UF: Equal Opportunity Critics

Folks, I’ve been thinking a bit about some of the posts that the UF team has brought you recently, and it seems to me that we might have inadvertantly implied that Christians, particularly Catholics priests, are the only people who could possibly claim moral and ethical superiority while simultaneously raping children. Well, I think it’s time to right that wrong.

Mohammed Hanif Khan - Child Rapist

Meet Mohammed Hanif Khan. Mister Khan has taken it upon himself to prove that Imams can be child rapists too. By raping children. You can read the full story on the BBC news site, but I want to comment on one aspect of it, specifically this quote from the judge, Justice Dobbs:

“Your actions have had a significant effect on the community. The boys have been reviled by the community for bringing shame on the community.”

Um. Just. But. Wow. The boys are the ones who’ve brought shame on the community?! In similar fashion to Catholics who fell over themselves to ostracise children who had been raped for the terrible crime of being raped and daring to object to being raped, the Muslim “community” of Stoke-On-Trent have, it seems, reacted to a well-respected rapist by blaming the victims. Religious folk really do have fantastic moral compasses, don’t they? I can’t decide whether the judge has been very clever or particularly obtuse by phrasing it that way: “You’ve harmed the community, but the community are being a bunch of assholes about it anyway”. Either way, I find it deeply disturbing that a Judge could imply (if imply is the right word, I actually think it’s a pretty unambiguous wording) that the victims of a rapist have brought shame on their community by being raped. Nobody who thinks that way (or who is too stupid to realise that what they’re saying makes it sound like they think that way) has got any business being a judge.

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