Praying Down Gas Prices

A Georgia pastor believes so much in prayer that he’s going to pray down gas prices:

Beacon of Light Christian Center is planning the Saturday prayer gathering at gas pumps outside a Kroger grocery store in Dublin.

Pastor Marshall Mabry said he believes that if church members come together and pray as a community, they can make something happen.

Mabry said that with prices reaching almost $4, he says he plans to ask God for help.

He said it’s the third time members of his congregation have met at gas pumps to pray.

Since gas prices have a good chance of coming down on their own, it seems like a pretty safe bet.

This guy must know you don’t want to pray for actual miracles publicly, because those don’t seem to happen.

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  • blotonthelandscape

    If I worked at that gas station I’d pretend to increase the price while they were praying, just for the lolz.

    • Custador

      Facebook style LIKE!

  • Custador

    $4 per gallon? With fuel duties it’s already up to £6.74 (about $11.00) per gallon in some places in the UK. And you know what? I’m kind of glad. I *think* before I use my car these days. If I can cycle, I cycle. If I can walk, I walk. It’s no use bitching about the price of a finite resource getting higher, that’s just life.

    • blotonthelandscape

      You forget that the US isn’t subject to the problem of scarcity. Clearly demons are involved.

      • Yoav

        Scarcity has nothing to do with the rise in prices, wall street speculants do. And since, like in 2008 they will at some point will cash in and leave the suckers who are now flooding to invest in oil stocks holding the bag, his prayer for reduced prices is guaranteed to be answered at some point in the future. And I don’t hold any hopes for some long term change in American behavior toward a more sustainability. Last time prices hit the 4$ mark there was a run on Priuses but as soon as the priced dropped back everyone forgot all about it and went beck to buying Hummers.

      • blotonthelandscape

        What I meant was that people’s attitudes towards the problem of scarcity temper their expectation of price. Praying for a reduction in gas prices conveys an attitude of deferrence and ignorance towards the problem of scarcity, which is a problem irrespective of price, and of which price is a crude proxy (pun intended) because of distortions as you rightly pointed out. A person who is consious of the underlying economic and environmental effects would respond to a price rise as Custador did (i.e. “is that all?” followed by reduction in use).

    • Olaf

      You are glad of the high prices?
      Wait until they charge the high fuel prices in the food, furniture, public transport, your heating bill. I doubt that you will be glad.

      • Brian M

        “Gladness” is irrelevant. Your doom-y scenario is coming, inevitably, so just get used to it. Maybe we won’t be living 45 miles from our job (so we can afford a bigger, newer house). Maybe we won’t be eating steak every night. So what…people in the west still have it a lot better than our victims in the third world as our voracious appetite for oil destroys places like the Nigerian delta or Ecuador.

  • Thin-ice

    I’m glad the church has their priorities right! Praying for starving or abused children doesn’t begin to match the importance in God’s eyes of the need for cheap gasoline for His chosen and elect!

    • marfita

      So right! Praying for the safety of people with war going on around them, for the comfort of those in distress, for the hungry or homeless – that’s so pointless when you can get off your ass and help them by actually feeding them or voting the bastards out of office. So let’s pray to improve our own economic circumstances. Stuff like this gives religion a bad name.

  • Ty

    That little gray cat is the cutest cat I have ever seen.

    That is all.

    • JK


  • ati

    In my country, Romania, if the fuel were so cheap, we would leap of joy.
    $4 a gallon is unfair. Wanna know how much is it here? If we would calculate it in gallons? $7.2…
    All this with the majority of the populaiton living on $250 a month…

    • Yoav

      Nowhere outside the US and maybe Saudi Arabia would 4$ a gallon be considered high.

      • James

        I’m working in Riyadh at the moment and petrol is 50 halalas a litre, or about 1/12 of a British pound, which is the same price as a cheap stick of chewing gum.

        • Jabster

          Yeh but how much will some real alcohol (so Sid doesn’t count) set you back or even a bacon sandwich! As far as I can tell there are only two types of non-food/clothes shops in SA – electronics and jewellers!

    • Oana

      Salut si respect, frate!(sora?)

      sorry guys, i know it was offtopic but i just had to say hi :)

    • Olaf

      5.29958 Euro per gallon here in Belgium for diesel. I think 6 Euro per gallon for gas.


    Yeah but you cannot compare prices since in India 5 pounds for a meal will net you an amazing 3 course meal at a fancy restaurant at a beach where they give you a personal barbeque at your table…

    Prices mean things in comparison to where you are. In Saudi the car is vital to existence so petrol is cheap. There are no other alternatives to drive around with. Buses are rare. Trains cannot work (sand is a bitch) and planes are too stupid for the short travels. So cars it is.

    It’s the same across the middle east and any country producing more oil than it uses. It’s like how in India Diesel is heavily subsidised (since the country runs on diesel locomotives and trucks and buses) ensuring prices are cheap. I can fill a car up for a silly amount of money if it is a diesel.