The Christian 40-Year-Old Virgin

Get ready for a Christian sex comedy:

You can read more about this embarrassing film at the Christian Post:

The producers of the movie said they are taking cue from popular comedies and adapting them into something palatable for Christian audiences.

“I love all the Judd Apatow movies – ‘40 Year Old Virgin,’ ‘Knocked Up,’ ‘Superbad’ – they’re all great,” Rich Praytor, a co-producer and co-writer of the film, told The Gazette.

“So we wanted to take something like that into the Christian arena.”

They’re looking for $2 million to make the film, but I wonder if someone would give them 2 million not to make the movie?

(via Scott Bailey in the forum)

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  • JohnMWhite

    If the producers actually like these films and find watching them acceptable, why can’t ‘regular’ Christians? Are the masses just incapable of processing a mainstream comedy that isn’t laden with specifically Christian messages and motifs? Way to look down on your own audience. I’m pretty sure most grown adults can cope with the 40-year-old Virgin, even if they don’t necessarily approve of everything in it. In fact, I’m pretty sure non-Christians go to plenty of films without approving of all the content. How many of us look at The Godfather as a template for how to live our lives?

  • Andrew Hall

    I crap out better comedy before 9AM than this trailer.

    • zach



    Oh. Man. So, he’s looking forward to his marriage just so he can have sex? No wonder she was so happy to leave him. And he’s willing to marry the next girl who comes along for the same reason?

    No wonder atheists have lower divorce rates.

  • Roshan

    Looks tongue in cheek. Acting is crap though.

    • Hamish Milne

      Unfortunately, it is not. These are Real True Christians (TM) making the film, starring pastors and stuff.

  • MKR

    I was reluctant to believe that this is an actual movie: the trailer looks not so much like a real trailer for a really lame movie as an only moderately lame attempt at the sort of parody that Parker and Stone would put into South Park. But the article in The Christian Post and the Web site for the movie ( are evidence that this is for real.

    Perhaps the makers of the movie will be trusting that their target audience will not have seen The Forty-Year-Old Virgin or any of the other movies from which this one is virtually copied and pasted.

  • Nick

    I have to admit, I liked the Wii Chess joke.

  • TrickQuestion

    Anyone want to help me pitch a movie about a christian that converts to atheism to these guys?

  • Tolpuddle Martyr

    I did admittedly laugh my arse off at the Ted Haggard bit.

  • LMA

    Can’t Christians ever come up with anything that’s original? Even their religion is heavily borrowed from other older religions, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Thin-ice

      LMA: Sooooo true! The trendy evangelicals borrow everything from modern pop culture in order to seem relevant in today’s world. Look at the bad christian musicians trying to do rap, hip-hop, punk, heavy metal, etc, etc. It’s always second-rate, just like the actors in this trailer. Also shot in the area of Colorado Springs, the epicenter of American evangelical cultural cheesiness! I’m sure James Dobson loves it!

  • DDM

    It’s not premarital sex if you never get married.

    • Jabster

      … and it’s not pre-martial sex if you’re both married just not to each other – come to think of it as long as you’re married the other person must be the sinner. Honey that was excellent sex but now I have to stone you to death!

  • Hamish Milne

    Oh no. No no no no no. *Cringe*

    When someone can tell you when you can and cannot have sex, you know it’s bad. When you follow it through for 40 years, you know it’s really bad. When someone thinks that’s a good thing, it’s catastrophic. When someone decided to make a really cheesy comedy rip-off based on this that tries to present religious mind control in a way that is acceptable to the masses…………

  • Thin-ice

    Just a thought: are they going to make the actors and production staff sign a paper saying that they are/were virgins before marriage?

  • Ragan Courtney

    Please, please tell me this is not true. Another attempt at being relevant and another failure for Christian pop culture. “I would rather be a pagan suckled in a creed out worn…” to quote Wordsworth, that to see this heart breaking attempt at hip Christianity.

  • dotmatrix

    Starring Kirk Cameron, I presume.

    • Yoav

      No, but his sister does.

  • Elyse

    So marriage is all about getting to do it, and most women are bat-shit crazy or physically gross. Okay.

    Misogynistic, overly relying on physical humor that’s not even funny, crap. Ugh.

    This half-assed parody reminds me of one of many reasons why I am SO glad I am no longer a part of this community. There is so much REAL, GOOD humor out there.

  • Todd Wallinger

    I’m the reporter who first broke this story for the Colorado Springs Gazette, so you can imagine how stunned I was to discover that Elena Garcia of stole the quotes I obtained, reworded the rest of the article and reposted it as her own.

    If you’d like to learn more about the film, please read my original article here:

    • Custador

      Because True Christians (TM) are above plagiarism? Welcome to the real world, my friend ;-)

      • Len

        Indeed. Without plagiarism, they wouldn’t have their holy book.

  • Len

    Get ready for a Christian sex comedy.

    Christian sex comedy? The prefix “non-” should appear somewhere in there.

    But the Wii chess was funny.

  • Xanthe Wyse

    that was painfully lame. I know a 40-year-old christian virgin waiting for god to provide the wife of his dreams. He has no plan B if god doesn’t pull through. My bet is the woman will stay in his dreams.