Redneck Driscoll

I’d never heard of Damon Thompson before I ran across the him on The American Jesus. He’s the preacher in the Born Again DNA post. TAJ refers to his as “Redneck Driscoll,” which seems apt.

Thompson has a reputation for being an extremely blunt anti-homosexual preacher. Ashton Elijah at LGBTQNation tells a story of attending one of Thompson’s sermons at “The Ramp”:

Damon called upon those who were struggling with homosexual demons to come to the front and be “set free from sin.” He and members of The Ramp began to work the crowd into a frenzy as they labored to draw people out of the closet and onto the altar. At first, only a few guys and girls came forth. But, aided by music, the ministry leaders continued to pluck at the heartstrings of every struggling gay kid in the audience, promising that if they would only make themselves known, God would grant them the deliverance they so longed for.

Over a period of forty minutes, kids approached the altar one-by-one — some admitting to same-sex attraction for the first time in their lives. Some fell to their knees in brokenness, rocking back and forth as they prayed for absolution; others stood with their arms spread out as tears spilled from their eyes. By the end of the morning, dozens had approached the altar hoping to lay their burden down.

The Ramp leaders onstage rejoiced at the turnout, their music and shouts escalating ever louder as they began to wail repetitious phrases like, “Thank you Jesus, for a mind that is free, a mind that is free, a mind that is free!”

Every person in the room was spellbound by the spectacle. Every single one of them seemed to believe that these kids had truly been ‘delivered from homosexuality.’ Every person but me.

Ashton walked out with a DVD of the service. It’s now a few years later, and Ashton has uploaded a clip of it to youtube:
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