Bentley's Resurection

Todd Bentley has resurrected his own career after a scandal involving a female intern. Now he seems to believe he can resurrect the dead.

Actually, Bentley has done this routine before. This video was posted recently, but the story may be old.

(Via American Jesus.)

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  • Nzo

    Critical thinking exists not where religious tag phrases abound.

    • Jabster

      Every time I see this sort of thing I’m just amazed how people can go along with it … this is different from being stupid or ignorant, this is being self-deluded on a massive scale. The interesting part is how many of the presenters really believed what they were saying or do even they no it’s just complete bullshit.

  • Agathos

    This is actually from the Lakeland ‘revival’ of a few years ago where the scandal happened.

    I believe the total resurrections that Bentley claimed at the time was somewhere around 34. He was outed by an ABC Nightline I believe, and shortly after that the meetings ceased.

    I hate Bentley.

    I have an epileptic sister that went off of her medications during these meetings as a ‘step of faith’ because her church had sent some leaders to Lakeland to get Bentley’s anointing. Long story short: she ended up in the hospital for six months, and ultimately the doctors had to separate the hemispheres of her brain.

    Unsurprisingly, even though the procedure was very invasive, actual medicine stabilized my sister’s condition. Maddeningly, however, was the people at her church’s insistence that the stabilizing of her health through the intervention of medical procedures was a ‘miracle’ and an ‘answer’ to their prayers.

    If I ever see Bentley in public I am going to walk up to him and punch him in the throat.

    • Custador

      Bring me along and I’ll hold him down.

  • Thin-ice

    I’ve never heard of someone being declared dead by a doctor and then continue to keep all the life support stuff hooked up for another 24 hours. It is not done. If the equipment is kept going then it’s a coma, not death. I declare BULLSHIT.

    • Geoffrey charles

      Good point. People like this are so quick to declare miracles.

  • messiestobjects

    Anyone here ever see that Kids In The Hall sketch where the two salesmen are selling ” A book, a video, and SOMEthing in a box!” to sick hospital kids? These two religious clowns had the exact same shtick.

  • voodoosixxx

    i think this is just juan moore bs story from todd bentley.

  • Tim

    I like the slip of the tongue by the guy reporting the miracle at the 3:22 mark:

    “There doesn’t appear to be any kind of major brain activity”

    Could be a comment on the credulous saps in the revival meetings that believe this sort of baloney.

  • Raymond

    Hey messiestobjects, thanks for the the youtube vidoe, it was a riot. Of course, Kids in the Hall haven’t had anyone as peers for some time, now.