan their parenthood.

  • andyinsdca

    JohnMWhite: All very interesting, but still you’ve failed to answer my primary question: Why should my money taken at the point of a gun (taxes) be given to PP?

    • coffeejedi

      /re-reads your first comment

      That wasn’t your primary question actually.

      Begone troll.

      • Custador

        Now now, coffeejedi. Let’s explain it to the challenged person:

        Because $75 million in subsidies to Planned Parenthood saves US Gov tens of billions of dollars in welfare in the future.

        • JohnMWhite

          Curse you and your fiscal responsibility. I was just going to say “because we have the fucking gun”.

        • Bender

          Except he probably doesn’t agree with spending anything at all in welfare either.

      • Ty

        “Why should my money taken at the point of a gun (taxes)”

        This is standard libertarian inflammatory lingo.

  • jemand

    o.O Taxes are taken at the point of a gun now? How did I manage not to notice this?

    Taxes are the dues you pay to live in our communal society. There exist failed anarchist states in which you wouldn’t have to pay taxes, why don’t you go emigrate to Somalia and see how many guns get shoved in your face there?

    Guarantee, however, they won’t be for excising taxes.

    • Yoav

      I had this conversation before with some rabid libertarians, the kind that masturbate over Ayn Rand books, and got the answer that Somalia is really a great place and should be used as a model. The only piece of “evidence” for that position ever offered was a 2004 BBC report about how cheep is it to get a cell phone in Somalia, which you can then use to call all your friends and tell them how much better is it to be beheaded by a free warlord who’s rights are not infringed on by the government.

      • Ty

        Hey, Somalia is great if you’re a warlord.

      • Jabster

        You forgot about the pirates so at least they’re doing there bit for global warming …

        • Jabster

          “there” … FFS, shemer, fair, hair!

  • Tenley

    In the news today:

    “Let’s not try to sneak political agendas into a budget debate,” Obama said. “If Republicans are interested in social issues that they want to promote, they should put a bill on the floor of the House and promote it, have an up-or-down vote, send it over to the Senate. But don’t try to use the budget as a way to promote a political or ideological agenda.”

    :D All right, Obama!