Non-stop Evangelism

You gotta give Trisha Ramos credit. She one bad tract-distributing lady. If there were an ancient ninja clan dedicated to distributing evangelical tracts, Trisha would be their secret leader lurking in the back of the cave. She friends with Ray Comfort (surprise!) and she runs a blog called Fish with Trish where she displays some of her more interesting techniques, such as using your dog to carry spare tracts.

Here’s one that PersonalFailure posted in which Trisha is at a Taco Bell/KFC drive-through. In addition to being incredibly rude – hey, would it kill you to put down the cell phone while carrying on a transaction – Trisha passes off tracts to her server and the car behind her. PF vents her spleen over at Forever in Hell. (at least I think it’s a spleen. I was never good at anatomy.)

Supposedly, St. Francis once said, “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.” If you listen to the video carefully, you can here him weeping in the background.

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