Non-stop Evangelism

You gotta give Trisha Ramos credit. She one bad tract-distributing lady. If there were an ancient ninja clan dedicated to distributing evangelical tracts, Trisha would be their secret leader lurking in the back of the cave. She friends with Ray Comfort (surprise!) and she runs a blog called Fish with Trish where she displays some of her more interesting techniques, such as using your dog to carry spare tracts.

Here’s one that PersonalFailure posted in which Trisha is at a Taco Bell/KFC drive-through. In addition to being incredibly rude – hey, would it kill you to put down the cell phone while carrying on a transaction – Trisha passes off tracts to her server and the car behind her. PF vents her spleen over at Forever in Hell. (at least I think it’s a spleen. I was never good at anatomy.)

Supposedly, St. Francis once said, “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.” If you listen to the video carefully, you can here him weeping in the background.

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  • Paula

    That is blackmail, pure and simple. I’d have made her take her money back.

    • Sunny Day

      I wish I got blackmailed with free food.

  • Geds

    where she displays some of her more interesting techniques, such as using your dog to carry spare tracts.

    Man. I have a little pack on my dog’s harness that I use to carry extra poop bags and a collapsible water dish. Y’know, just in case she needs water (true facts: I rarely actually carry water around with me, so I’m brilliant) while we’re out and about in Texas.

    I’ve often thought of using the harness to get her to carry her own used poop bags to the nearest trash bin. But I’d never use her to carry extra tracts. That’s just dirty.

  • Andy

    When I worked at Taco Bell we got these probably once or twice a month. I wonder if they thought god was more powerful then the trash can.

  • Tim

    Purely on the basis of this and a few of her other videos Trish appears to be consistently annoying and not very smart. Like her paying for someone’s food in this video, a recurring theme in her videos is tracts bundled up with money or cheap candy. Or there’s always the tracts that are designed to look like money in order to get folks to take them. Such as where she harasses other customers at a gas station and suggests a couple of opening lines that are outright duplicitous.

    My fave is where she goes to the spot of JFK’s assasination (great place to spark up a conversation about dying!) and she meets someone nuttier than her but just a spiritual! All she can do is offload some tracts on the guy and bail.

    What constantly amazes me is how these people think this sort of approach is the “way of the Master”. Jesus wept.

    • trj

      Never underestimate the inherent ability of Americans to turn anything, even the things they hold most sacred, into something trivial, commercial, and vulgar.

    • dutchhobbit

      I like the comment where it says that women should stay quite in church. XD

      • Nzo

        Timothy 2:12. I use this on the regular with outspoken twits like Trish.

  • Geds

    Also, too, I couldn’t actually listen to her voice for more than 30 seconds. So I just went back to watching Football Cops.

  • Unladenswallow

    This will work for her until local Atheists, teenagers, and stoners recognize her car. Then she’ll have a perpetual train of cars following her around town hoping she pulls up to a fast food place so they can make a $50 order right behind her.

  • Sunny Day

    If I was working that window I would throw away that paper trash she gave me and just deliver the food as she wanted and said, “The nice lady in the car in front of you paid your bill.”

    Corporate wouldn’t want their employees used to spread any message other than company approved ones.

    • dutchhobbit

      I would set fire to the paper right in front of the lady.

      • Sunny Day

        Fire Hazzard, Corporate wouldn’t approve. After all she’s already conducted a business transaction with you, money for food. If she wants advertising give her the customer service TN.

  • MahouSniper

    I love how she only does good so she can shove her religion down our throats. She doesn’t care about doing a good deed, she cares about tricking people into getting her religious literature. I’ve payed for people’s shit before just because it seemed like a nice thing to do.

    • Nelly

      well said

  • dutchhobbit

    BTW, the forever in hell link does not work.

    • vorjack

      Try it now.

  • Stan Taylor

    What we don’t see: worker trashes tracts and pockets $4.11 from next car. Double win!

    • Igor

      Excellent!!! Worker wins, Trish wastes $4.11, tracts (not tracks) get tossed and the world gets just a teensy bit better! Good one, Stan!!

  • UrsaMinor

    The word is “tracts”, lady. Not “tracks”.

    • Sunny Day

      Are you sure about that? She seems to leave them wherever she goes. I bet you could follower her by the by the pamphlets alone.

  • Stony

    Aiiigh…I followed that story all the way to the “Uh Oh Club” on Trish’s website. If someone pulled that crap on me, I think I would go “Gosh, thanks, I’m not showing enough!” and throw it all out there.

  • ironflange

    Trish drives off. KFC drone throws all the tracts in trash. Next car drives up. “Here you go, the lady in front paid for it.” “Paid for it? Why?” “Dunno, she was crazy or something.”

    • Sunny Day

      She thought you were hot and wants to have lunch with you, you should follow her. She’s said she’s going to a hotel. (waggles eyebrows)

      “good luck buddy !”

      • Thin-ice

        Good one. Also, I wonder if the worker drone at the window would have cooperated so nicely if instead of an attractive blond (?) it was 300lb balding meth addict with bad breath?

  • Noelle

    I’m not sure how one would, but I do not recommend, venting one’s spleen. Keep that spleen safe and tucked under your ribs.

  • WMDKitty

    Ugh. Last two trips to see my doctor, I found Chick Tracts in the waiting room. I’m somewhere between disgusted and amused, but… just… ugh.

    (Note: My doc is pretty liberal, can’t vouch for my fellow patients.)

  • Custador

    “Yay, I gave the counter guy some free roach card! Praise Jeeeesus!”


  • James McMullen

    Anyone know of a link to see what those tracts she gave out are? I haven’t seen anything like that up here in our relatively more sane Washington State. I’m curious to find out if they are as cunning and persuasive as ol’ Trish herself.

    • WMDKitty

      I’m in WA, and though they’re rare, they can occasionally be found.

      They are not, however, cunning and persuasive. Hell, you can’t even use ‘em for rolling papers.

  • ladyh

    Am I the only one who envisioned (and hoped for) a car accident as she took her hands off the wheel to clap about herself?
    Also, if the bill behind her was $50 does anyone think she would have paid it? Is someone else’s salvation worth $50 to her?

    • UrsaMinor

      I would not hope for this, on the chance that she make take someone sane with her.

      • ladyh

        Truth, however, trees and telephone poles could make it a victimless crime.
        *sigh*, my bad. Brief evil thoughts are undignified

        • UrsaMinor

          Yet deliciously satisfying.

  • Bookingelf

    Actually there is one single person who would give up his/her religion, beliefs just because somebody paid for the meal? Is there somebody who considers this miracle? This is quite amazing… I am sure I would just laugh at this, say “thanks” and just throw away the trash… I hope the guy who was working took the money in his own pocket… I am sure he needed it more than the guy with the Mercedes anyway. This is so so lame…

    • SunshinEsBH

      Back in my fundie days i actually attended a training course and the whole pay for a meal thing was one of the “God ideas”

      However we were explicitly told to go after the homeless/beggars/street children buy the food and then convert them while they were eating. Cant say we had too much success…